C.J.S. PURDY has been and still is a chess force to be reckoned with. In issue #249 of CG Premium I discuss GM Joel Benjamin’s Better Thinking, Better Chess, or How a Grandmaster Finds his Moves.

During the process of this he writes about working on the Foreword to Charles Hertan’s FORCING CHESS MOVES. Benjamin implies this idea is a Major Key to Success. First, Benjamin says, we should look first to forcing moves such as pins, forks, and checks (among other things). Good and noteworthy advice, but Joel forgot one thing:

These ideas were propounded “first” by C.J.S. Purdy. Purdy was a “monster thinker” as we all know.

If we go to page 60 of the updated BIG PURDY book, just published, Purdy goes into details about all this throughout the book.

Purdy believed, rightly, that we should look to “forcing” moves first. Think about it, it makes the most sense. Once again the ADVANCED thinking came from Australia, just as Jeremy Silman had found out. What’s it like to “think” all the time? I  know what it is like, it’s exhausting. But many good things will come from this book which in a way, due to the efforts of compiler Robert Jamieson, is really a set of many books.

If you want more info on Purdy and the books we have publishing please contact Bob Long : info@chessbutler.com

What Can You Do For Yourself?

I don’t know if our new book CJS Purdy’s Search for Chess Perfection is a Best Seller, but it sure is keeping me busy!

I can’t walk or drive far from my house because when I get back I will have more orders for the book, and sometimes they are from someone I knew and sold to many years ago! Like Karl in California.

Over the weekend Robert Jamieson gave me the names of some resellers to get in touch with, and I will, today! I am up early for me AND SO, it must be a best seller!


Purdy loved tennis and he was always trotting out metaphors for it, after all, at one point Australia had the best tennis players in the world, so we included a small section in the new book (500 pages) about tennis players (great ones!) who also played chess during off times.

It’s just one part about how Purdy and his gang of players did so well in the chess olympiads. I’ve decided to hold the price to $49.95 until the end of 2019 so IF you didn’t get anything you liked for the upcoming Christmas event you can still get, in effect, Purdy’s Life and Times and settle down for some long reads.

Not only has the first 418 pages been edited and updated from the 2010 edition, there is also a new cover PLUS 80 additional pages, most written by the man himself including HINTS and IMPROVEMENT TIPS, some valuable, a few humorous, but “serious” still.

Amazon has it for $59.95 but you can still get it from the Chess Butler and save money. And like that Amazon Prime crap (the insidious part of Amazon Prime is that it causes people to buy “stuff” they never intended to get in the first place so they could get FREE shipping, but with OUR new book, we still ship it for FREE in packaging which is still more substantial than what PRIME uses! Sturdy and tough, we pay for it.

Send payments (PayPal to info@chessbutler.com) or call in your credit card info to 563-271-6657. If you pay by check or money order mail to: Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IOWA the Best Little Chess Book Shop in the US of A. Zip? 52803.

Merry Christmas troops. Make your chess better and, your life better! Also, if you haven’t signed up yet to this Blog, why not do it today? More Purdy stuff coming. But this book and get our upcoming Purdy Newsletter, which I have yet to name. Perhaps CJS!

MEET the Godfather of Chess Education across the 64 Squares. Cover art by my old standby, Rob. People are champing at the bit. I expect in 2020 I will have to reorder as the full case boxes are dwindling like Trump’s popularity!

Bob, Jack (great grandson), and Alex (my grandson)…and Nate (son) Merry Christmas!



I don’t know his name. What would you call him? He barked at me and that told me it was time to hit the sack even though he “knew” I had about 20 more of the NEW Purdy book to ship out. A slew go out tomorrow, so, don’t worry if you haven’t gotten yours yet.

Already a stack of them have been shipped out but I am wondering why YOU haven’t ordered one yet? The cover has a very nice finish to it and the type on the insides is black and crisp.


THIS IS A REALLY GOOD CHESS BOOK. For sure, I wish I had it when I was starting out. (I’ll finish this in the morning, time for bed.)


If you have been around me for any length of time you know about the premiere chess set we sell, the Grand Turk of Amritsar. What you may not know, however, is a special sale I have on right now, to get one of these babies for a really enviable price (there is a catch, don’t worry!)

I sold one yesterday to International Master Andrew Martin. Here’s how the “exchange” went. He KNEW from one of my emailings that I had this set priced at a really “enviable price.”

Here’s what he wrote: “If I bought a GT set from you, what would you charge me? Obviously plus postage.”

I had the set priced at $1095 which is a deal killer, right? Not because the price is high but because the number 1095 has absolutely NO CHARISMA to it!

He also “knew” I had a market price of $999 set aside for it, hoping some exasperated, last minute Christmas gift shopper would want something nice AND on top of that, have the $$$ to pay for it. In this season many plead poverty and at the same time don’t tell you they just bought an expensive ring for someone, or the world’s biggest and best TV, or even made a downpayment on a Tesla. Oh woe is me. I’ve heard them all!


NOW I HAD 4 or 5 of them to sell and a few bills to pay, so I shot him a price, within 24 hours. Mind you, this was for the budrosewood and boxwood pieces and a 3-3/4 ” King. Green felting, and 2X weighting. It didn’t include the $800 board, of which my only one was not in my house at the moment.

He accepted my offered price of … (I can’t tell you unless you ask me to tell you how much I want from you.) He even added in $50 for shipping to England. At this point I had to fudge a little because it would cost me almost $80 to ship to England.


The set will always be out at my place to be used frequently for training sessions. Everyone who comes appreciates playing with a nice set.

I couldn’t have said it any better and I have been promoting chess sets since 1990, that’s 30 years! Seriously.

Each set comes with a small buffing cloth. Clean off lint, paper, and whatever else might be in the cardboard boxes. The set will gleam. In the proper lighting, it will bowl you over. If your SO gets it for you, you will most likely be floored. You’ll have to love this set on your own, I won’t be there to help you. I am down to just a few for the rest of this year so I would advise against poking around. I will include some testimonials about the kind of stuff I sell (books and sets) at the end of this article.

Believe others if you don’t believe me.

Ship me a firm bid price and I will take it into consideration but first a word of advice: Let’s say I get two bids from two different people, say tomorrow. Which one do you think I will be most likely to accept?? Tough question? Nope. The higher one. So, learn how to “NUDGE.”

I have NEVER had a set returned to me because of its quality, I only buy the handmade best. Send in  your bid via CC or PayPal and I will ship it right away. If you want it quickly, I have to accept your bid, and if you include extra (say $40) I will send it via PRIORITY MAIL. USA orders only unless we “talk.”


You and he (Rudel) did a great job on Zuke ‘Em… I continue to be amazed at the great books that you publish—Bill Keeling

Who ever thought a no-name, untitled, thirty-year old could write a successful chess book? Well, Bob Long did. Two years ago I sent him a rough of Zuke ‘Em: The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionized, and he thought it had potential. Now I’ve published three titles with TPI and sold a ton of books—literally. The barriers to first-time writers have been toppling like terracotta soldiers in a sandstorm, and the world of non-fiction is more about your niche having an audience than about your name being known. Bob’s been publishing beautiful books for decades, and he is one of the fairest people you are likely to ever deal with. In a time when it seems you cannot trust anyone, it’s nice to know there are still people who have integrity and treat their clients like valued human beings. One little hint: if Bob says his son is available to do the cover for your book, accept immediately—David Rudel [Rudel sold thousands and thousands of his books produced by Thinkers’ Press, us]

The Chess Reports has become for me the most anticipated part of my e-mail receipts.:)—Greg Delaney [NOW IT’S CALLED CHESS GAZETTE Premium]

The Level One booklet is a fantastic piece of work, both artiscally and information based for beginners. To the chess friends that I have shown the booklet, they were really amazed and quite impressed at the high quality of the printed materials… The Front Cover gets one thinking, the wheels turning !!!—Henry Sikorski [ANDREW MARTIN AND I produced this a number of years ago for English Chess Students]

It sure is nice to have the Gold Card…I’ve already paid for it with the savings I’ve gotten this year—Jim Perry

I’ve always thought you were honest and straightfoward—Mike Trettel

I went over all the games two or three times and was enlightened with just about all of it (analyzed and annotated) and disagreed with you on very little—George Loegel

Another brilliant issue—keep up the great work—cheers—Franco Manarin

I think it is extraordinary. I’d like to send a copy (1933: The Devil Comes to Henry County) to my publisher cousin to see what he thinks—are these books so well written, so intense, so riveting, a dime-a-dozen? Have I just fallen off the turnip truck? Have I been living in the great American desert too long?—Thad Brown

You might be the first organizer in the “lower 48”  to provide a “bad weather” refund—Sam Naylor

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “You are a class act!”—Steve Lamansky

Just wanted to let you know how much I liked your book (The Chess Assassin’s Business Manual). Often, you would say something in it that would get me thinking – it would put me into a reverie – and I believe good books do that. It was also a very enjoyable read. I especially liked the business part: your experiences, things learned, as well as advice—Paul Feser [I STILL HAVE A FEW COPIES LEFT, $35]

All reprinted with permission.


CONTACT ME: Bob Long info@chessbutler.com    OR




I was just informed today that on this Monday (Dec.9th) I will be receiving 13 cases of CJS Purdy’s Search for Chess Perfection! 

Today I am supposed to receive packing boxes for the Purdy book. I am in St. Louis tonight making packaging labels for the books to I can ship them out next week.

Hence the $10 discount for buying the book will be up about Dec. 11th. If you want this amazing book and you also want to save money as well as receive the book in a super package, make sure you have paid for it in advance OR at the very least given me your credit card numbers to process. After that the price will rise to $59.95 for this timely book.

As I wrote some time back, I have been planning and announcing this book for months. It is now being delivered as promised.

I did publish a bigger book once, 1933: The Devil Comes toHenry County in 1989. It was done in a red cloth hardback, no chess, and it had a 2 color dust jacket. Easily one of the most exciting cops and robbers novels ever published.

Chesswise the Purdy book is our biggest book, in paperback, with a matte finish of the 4 color cover.

I am excited that I can deliver what I promised.

Let’s see what is offered for the future. IM Jeremy Silman was shocked at how close Purdy came to his (Silman’s) own conclusions about PLANNING. Purdy was a bona fide student of chess. We intend to make this a hit. I (Bob Long) am not the author, I just did the design work and put it together with IM Robert Jamieson’s help. Someone asked for my autograph. I will do that for anyone who asks me but you have to ask.

In the meantime, if you want a set of 2 bookmarks for this or any chess book, please send an extra $10.00. Once these are gone, they are gone. After Dec. 11 the price on these bookmarks will rise to $15. All are autographed by compiler IM Robert Jamieson.

Send payments to: Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803.

If you are paying via PayPal, send $49.95 for that payment to: info@chessbutler.com

The book is sleek, full of tips on how to improve your game. It is clearly written and explained as only how Purdy could do. This will be the LAST edition.

This is nearly 2 pounds, 7 x 10 inches, and 500 pages. A chess player’s delight.

Thank you for your purchase, it has corrections, additions, and 80 pages of new material.

Bob (Long)

Problem Solving Yesterday, Everyday

Reading this blog can be helpful for you. It’s not that I am so important as it is you can keep up with what’s going on.

For example, when I am struggling to get a book printed (such as the new and expanded Purdy SEARCH book) the chances of my simultaneously working on another book, or newsletter is severely minimized. I try to remind people that it’s OK to ask questions (it is) but why waste your time if all you want is to order something.

Some folks still have trouble with using PayPal for example. I’ve used it for years and it is handy, but to be honest, it can be a big PITA. Why, because they KEEP fixing it. Updating it, making changes and things don’t always work the way THEY think they should. In all frankness, using a check or money order, or even that nasty credit card, are the most reliable.

I have PayPal users who have no problem using PP, but I am under the gun, constantly with all kinds of changes. Instead of making changes every two years and using the time in between to “exercise them offline,” those who want to take advantage (to them not us) of the latest crap they are doing keep pummeling us with their “cuteness.” I took nine years to put out the latest and last issue of CJS Purdy’s SEARCH book and any day now it should land on my porch, most likely when I am out of town. However, I will be asking Nate to check my mail every day and put packages inside my house. So we allow for that.

But yesterday I had to check on mailing boxes to get the right one for the book. The darn thing is $2.13 if it is sufficient. Shipping the 100 books to me is another $200 plus.

Nothing is simple unless I had printing facilities on my premises and believe it or not, I tried that once. Nightmare.

Really, I love surprising customers with something they don’t have to sweat over, but it isn’t easy. If I sold these SEARCH books like there was no tomorrow, I could hire extra help, but, “Who would train them?” It would have to be me. Once these folks are trained, they turn out to be great employees. Right? Usually. In 50 years I have hired lots of employees, some don’t work out. Some cheat me by taking money, copying my mailing list, or just being doofs.

I spent yesterday trying to untangle a credit card snafu. The woman who was to help me (after I waited on the phone for at least 15 minutes for an agent to pick up) apparently didn’t like my questions, and she just disconnected me. However, I called back and got Jeff, who was great and the problem was quickly solved. I had been dealing with a foreign accent and I don’t know what happened but their US website was confusing to me, so I can sympathize with MY customers. But you know, people call or email me and we get almost everything taken care of, but many websites aren’t that easy to deal with, even the real expensive ones (have you seen all the bells and whistles on Amazon?)


People are wondering about Purdy’s Secrets of the Chessboard which I mentioned more than a year ago. I announced it too soon without reading over the manuscript first BECAUSE it was from Purdy! Doncha know?

Robert Jamieson sent all the pages he had to me and I was more excited than you probably were and quite a few of you WERE excited. Danielle started typing up the manuscript, and there was a lot of stuff, believe me. But Danielle didn’t know anything about chess. She probably still doesn’t.

So, when she was finished, I took over and discovered there were pages missing, diagrams missing, and annoying things like that. Maybe I didn’t give her everything???

Some time ago I found a bunch of loose pages that I could tell came from Purdy’s typewriter (I sure wish I had that as a souvenir or museum piece!) Maybe they would help fit the pieces together.

However, I was under the gun to get the SEARCH book completed, which has just happened (I am waiting for UPS to start delivering the books). And, my office, as Peggy would tell you from her memory of my office, looks like a cyclone has hit it.


The big job is out of the way, now to begin work on CG Premium #249 which will feature stuff on Bobby Fischer and CJS Purdy, a plethora of Purdy’s Chess World’s for sale (some of the best reading you will ever enjoy once you begin going through them) and a bunch of stuff to help me clean off my desk. A subscription is $25 and 4 back issues have already been put out. Each issue runs around 20+ pages so you get a LOT for your twenty five bucks. In fact the price will go to $39.95 come Jan. 2020. Save by getting it now.

By the way I am thinking of having some Purdy coffee mugs made, probably of ceramic. Interested? I have no idea what they might cost but you can still tell me to put you on a list can’t you?

I think it is Samuel L. Jackson who is always asking “What’s in Your Wallet?” What’s on your Christmas gift giving list? Today I ordered a slew of new books, most are forthcoming, means they won’t be here until 2020. Wanna see a list? Wanna be put on it? As my book supplier Amy says to me, “Want some?” I need to wish her, and YOU, a Merry Christmas.




Sherlock’s “Small Business” Saturday

Do you see those initials “SP” at the bottom of the art? They stand for Sidney Paget, one of the most famous Sherlock Holmes illustrators. See that “regular” pipe? Notice it is not curved like in many pictures you see. That’s a detail.

Today, for me, is about 2 details.


Sitting on my “so-called” laurels is not something I am good at. Recently, on a slip of paper paper I wrote down things which have caused a “RUSH” in my life. About 30 of them. I had forgotten about them but they often lead to other ideas. For example I mentioned my “first kiss.” Now that was a rush. Unlike some rogues who may be reading this, it was my FIRST KISS and I still haven’t forgotten it, or where I was when it happened. I was in a hospital bed. SHE came in, put a sprig of mistletoe above my head and planted one on me. I was 17 doncha know.

She said it wasn’t her first but she kissed like a champ. Three years later we were  married. Then came 3 kids. They all outlived their Mother. It looks like sadness can still come eventually from even a Rush.


It’s SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. All day long, yesterday, Black Friday was being drummed into our heads. The roads were full, the parking lots were full, the restaurants were crowded, for me, that was too much.

Is it possible to do something on a smaller scale?

I still believe in stocking stuffers (coming up) so here are a few for you:

  1. Plastic tournament size Staunton chessmen, weighted. Was going to use them for the Simon Willians simul. They are already counted and boxed. Includes an extra set of Queens for you aggressive types. I bought them from Wholesale Chess so you know they are good. $10 for one white corrugated box. I have zero idea how much postage is, but if you want a set (or two or three…) I will ask Randy at the post office and get back to you. They are not Media Mail so it costs a little more. Now if you are also looking for an ivory and white checkered board, I have dozens of them also. A real bargain on these. $5 each but how I favor you is by putting the rollup board in a tube to protect it. Again, I have no idea what the shipping is, so… “Can I get back to you?” I may have a couple dozen of them.
  2. Some ChessBase magazines. Almost every one has never been opened. They are each billed as “First Class Training Material for club players and professionals.” I think I had been trying to sell these at $20 each. I am letting them go for $5 each! There is commentary in the magazine as well as the DVD. The neat thing is that besides “opening theory” there are photos and thus pictures of great players or those who became great players such as Carlsen in 2010 accompanied by Shirov, Anand, and the winner, Kramnik. You’ll need a Windows machine 7 (at least), a DVD ROM drive, and a sound card. An unbeatable deal.
  3. Some more DVDs but this time part of ChessBase’s Tutorials series. Same PC requirements as #2. First one: The Open Games. Includes King’s Gambit to the Italian Game; the Scotch to the Four Knights; the Lopez Marshall Attack to the Berlin Defense; and the Petroff to the Philidor. They have you covered. 5 hours running with top flight presenters such as Trent, Mikhalchishin, Schandorff, and Lilov. Includes a booklet. The second one is the Semi-Open Games from the French to the Sicilian; the Caro-Kann to the Scandinavian; the Alekhine to the Pirc and Nimzovich Defense presented by King, Trent and Schandorff, Lilov and Sam Collins. Lastly, the Indian Defenses. Everything including the Benko. Like all the other 5 hours of training time and like the other presenters but including GM Igor Stohl! You’ve got $90 worth of DVDs here for the stunning price of $25.00. I have listened to the ones I had and they were an incredible bargain choked with good stuff. Only one set of 3 left.
  4. When the Simon Williams event was cancelled, it was a giant financial blow to me and no doubt to some of you. Some have NEVER bought from me again as if I planned this. One of my backers lost several thousand dollars and yet HE still buys from me! I guess a few are trying to teach me a lesson I will never forget, and I haven’t but I keep on going. I have Chess DVDs up the yin yang. Not just Simon Williams, but also Karsten Mueller, and many other ChessBase DVDs. I am going to package them at 4 for $20.00. All kinds of stuff, too numerous to detail. There is no charge for postage because I just feel like emptying a shelf or 2. I will try to keep likes together. That is, if I have Williams on the French defense, you will get 2 of them, and both different. You can’t lose.
  5. Now I am going to toss in one scarce item. I have two Lasker busts, the darnedest things you have ever seen but I want to keep one. At one time I sold them for $100 each, about 35 of them. Those sold snap-FLASH but now they are collectibles. If you want something that isn’t hum drum you can get one (all I have for sale) for $100 plus $25 for packing and insurance,
  6. Now for one last crazy bit. I have lots of “foreignish” chess books. They are in English for sure, but not from my regular publishers (Quality Chess, Everyman Chess, New in Chess, or McFarland). They might be from Gillam, Russell, Mongoose, or other outliers: $100 worth, or more, for $50. All in perfect shape, just trying to thin my shelves out some.


I know it is later in the day but this sale will run through Monday!



I am on a quest and I need some help and I figure there might be a few out there in internet land who can.

I am looking for a connection between C.J.S. Purdy and Sherlock Holmes. Purdy was very erudite and somehow I thought he may have talked about Sherlock in one of his magazines, advertisements, stories, what have you. Haven’t found it yet. I planned on having an additional index in the new, revised, and enlarged book (I have a proof copy sitting on my desk!) but I ran out of space. Not helpful but maybe you will find something in your copy when you finally receive it. I looked through Edward Winter’s stuff on the net and came up with zip, maybe you will be more fortunate. The whole concept plays an important part in something Lenny Cavallaro and I are working on.

STORY: On page 481 of the new Purdy book, Cecil relates how “if only Lombana of Panama could win an easily won game against his Canadian opponent” he had missed “a handsome gift I (Purdy) had ready in the 90 percent expectation of his victory.” As it happened, Lombana did not win and I can’t tell you (I do not know myself) what the gift was, but I have a handsome gift for YOU if you can come up with a Sherlock Holmes and C. Purdy connection in print of a crisp hundred dollar bill before the end of 2019. Don’t make me win my own prize. I am the sole judge (or Lenny C.) of this connection. Purdy wrote about Morphy, Alekhine, and Fischer so if we can find a Holmes connection in any of Purdy’s writing, you will get to see Ben Franklin SMILE.

You have a few more days to get C.J.S. Purdy’s Search for Chess Perfection for only $49.95. And remember this, the shipping is FREE while this special is on. Happy Saturday! And Sunday, and Monday.