In 1981, Thinkers Press published Persona Non Grata, the story of the political and psychological warfare that went on behind the scenes as Viktor Korchnoi valiantly challenged Anatoly Karpov for the world chess championship. Until his death last June, Viktor remained convinced that he was cheated out of the title by Soviet interference.

We are now proud to release Superstition and Sabotage: Viktor Korchnoi’s Quest for Immortality. Lenny Cavallaro has updated the Korchnoi saga, presenting bitter controversies that began as early as 1962. The new volume features not only the complete Persona Non Grata, but many other perplexing narratives about the man so many consider the greatest player never to hold the title, including the vitriolic exchange with Bobby Fischer, the feud with Petrosian, the perplexing matches with Spassky, the strange relationship with Raymond Keene, and (on a happier note) the remarkable 1994 win against Karpov (despite the FIDE champion’s two Queens!), the world senior championship (2006), and the bizarre, nearly eight-year game against “Geza Maroczy” (played through the medium, Robert Rollans).

Superstition and Sabotage, a digital release, will be available for FREE on Amazon/Kindle this weekend, April 1-2, and we would appreciate some positive reviews! [If you don’t have the energy for a real review, we’ll be grateful for just 5-star or 4-star ratings without comments.] Those who don’t own a Kindle device can get free downloads for computer and/or device here: The book’s URL is:

I HAVEN’T DONE THIS BEFORE, LET ME KNOW (BOB) HOW THIS WORKS OUT! that is, dealing with –Lenny C writes a complete, never before published, introduction to the book. So, as read above, he would be happy for your reviews, the sooner, the better! Thanx.





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