Old time friend and customer Rick Kennedy wrote recently and while he was at it, ordered a copy of the great green hardbound, Mannheim 1914. On the enclosed card were the words PEACE, ironic because Mannheim in 1914 was anything but peaceful, as he noted.

I see it has been November since I last wrote on this Blog, but I’ve kept on writing, just in emails.

We have been “warned” that we may get a little snow this Friday or this weekend. So far I see nothing, which is OK with me although I love the Christmas Cards with snow on them.

I don’t want or need snow-shoveling!

2-3 weeks ago I discovered pain in my right hip and right leg. What a drag. At first I thought it might be the hip replacement thing, but, thank God it wasn’t. Something they call osteo-arthritis. Had never heard of it. But after an MRI it turns out to be the compression of a nerve on my right side (in my back). Tylenol alternated with Ibuprofen helps as well as occasional pain patches, BUT, Man oh man. I also have stairs to climb so I want to wish sympathy and prayers to anyone who may have something like this! And, Merry Christmas (of course I am sitting down right now). I believe surgery is being scheduled… so, I need to sell stuff.

For a couple week boxes of books were pouring onto my porch, right and left. We are almost caught up with everything the publishers have been cranking out, so, your orders are welcomed.


The Chess Festival February 16-18 is only a couple months away! I contacted Leigh at the Ramada Inn (563-355-7575) and she said only 1 had reregistered so far! I couldn’t believe it! This doesn’t count the rooms I have to cover for Simon and Andrew. Sure, February is a winter month but why take chances? I don’t know what to say. Help me on this!

I will be putting out a SPECIAL sales list today to all those on my mailing list. I am flooded with books, and I will be offering them at good prices. What is amazing to me, as I go through them, is how good they are! If you have any time at all to read this Season, you could stock up on some of the best delights I have ever offered. It’s even fun to REVIEW them!

However, after last weekend, a lot of things are missing (sold out) but some have been rectified! For example, I am getting more books from The Chess Player, and already some of them are in low quantities, and one is even sold out because of me! I think it might be the IM Imre Koenig book. So if you get a chance, check your email box today, where I will have more to say (too much to keep track of).

In case I don’t get back to the BLOG this month, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bob Long



I am still preparing for the Feb. Festival and also working on my Morphy Newsletter (#11) as well as a big discount catalog!

That would be for the upcoming Christmas Season. Not far away.

If somehow you missed out on some of the new stuff you “might” be in luck as the season of “love” is coming upon us. Well maybe two seasons: Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

And being near the end of the year, it is necessary to fork out some more moolah to get my main supplier to ship me some new stuff.


You remember that “snake” Howard “the Coward” Staunton and how he staved off meeting our own Paul Morphy?

Well, yours truly, the unruly, editor, Bob (me) has discovered something in a P. Sergeant book about Mr. Staunton and it doesn’t look to good for him. What a weasel.

It will be revealed in issue #11 of Morphy’s Times & Games and will be sent to all subscribers as part of their subscription. No single copies will be sold except to those who have already purchased #1-10!

So, be on the look out for it.

I also discovered in my 2015 Mega database for ChessBase that they had Staunton and Morphy playing each other! I haven’t checked yet to see if it was their famous consultation game or whether it was another CB screwup.

I will be ordering CB Morphy’s Master Class #9. Anyone besides me wanting one? I think it is $32.95. Let me know right away will you? Add $3 for S&H.

I’ll be in St. Louis for a few days to see about buying some chess items. I am trying to gather sales material to pay for new merchandise plus for the extra Festival Expenses.
See you later.



More data coming in for February 16-18, 2018. More merchandise, two rooms to present from and Peggy N. coming to help out with extra chess mdse. and getting the proper amount of sleep. Also guys bring your Significant Other, they get in FREE if the both of you stay at the Ramada!

It will be an action-packed weekend and my 2018 copy of the Old Farmer’s Almanac says the Chess Festival weather will be MILD! Yahoo (for this part of the country)

We also got in The Center from Hungary and expect some more chess books tomorrow.

It’s bananas here and I am loving it PLUS the Ramada Inn ROOM RATES WILL BE $62.50, a 22% SAVINGS over the August RATE plus some new data on Simon Williams and Andrew Martin.

If you aren’t on the CHESS GAZETTE mailing list send your name and email address, Copy should be ready this weekend.

Bob Long


A COUPLE THINGS since I haven’t written much lately.

  1. I watched a replay of the Ben Finegold and Simon Williams “brawl” last night from October 5th, and while it was much too long, I had a great time as I did little else but watch and listen. Go find it on YouTube. Ben started the “attacks” first but Simon didn’t really follow suit. Danny Rensch was the moderator. Before it was over, Finegold had won the match by a 13-9 (or something like that) score. Williams was quite complimentary of Finegold’s play whereas Ben was dismissive of his own play. Williams accused him of being too negative about his own play. Simon commented that he (Simon) made too many blunders, and, it was true. On the other hand you couldn’t always tell, for sure, who was sarcastic but neither seemed mean. I think they ended up liking each other and “discovering” the “other guy” was stronger than each had thought!! I suspect they will do a version of this chess show again as in their own quirky ways they had fun and Simon did not seem to be a bad sport in losing to Ben. There were some nifty ideas and Simon was quite adept about pointing out some of Ben’s “touches” such as “moving back and forth.” When Simon wasn’t blundering a piece of a batch of pawns Ben was quite complimentary about Simon’s playing abilities. Though an “expert” of the French, Ben played the Exchange against Simon and kept on WINNING! While Simon managed to win 3 or so faster games in a row against Ben  (3 minute). Ben was drinking tea and Simon had a couple bottles of beer. IM Danny Rensch told both of them he could take them down! I thought it was a lot of fun but it seemed, according to Rensch, that some of the 5,000 watchers wanted more blood, more insults, and more craziness. All I know is that I thought it came off well with Ben donating his $2500 in winnings to some kind of charity. It’s not always about analysis, who is the greatest, etc. sometimes it is about fun. I had a fun time before turning in.
  2. The 10th issue of MORPHY’S TIMES & GAMES is done except for the advertising page on the back. 16 packed pages. And a reprise of Morphy Club memberships whereby you can get bigger than usual discounts on books. 30%, maybe more! A plain old subscription of all 12 issues is $99 in PDF form in color. A Morphy Club membership is $275 and includes other things such as the Morphy coin. Anyway, you should be getting it by this evening.
  3. I’ll be doing something else for collector’s and fans of the Chess Butler. I will be doing SHOWCASES several times a week where the spotlight will be on books, DVDs, specials and lots. To make sure you get this you would do best to request it and I will make up a special list that it goes to using my CONTACTS app. All you have to say is KEEP SENDING ME THE SHOWCASES. When it comes to my personal show cases I am saving the money from that for a very special cause for Peggy & Myself. The rest I am keeping a secret because I haven’t even told her yet!

Gotta go. Contact me at:

Bob Long

By the way, Jack is now 3 and just had his tonsils out. His mom has to put an anchor on him as he is the most energetic kid I have ever seen!

Will be nice to hear from everyone again and soon will have more data on the Chess Festival.


I just can’t get done everything I want to do.

But recently I advertised a free book from a list of 12 to anyone who ANSWERED an email I sent out. I would also pay the first class postage! Crazy, I know.

I am not the most humble guy in the world and I don’t know too many who are except saints.

But when I talk about descriptions for chess books that I sell, I try to tone it down so that people can make an honest assessment, which probably confuses some of them.

The FREE books are just starting to go out and I thought I would include a 3 page listing of books and DVDs, and recent new titles coming in next week. These listings take time to write, a lot of time, usually. I am not looking for put lies into them, but facts and factoids which hopefully will get you to buy.

The main reason for that IS: In february (16-18) I will be having a :make up” chess festival for the Simon Williams one we had to postpone due to matters beyond my control. To exhilarate the chances of getting YOU to come in the middle of Winter, I added IM Andrew Martin to the weekend for your enjoyment. It’s all explained in issue #227 of THE CHESS GAZETTE.

So I am selling things to pay for his airfare and fee, same for Simon Williams. Part of what I am selling is on this 3-page listing (and more coming). There will be 2 bonuses too:

a) If you are able to bring another person with you to the Chess Festival (and get them to stay at the Ramada Inn in Bettendorf, IA), I will give YOU (if you are already registered) a $25 bonus check. If you can get two to come, and everyone stays at the Ramada, I will give you a check for $50.

b) Am selling THE CHESS REPORTS for $19.95 EACH, in PDF, of the BEST OF THE CHESS REPORTS 1 AND BEST OF CHESS REPORTS #2, WITH SOME ADDITIONAL EMANDATIONS, by yours truly, IN PDF FORM…and these will be marvelous including the fabulous story about HOW Botvinnik won a game (this is a masterpiece) by straightening his tie AT the chessboard plus a bunch of other goodies. Hours of reading fun, facts, and CHESS.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to ask for your FREE catalog listing (with more to follow, stories and games from out of the Woodwork!

write to:


I met my good friend and customer Gary White (Missouri) a long time ago. Gary was slated to come to the Simon Williams Chess Festival (or chess concert) a couple weeks ago. As most of you know, it’s been postponed, but when we had a 35% discount sale on books we were bringing to the Festival Gary couldn’t help himself. (STILL GOOD THRU SEPT. 5)

I want to show you what he is getting, perhaps to inspire you (me and everyone else). At one time Gary was around 2100 Elo. And like most of us, over the past 10 years (maybe more), many of us have dropped 200-300 Elo. I did, a senior master friend of mine did too. In fact, if you didn’t work hard at it, many people lost that much. The cowards gave up and withered away.

But Gary got inspired, He had bought Simon Williams’ 2 DVD set on the English Opening, played in the recent Iowa Open and engaged in some “clobbering time” (as the THING would say [Fantastic Four]). He wrote:

“I’ve been studying S. Williams 2 DVD set on English. Awesome. Used his ideas @ Iowa Open to draw w/ both 2200 (NM Valeriy Kosokin who tied for 3rd after Gareyev & Yermolinsky), & a 2100 player, and beat a 1650 player. My rating about 1880 now. Great to meet you again there.  Thanks for my T-Shirt!”
I’ve been saying it for a long time but it’s hard to gain traction with MY chess guys. DVDs are truly great for a quick warmup before an event. And, in a short amount of time you can get some salient points under your belt. And IF, it is Simon Williams’ stuff you know there is going to be some deranged BITS on the discs that maybe your opponents won’t know!
Not only was Gary willing to do the work, but he ordered some more things over the weekend, I am going to detail them not to give his opponent’s an advantage, chances are none of his opponents will read this Blog, but to give YOU some ideas go how this works!

“I’d like to order: 1) Boris Gelfand’s new book, 2) “Black is back” by Adjoran, 3) “How to reassess your chess 4th edition” by Silman, 4) “Fire on Board” combined books by Shirov, 5) “Dynamic Chess Strategy’ by Suba. 6) Y. Seirawan by Karolyi. Also please send my  S. Williams games collection booklet.
Thanks, Gary”
The Boris Gelfand book was advertised on my Blog and I am selling the hardbound for $31.96 + $3.50 for shipping & Handling. However, he wanted more. BTW, Gelfand title is Dynamic Decision Making in Chess. 
The book Black is Back is a lifelong pursuit of Adorjan’s, that Black is not inferior to White. I didn’t always believe that and did somewhat follow the “company line” until maybe 5-6 years ago. Now all kinds of books are being published favoring the person with the black pieces. It’s a fat book too. Have 1 left. Retail is $24.95 but for 2 more days I have it at $26.22.
This morning Gary added another title: How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World, The Story and the Games by GM Simen Agdestein. Another inexpensive book at $19.95 but I have to order more. The stories alone are worth the price of the book, about why Magnus dislikes being interviewed (the journalists don’t know anything about chess!) Does Magnus learn from his defeats? He surely does as this book shows.
Lately we have sold a lot of Chess Evolution books. Gary ordered one of those about Yasser Seirawan. The Chess Butler ran out of vol. 1 of the book on Alexander Beliavsky. We ordered more immediately as well as #2 (apparently we were way ahead of the curve on this one! Theoretically they should be here in 7-10 days (maybe sooner).
A book I have secretly recommended after seeing it again several weeks ago is Jeremy Silman’s 4th edition of How to Reassess Your Chess. Many don’t know that Thinker’s Press, in its heyday published the first 2 editions of this work and I will admit, I like the 4th edition best, but I will have to order more of them!
Mihai Suba (pr: Shooba) had a hit record in 1991 with Dynamic Chess Strategy. 20 years later he extended his writing and updated this book and made the humor more obvious. It’s also $19.95 but I will have to order more of this one too. As my headline says Billy Joel was not right; the “Good” are like the Eveready bunny–they just keep going and going.
The last one he was getting is a real barn-burner. Alexei Shirov in his Fire on Board books! Two volumes rolled into one. Someone once told me that Shirov doesn’t really love chess the way some sub 2000 players might, but when you look at his games you can only conclude (if that was true about Shirov’s not loving chess!) he wanted to get the games over quickly so he could leave immediately. He’s been married at least 4 times so maybe he had some place to be! He might ultimately be as “gifted” as his countryman Mikhail Tal, but Shirov is still kicking.
Have a good Labor Day OFF if you get that!


All the Simon Williams Chess Festival t-shirts have been mailed! Good news and I am getting reports already of people receiving them.

I meet with Simon Williams this Sunday evening on Skype where we will be discussing what we can do to change the catastrophic recent experience to a positive memorable one, in time.

I got some great letters of support from such great guys as Earl Zismer about the postponement of the event. Earl empathized. Only a couple people were ostensibly upset  with me and that dropped to about zero when I fully explained what had happened. I’m just a small fish in a big pond. No army of lawyers to take on the establishment.

To recoup SOME of my financial losses I had a lot of merchandise laying around that I was going to sell at the event. Instead I discounted everything 35% and some stepped up and bought things they didn’t get when first announced in the Chess Gazette. This should keep vendor suppliers off my neck for a few more weeks.

Should we be able to reschedule a further delayed Simon Williams chess festival, I will need NEW stuff to get people to reach into their wallets. The problem is that in the early part of 2018 there isn’t much in the way of new stuff because publishers aren’t cranking much in the way of new study materials at that time. I may hear from a few asking me why I am doing this in winter (they act as if I am not aware it would be winter!)

I remember our first Chess Clinic with Andrew Martin, the FIRST one. It was in February. We had about 12-19 people there. There was snow outside. Just as we were done on that Saturday, the power in my building went out. Sucks. Vince Berry was there (master from Chicago). He surprised all of us by buying all of us our dinners! Then Andrew played chess against anyone who wanted to play him. He was a crusher!!! Tim Crouse did well but he didn’t win. I think this was 2005 or 2006 (probably). Dale Suilmann elected to go back to MN that evening, a hardy breed. And, thank the Lord, Dale is still with us. Brave but not foolish souls.

So, in a few days we should have some more data to sling your way. As I said, I will report what Simon and I discuss. Hang on to your air fare tickets!

To try something that Gambit would do, the chess publishing company, does anyone out there have any good ideas of how we could encourage new attendees? Especially from the Chicagoland areas?? I am pretty sure that some of those who registered may not want to take a third chance on having a Simon Williams Chess Festival. All my life I have taken risks. Steve Lamansky recently told me that in the club he belongs to in the Ankeny/Des Moines area of Iowa that my name often comes up due to the fact I have brought many grandmasters to the Quad-Cities locale that he was able to meet and spar with.


Recently I received a review copy of Dynamic Decision Making in Chess. In paperback. It retails for $29.95 and it will be a few more weeks (most likely) before copies arrive here. In the meantime, if you like hardcovers, we already have them. $39.95 ret., or our price of $31.96. I reviewed this in a recent issue of The Chess Gazette.

Recently US Chess put a flyer in with the latest magazine giving reasons why US Chess Sales should be your Chess Shop of Choice.

  1. When it came down to published prices, their’s are the HIGHEST between here and Pluto. They get away with this detail by offering a “price match guarantee!” In other words, YOU do the work. Screw that. They will not be undersold they say. And they “constantly” have everyday low prices. Apparently they do not consider The Chess Butler as a competitor.
  2. You can pay by check or money order!??? Haven’t we been doing this since, forever?
  3. Same business day shipping on all in-stock items. “In stock items.” Pretty obvious they couldn’t do it if they didn’t have it, no? Have you ever tried navigating their online website? Before you do, go see a proctologist! Pain in the ass. No newsletter or “reviews” literature. 5000 items they stock. Well, we don’t have anywhere near that number of books, maybe they don’t have 5,000 items either especially when others tell me about their out of stocks, or advertising items, which aren’t in this country yet.
  4. Other things are geared according to chess clubs. We concentrate on excellent quality books. Their printed catalog performs as if they have never seen the book before! One line if you are lucky! That’s what I call detailed. If we did a printed catalog it would be out of date by the time you got your mail.

The whole process makes me tired. If I (Bob Long) can make at least one claim to fame it is that I know what I sell. I am not a low rated player. I’ve been doing this for years and years. I know chess, And, I won’t B.S. you. Get your free copy of the Chess Gazette by asking for it. With issue #227 we will be instituting a new look which will be even easier to read on your phone.

Keep checking our Blog.