YESTERDAY I featured a picture of a boxer who was on the cover of Fox and James’ The Even More Complete Chess Addict.

Three responses. First from Rusty Miller who must sit at his computer all day. He didn’t know who the guy was.

Second was James Pratt who must do a similar thing except he thought it might be Frank Bruno (England). The video and pictures I saw of Frank show him to be a heavyweight like Mike Tyson, but he seems too big for that posted picture.

The third was from an old time ally Allan Savage who thought it might be Frank. Apparently Frank knows something about chess. Allan indicated that Frank’s mention was in the Sportsmen’s section of “Chess Addict” and yet somehow I missed it. I did find him mentioned on page 3, and the authors asked if Bruno could beat Albert Einstein  “Very possibly. Einstein loathed the game.” I don’t recall Einstein saying that, ever. He did play a game against somebody important, maybe Oppenheimer, and as I recall, he won. So most likely he played more than once because one does have to go through a learning process. I suspect that Albert had more important things on his mind than chess.

Bruno was mentioned, upon a reread, on pages 67-68 of the Fox and James’ book. I recall reading  the sportsman section but starting 2 paragraphs down.

Allan mentioned in a note that he has been known to give the book away as presents. Good choice.

Thanks to those who responded. Was it too tough for the rest of you? I have found, over the years, that chess people are not particularly fond of answering quizzes unless the answer drops from the sky of a Google (I use Bing) search. I would still like to find the original photo that we posted, a more narrow face and Google’s “image search” didn’t bring up anything and yet I have tons of my book covers, and art show up which I never asked them to misappropriate.

If anyone finds out, please let me know.


There is a woman (kudos to her) who writes about opportunities for stay at home moms. She has 330,000 readers per month and she makes serious money at it. Chess, not so much. GM Simon Williams has over 20,000 viewers on YouTube, a couple other guys have maybe 75,000 followers, but that is not per month. And lately, Simon has been doing more work for ChessBase than himself. What he does takes time and effort.

There are people who write about tomatoes! Mercedes used to eat them raw. Grow them in the back yard, pick one when they were ripe, brush off the dirt, and eat the juicy things raw! I didn’t even know about this until Rita told me! I also found my kids would get into the neighbors’ back yard garden and pick and eat HIS rhubarb! None ever got sick! (That I know of.) We weren’t too happy to hear what they had done. I think Mercedes marched them over to apologize to him, but this may have really just been an “idealized moment!” I don’t know for sure that that happened.


I enjoy writing about chess and have done so for many, many years. I invite you to subscribe to this 4 times per year publication for what turns out to be $18.75 per issue if you get your subscription to me before Sept. 16th of this year. You will get three follow up issues. (see note below about what else you could get)

Last night I worked on two articles for the next issue of The Box: Fabiano Caruana and his spectacular results with the Petroff Defense and what it would be like to have two Fridays back to back! Plus, some other thoughts you probably have seldom or NEVER thought of because it was the result of incessant reading. Upcoming is a piece on Alekhine and the instant judgment by many who thought he was a Nazi sympathizer. That MAY NOT be so! Yes, I even know about the articles he wrote and which were found by his wife after his death! There may have been much more to it than that, but you will read it right here and the result, most likely, will be that it will be ripped off and spread around the chess blogosphere because chess people, in too many instances, are willing to take things for FREE. I am hoping that subscribers won’t let others do this. Over the years I have been surprised at how often I see the name Thinkers’ Press mentioned on the web.

Now we have that chess “publishing” outfit named Thinkers’ Publishing… today I chastised them for doing this over and over. This MUST show people how unoriginal they really are and HOW can you trust them on anything except to swipe what others took their time to create (I came up with the name Thinkers’ Emporium about 1974 before I was selling games). The Thinkers’ Press name came out later, about 1992 or so, maybe 1991. You might be surprised at how much work something like this takes but I can provide an example. When Mercedes and I were driving down Kirkword Boulevard, in fact, right past where I now live, I suggested “The Thinking Man’s Emporium” and she counter suggested, “What about just The Thinkers’ Emporium?” I went with her suggestion. I suppose I could have waited 40 years and come up with Thinkers Publishing (notice they didn’t include the apostrophe, Europeans for you).

Heard from Greg Delaney about Frank Bruno!

Greg looked up Bruno after my earlier post today about the three respondents and he said he found a picture of Bruno with Michael Jackson and it looked like he could be the guy so thanks to James and Allan too, and maybe a little piece of cake for me too.

The gift for getting a subscription to The BOX

Several years ago my son Rob and I made a Paul Morphy coin similar to one made in 1859 or thereabouts. We had it constructed of brass and gold plating. A limited run. I sold some of the brass ones for $50 and the golden ones for $125. I still have some left (see picture of the brass one). If you want one, it’s only $25 extra while supplies last or Sept. 16, whichever comes first. So if you order in time, it would cost you only $100. It comes in a plastic sleeve. If you want the gold one (a few did) it would be $175. I know it may be hard for some to believe that others have $175, it’s just that I am not one of them!

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At the moment I am doing some other research, but it does involve chess!

I used Google’s Image Search and I would almost swear I got every person this “applied to” except what I wanted! It even suggested the category of GENTLEMAN. It is stuff like this which keeps me from bending over backwards in praising Google, which so many do. They must have simple requests!

The word NIKE on his shirt should suggest someone, but it mystifies me! It isn’t Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali as far as I can tell.

Most likely it is an American.

It isn’t a young Floyd Patterson as I don’t think NIKE was a household word back then.

I do know where I first saw this but as far as I can tell, no credit was given to the photo. It was first featured on the cover of one of the best chess books for miscellany I have ever read or looked at. Some significant sources are from Great Britain (as usual, British chess publishers have never been big on pictures in their books). I don’t even know if this guy plays chess so why was he on the cover of “The Even More Complete Chess Addict?”

Ah yes, a day in the life of a chess editor

I never know what to expect, there may be one person who knows who this is. The picture looks serious enough.

By the way, regarding that book by Mike Fox and Richard James, it is the best of its kind I have seen anywhere and pretty darn accurate. Definitely it pointed up some of my shortcomings as a “know-it-all” and most likely would have been in the bailey wick of Ken Whyld’s reach, a good friend of mine, who unfortunately died in 2003 shortly after being a presenter at our second chess festival. Still miss him.

If you know, please let me know and your “coolness” will be credited in this column and in my research.

Well, back to work but first a “plug” for my new publication, The BOX. Subscription, 4 times a year, is $100. But, if you subscribe now, before Sept. 16th, you can get the first PDF issue (followed by the other 3) for just $75.00. 20 have already subscribed! Kind of cool I think. Am working on the 2nd issue this week and the pages have been filling up, such as the 30 DAY CHALLENGE. PayPal, CC, checks can be used to subscribe. My office address is: 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803.

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Chess Gazette #235

Hoping to get it out today. It is FREE but naturally I hope that when I send it out, there will be something that will catch your fancy.

There are after all people who write to hear themselves. The thing I want to hear is the ringing of the cash register as in CA-CHING.

There’s a bunch of new books advertised and quite a number of new chess books which are schedule to arrive in just the next month.

One thing I have been having a fantasy about and that is to write for the Web. The word is out that they are looking for good writers. I don’t know whether I am good but I would like to find out. There are a lot of things (products) out there looking for a Marketing Home. I can sell and have done so for years but it always helps to have a bigger audience even if one is selling Rolls Royce’s.

For an RR I am thinking of a really smooth ride. The way streets are repaired any more (or lack of repaired) “smooth” has almost become a thing of the past.

So, I better get back to preparing the next Chess Gazette, or, I should say, getting the next issue out.

If you want a copy, just drop me your name and email address and send it to:

If you are interested in chess (the game) ask for the latest issue. If you like anchovies, contact someone else (yech).




Rita passed away around 3 p.m. today, this Friday. I already miss her.

She worked for Thinkers’ Press, inc. and Chessco for 25 years.

She helped proofread and correct grammar. Incredible speller. She was honest to a fault about my Thinkers’ Press and retail business.

Brothers could always treat their sisters better, right?

I hired her away from a big grocery store where she worked in the deli department because I noticed the good job she did in handling customers! She did the same thing with my customers and I would say 99% of them loved her. A year later the grocery store she worked in closed!

She worked my Chess Festivals and reminded me of stuff as I had ten thousand things to do.

She knew many customers by their VOICE!! She loved you guys (now you are stuck with me! I hope I’ve learned something from her).

Like me she was born in Keokuk, Iowa. At one time she knew how to play chess and she definitely knew how to take care of customers, both retail and by mail.

This lovely picture may have been taken by Dr. Julian Wan from our last successful Festival in 2004. Thank you.

If there ever was an award for bulletproof packaging, she would have won it as a review of her skills was covered in CHESS HORIZONS magazine years ago when we were Chessco.

I never had to worry about her filching money from the company either!

She attended St. Anthony Church and I figure now she is talking to Mercedes, Mom and Dad, her friends Carol and Colleen and many more. And, unlike us, she has seen God! And will for eternity. Lots of family at the hospital too.

This testimony is for you kid and while you are singing with the greats say hi to The Big O and Gene Pitney for me will ya?

You will always be remembered.

Peace of the Lord be always with you.

Your brother Bob.

I’m On Schedule, Sort Of!

I’ve been working with Kevin on a promo piece to be uploaded onto You Tube. We spent several hours recently with the photography, which is amazing plus some nifty effects. This was supposed to be available before the month of May was over but I discovered the video camera battery was run down.

That meant a trip to the camera shop and they told me I needed the battery charger to revive this Canon sweetheart. In the meantime, I found that, and the next day Kevin brought a pile of camera equipment with him and we started filming. Coool!

Kevin told me he got a kick out of my “knowledge base” and we rolled. Maybe some day it will be on PBS! (Clearly I liked what I saw.)

So he has a lot of footage to go through, make the Knights dance, and jazz the color. When it is ready I will tell you how to get it off of You Tube. In a surprise movie Kevin found a picture of Bobby Fischer I had taken and put it on the video still that I saw last night! It looked very good, amazing me.

Kevin knows his stuff that’s why I went to him.

So, stay tuned. My BLOG is not a huge success. To sign up for it takes an infinitesimally small amount of work, but for some, that is too much. 20 years from now someone who never subscribed will ask me a question about it!


Sometimes things do go well however and I have gotten a bunch of subscriptions to The BOX. It’s still only $75 if you take advantage of the $25 discount coupon which is good through Sept. 15, 2018. The other day I listed the topics. Will make a bigger splash about that soon. I am thinking that Rob’s depiction of the Reshevsky-Denker debacle helped from this BLOG because the moment I showed it, 4-5 subscriptions came in right away. I hope to do more such things as Rob is working on the cover for Purdy’s Secrets of the Chessboard. Nothing causes me to change projects faster (like PSOTC) than if dollars start rolling in, including a new version of The Search for Chess Perfection. Gives me a super lift.


It just so happened that when Kevin was over he said some friend of his told him about Alekhine’s cat. I said, “Oh you mean, Chess?” That blew his mind so he is keen on this chess project. My family used to have a Siamese cat and so…  the picture of AAA was nifty.

I am hoping, if you haven’t done so already that you will get a subscription to The Thinkers’ Chess Box, also called The Box, because the next 36 pages are almost filled up! How about YOU writing about your favorite Chess Villain? Invent your own. Instructions are given.

Only $75 for 4 fat issues. Issue #2 contains Bob Woodworth’s story about chess collecting.


Each issue of the New In Chess Yearbook seems better than the previous one. Issue #126 is now out and I will have to order more. It really is reaching into the land of highfalutin’ opening theory with Anish Giri on the front cover. If you play tournament chess for real you should be signing up for our Autoship whereby you can get a $39.95 hardcover edition for hugely less… namely $27.96 + $3.95 for S&H. A steal.


P.S. While writing this another subscription just came in for The Box. I love it.

what else can I say about The BOX??

It’s full of “Inside Stuff.”

None of us will live forever so it could be really helpful to know what goes on behind the curtain before we collapse. Stuff that could make you play better, learn more, get involved in the Modern History of Chess (I have no interest in what the Egyptians were doing 3,000 years ago! …sorry)

The history, trials, and tribulations of our Modern Game is beyond fascinating.

I will ask subscribers to contribute if you aren’t a ranter. Years ago I had a guy on the phone who was telling me about how he was screwed out of prize money, etc., and more etc.

Funny thing, I believed him but I couldn’t tell him that. He happened to live in an area where politics prevailed over decency, and those involved probably didn’t like him because he was constantly complaining about SUMPIN.

When you can try reason first, but sometimes you may have to start before that. Be nice to people but be authoritative IF you are in charge of something, such as directing or organizing. Funny thing again, in the current issue, #1, of The BOX, we have a story about a guy named Walter Stephens. He wouldn’t reverse himself when he made a clear mistake (clear to everyone but him!) and forfeited Denker for a TIME LOSS instead of Reshevsky. When asked to reconsider the dummy said, “Does Kenesaw Mountain Landis ever reverse himself?” Well, baseball had nothing to do with a chess decision but instead of punching Stephens out, if all had just walked out (which they didn’t do in those days!), he would have had to do something other than what he did or the USCF would have had to can him.

The word was that Stephens had money. No matter, the question was, “Who needed HIS money?” The USCF?? This happened in 1942, Stephens died in 1948.

Denker was an honorable guy, Reshevsky didn’t protest, he was dishonorable saying “It wasn’t my decision.” Stoopid but it worked for Sammy. You can make up YOUR own villain for future issues and issue #1 explains how.

Are you being hounded to death by chess set manufacturers? We discuss that. Ever heard of a GM named Grabinsky? He can perfect your chess as explained by our reviewer Ron Wieck, a master from Kew Gardens in NY.

All 36 pages include 12 BONUS pages (in other words these 12 pages weren’t planned!) Most of the topics discussed in The BOX are not in other current chess publications. The original subscription price was $100 but if you act before Sept. 16th, you get a gift of $25 making the subscription price only $75.00. Four issues in all.

We’d love to have you!

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Bob Long

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The magazine, “The Thinkers’ Chess Box” is now available!

We’re way ahead of schedule but already trying to finish up Issue #2.


• Persuasion Power. Convincing and persuading. Is it easy?

• Do you get tired of opening books? It’s about Snap Judgments.

• Play Like a Grandmaster testimonial by Eduard Gufeld.

• CJS Purdy Shocks IM Silman many years ago.

• The Ultimate Curmudgeon

• Chess in Kew Gardens, NY and Son of Best Move.

• The Panic of Getting New Openings’ Books!

• Chess Duels. Alekhine brings an Axe.

• It’s time to take the Endgame seriously.

• Newbie Management.

• Predict a Move!–Nostradamus software.

• Bizzzarro Chess!

• Psychology–What holds you back!

• Chess Villains, Do you have a Favorite?

• Box Thinking.

• Chess the E-Z Way!? 10 Fine Lessons.

• Openings for Amateurs–how to get the “Expert Title.”

• Profiting from a Connections Network


You get 12 BONUS pages, and there may be that many for issue #2. 36 pages in all for issue #1. Illustrated, in PDF color delivered via email. Chess Butlering since 1971.  Publishing since 1973. Chessco from 1971-2006.

Price of this elegant publication $100.00. If you subscribe before September 16, 2018 you can save $25 and get it for $75.00. I am proud of the first issue and I think we will be equally proud of the second issue, 4 in all, every three months. To make it more than a little interesting, I had to leave out a lot of the boring stuff which appears elsewhere! More content for you!

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