RECENTLY I watched an online video by one of my favorite marketers, Drayton Bird, from England. He’s about 80.

This guy knew success as well as the misery, panic and nervousness of everything, including his latest, his LAST HURRAH. In Bristol, several hundred pounds (sterling) worth.

Drayton sold his marketing business to David Ogilvy, of Ogilvy & Mather, years ago, for millions. Eventually he went off to do his own thing but not before David Ogilby gave the comment, “Drayton knows more about direct marketing than anyone alive.” Probably true.

But at his Last Hurrah he delves into the secrets and failures and the guy has a lock on the word “charm.”

He asked a question the other day which I think is appropriate: “When putting on an event doesn’t it usually work out that there is a flurry of people who sign up at the beginning, then a low point in the middle of the calendar, and ending with another last minute rush at the end?”

He had asked some of his friends if they had experienced a similar situation? They all said “yes!”

Is that true of CHESS FESTIVALS? Not necessarily.

On Chess Festival V it started out with 7-10 people signing up early, as well as the excuses for not being able to come, also early. We are in the “trough” so to speak now and it has been fairly even for the last couple months. Now we are getting to the last 2 months and it is dribs and drabs.

I think part of this reason is the Simultaneous Exhibition. We have 33 signed up and now we are down to those who want to go home on Sunday instead of playing or who don’t want to pay for another hotel night, or this surprising one: “I know I will lose if I play the Grandmaster and my ego can’t quite take that!”

Amazing. Are they saying they’ve never lost a game, or they did once, and it was unbearable so they would rather not play? It’s only $20. You can buy the set and board afterwards and take it home with you, autographed, right? A memory forever. Maybe the wrong kind of memory for some.

I can remember playing the Rev. Fr. Catich, probably in my 20s. We played 5 games without a clock (I didn’t know about them back then). Catich was one of those true geniuses, in everything: art, mathematics, printing, chess, and being a priest. He had been orphaned and stayed in an orphanage in Montana before being moved to Illinois.

He played in the Chess Review Golden Knights event and I saw a game of his published where he sacked 2 rooks and won. He played in one of those events and scored 49.5 out of 50. The half point came from a miscalculation which he caught in time. It was postal chess and while he was working that morning, he was thinking of the card he had mailed when all of a sudden it occurred to him he had written down on his card a “not so good move.” What did he do? “I went by the mailbox and waited for the mailman who picked up the mail.” He asked him if he could trade him “this” card for the one he stuck into the letter box. As he knew the USPS guy, the carrier let him. It turned a loss into a draw.

He loved correspondence chess and in a near future article in the Chess Gazette I will be promoting it! Here here.

I took an appreciation of Fine Arts class from him. It massaged my head. Wonderful stuff.

One night we played 5 games and I won one of them! Surprise for me. As I was leaving I asked if he would sign the 5 score sheets. With a sheepish look on his face he inquired, “Do I have to sign the loss?” My reply was brief: “Especially that one!”

You see I had spent a year in the math dept. at the University of Iowa and I bought copies of Chess Review from the Mott Drugstore magazine stand. And I read Jack Straley Battell’s Golden Knights section. So I had already known that Catich was one heckuva chess player and he was known at St. Ambrose College, where I went to school as one of the top calligrapher’s in the world.

Now, where is that score sheet? I need to clean up my basement, maybe it’s there.

Getting back to the Chess Festival V of 2017, won’t you please sign up for the Simul as well as the lectures? All forms of payment accepted (except Am. Express). $150 + $20. You will have the time of your life.

How do I know? I just got the word from Simon today that his request for a Work Visa in the US was accepted. We are both breathing a sigh of relief. Now if you sign up for Simon’s work interlude here, you will help me to breath a sigh of relief too.


Bob & Jack


Actually my son Rob knew and talked with Adam West so this is not completely out of thin air. As some know, he passed away recently.

I’ve been on the phone today looking for a videographer for our Simon Williams event on August 19 this summer. Especially the lecture day. Simon and I want to do the individual lectures and sell them at a later time! That way, those who can’t make it would get to see what went on. Those who want a record of the event would have that also (and they would be able to take advantage of a reduced price).

If you know me you would know that I had already arranged to have a videographer to do this. Remember that soliloquy by Robert Burn about the “oft-laid plans of mice and men…?” It happened. My guy has the time, he doesn’t have the equipment to video the whole day like some of these wedding guys do. So I’ve been making phone calls, at probably the worst time, Lunch Hour. I don’t take a lunch break until my regular work is done, so… maybe later.

Then another thought occurred to me:

  1. Nothing liked seeing an event of this magnitude IN PERSON. True.
  2. Nothing like being able to watch it again whenever you want. [His six lectures promise to be ever engaging and awesome. Read the June 14 blog for more details!]
  3. I got an email from someone really looking forward to the Friday nite event next door to the Ramada at Old Chicago Pizza. And 33 are signed up for the Simul on Sunday so far.

Here’s my POINT. Several actually. On Sunday nite, for a mere 25 bucks, we are going to have a Glorious Q&A session for two hours with Simon. I will already come prepared with some questions, hope you do too. Simon will want to relax after the simul and perhaps you don’t know that Simon has been invited to the British Chess Championship this year. Some know that when GM Jonathan Rowson was here in 2002 he won, after leaving here, in succession, both the British and Scottish championships. Before that he tied for first at the World Open. Let’s assume he was inspired by the Chess Festival he had just attended! What a lollapalooza deal that was!

It’s quite possible this will be a one time event unless there is someone out there (and I don’t know who that would be) who would be willing to put up the lots of money my sponsor and myself have paid to put this on, I don’t see Simon coming back any time soon. He gets his schedule messed with and I always have an impenetrable schedule… just not likely.

And I know he will be on his game… that’s what one does when they are around friendly people like YOU (I am not here, I know many of you and you are typical of the ones Simon wants to kid around.)

Has There Been a Change in Your Situation?

Maybe, just recently, something has freed you up so that NOW you can make it after all! It’s been known to happen.

Need More Ramada Overnights

Naturally, we want to increase stays at the Ramada. Their price of $79.95 is very good. Their regular price at this time of the year is like $107 per night so, it’s affordable. Just a couple years ago I was in Chicago at $140 a night, just me, for a special conference. Nobody as classy as Simon, but, he was good (and then he quit the company and went out on his own and is doing well I have heard.) I slept well, and just forgot about the cost. I wasn’t ignorant of it, I just decided to enjoy myself, which, I did. I paid cash so it wouldn’t appear on my CC statement. All this craziness is doable if you plan a little bit (see my Critical Secrets book on Planning.)

I am preparing to get shocked for the Hall billing of $700 or $750 that weekend because people are staying somewhere, I just don’t know where. Us old-timers aren’t in the mood to wear ourselves out going from a great place to a lesser place to save $30 and then show up at the last minute to the event, which just annoys everyone else. However, you can go to your own favorite spots for lunch and supper as I decided it wasn’t worth fooling with that at this time. Years ago we had some of our guests crowd the tables where the celebrities were eating and I was a little shocked at what a big deal that was (people who wouldn’t come to our events at any other time would show up at the same table or booth as the celebrities!) So this time I cut it down to one celebrity to also keep the ticket prices down. So, if you switch hotels, or change your mind and come and stay at the Ramada, thank you!

Won’t you come?

If you need more information you can call celebrity #2, me, at 563-271-6657. I do get lots of questions at the event so most likely you will see me doing 100 behind-the-scenes-things instead of listening closely to the lectures. You can take still pictures if you wish, preferably with no flash or shutter action (if your phones can handle that).

Simon is getting a shirt and we have 15 spoken for. Send your payment in now (Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St, Davenport, IA 52803) to reserve yours. Med-Lg-XL are $24.95. XXL is $27.95. And 3XL to 5XL are $31.95. You’ll be able to pick them up at the Ramada on Friday nite before the pizza deal at Old Chicago, sponsored by Mike Vuolo, Steve Lamansky, and myself so that no one will feel left out. I believe Ken MacDonald (Canada) is setting us up for some food on Sat. afternoon and he isn’t even going to be able to make it this time! These are the kinds of people I know folks from over the years. Fine people looking to have a great time. Would you like to have a great time? Then, buy a $150 ticket and another $20 for the simul which I have decided to cut off at 40. That means 7 available seats left. I have  to get the boards and pieces ordered soon, I don’t want anything left over. You can buy the set and board you used for $25 and take it with you! Simon will most likely sign your rollup board if you ask nicely. Autograph hunters are everywhere these days. In all the years I have been doing these things I don’t think I have requested even one autograph–too busy to even think of it.


And one last thing: significant others. Bring yours, no entry fee, they just can’t participate in games, Q&A. I think the Ramada is OK with the one price for 2 idea too (always smart to ask). That chops a lot of costs down doesn’t it? Just food and air fare if you decided to come via that method. Has anyone looked into Alliance Air travel? I don’t know anything unless you tell me.

I’ll keep you up to date on the video stuff. I am doing my best at this time to avoid an ulcer. How’s yours?

My best cordialness to you,

Bob Long

P.s. Don’t forget every paid registrant receives a $20 discount coupon, good for only this event, to be used against books, sets, DVDs and even the GRAND TURK. Plus there will be a 20% discount of the retail price of items (except shirts and the to be used sets and pieces) at the site.


Was hoping to get the Chess Gazette SE out by June 24th. Can’t do it. So it will be closer to the end of the month. As you no doubt guess, a kabillion things to do (thanks for Peggy’s use of that word). It will be a very interesting issue. If you want a copy and are not already on the Chess Gazette list, send me your name and email address and I will send you one. Lots of new books this time too.




Important NOTE!

Twice per month the Chess Butler releases an edition: the beginning of the month, called “A” and the middle of the month called “B”. I’m too late for 224B (I was finishing up the Simon Williams Playbook). Now the beginning of July is coming and so I have lumped these two together and instead of A and B, we will have SE.

Since the issues are FREE there is no harm nor foul. There will be several Special Features for the Special Edition.

1. A layout of those who have signed up (PAID) for the Chess Festival. You can make sure I have you (if you paid) as attending. If there is a problem, write to:

2. If you signed up for the Sunday Simul and the evening Q&A. You can’t believe all the last minute expenses. That’s why I am writing a book about event planning.

3. Remind you of the SWAP MEET. Bring some things for sale if you want to.

4. Get your hand raised for a T-shirt and send your payment in advance and the size you need. Simon gets his for FREE naturally and told me what size he prefers. This is absolute because once the order goes to the digital silk screener, that’s FINAL. Procrastinators are advised to act now (see special edition). George Lundy ordered (3) shirts, for example, and has already sent payment (thank you George!) At one event someone took a shirt that was meant for me! Had they told me in advance they wanted one? Answer: What do you think?

5. Get the NDA to me (non-disclosure agreement). We will be doing video filming at this event and we need this to cover your ass (CYA). That’s why it is helpful to know people when they sign up. Years ago two people came to a festival, and I knew neither of them, MY whacko antenna went up because they didn’t seem to be having a good time (this was 2002). We weren’t filming then, but I had an uneasy feeling. They never said whether they liked what was happening, never came up to me, and so on. Never heard from them again, there are “strange ducks” out there.

6. I am trying to avoid last minute H.S. Everything is two months away and “unplanned” stuff still raises its ugly head! And I am already busy! I promote all these things in advance because I won’t have time to do it at the last minute.

7. There will be a section of the SE “Chess Gazette” just for RT (retail therapy!) I got this idea from my friend Susan. Right after issue #223 I got a box of books from Chess Evolution. One title I am already out of; and I ordered more of them than the others. I will be getting more. Details will be in #224 SE. And, there was more. More restocks and books from NIC such as Bologan’s book on the King’s Indian. (I’ll tell you why this is important in CG#224 SE.) Plus the NIC Magazine which is getting better and better. Plus info on the postage crisis from the US PO. What a pain in the patoot. Then came a bunch of books from Chess Stars, including a new one.

Have you ever needed to “let off steam” to refresh yourself? Be ready for the next crisis? Well, if you haven’t (some call it a vacation) you haven’t “lived” or in this case, you haven’t “died.” Sometimes you have to upset the applecart. I went with a lady friend to see “Wonder Woman.” I wanted to see this Israeli babe, and my friend, she was on vacation and she knew that despite her occasional protestations, I tended to pick good movies. Me? I was stressed from all this. It was a “Wonderful” film and full of female “estrogen” for a change instead of the overamped male “testosterone.” Great film, well done, and, she liked it (not me, it). We sat in a coffee shop and discussed stuff for several hours. Insane. Got it out of my system. Great production and of course that is what we are hoping to do with Chess Festival V. The fastest way to get the last minute people to register is to threaten to jack the price up but I won’t do that again. However, I had related that in 2011 an event I attended said they would raise the ticket price $1000 to latecomers! Guess what, they had 50 more sales! The place was crowded. $50,000 extra to people who didn’t care. I raised the price $50 to those who missed the March 15 deadline and one guy whined about that all the way from Schenectady!  I had to stand my ground. It was none of you.

So when will this Special ED be available? Not sure, possibly before June 24. I might even have an IDEA generator. This could be funny. I am still taking orders for FREE subscriptions to The Chess Gazette before I institute a subscription system. After the Festival when everyone has already had a good time and might think that what we do here for you is worth the money.

Oh, one last thing–a big one. MONEY. Kind of ballsy don’t you think? Well, not really. We intend to have some goodies for sale and possibly at a 10-20% discount (a couple of items I can’t promise about but we will see what happens). I hope to have books and DVDs by Simon Williams. But the time of the year when suppliers may be off to other tournaments or on vacation is coming up so I can’t afford to fool around. Bring do-re-me. It seems like we are never on vacation but Susan is hoping we can make it to some old time rock and roll concerts coming up. We’ll see. Having some extra money with you is helpful in one important way so I will tell you a story: I’m running my games shop (The Thinkers’ Emporium) and this couple come in who look like they are still on vacation. Flowered shirts, gold chain around his neck, wife dressed like a shopping queen. They each have a boxed game in hand and he comes to my register. “Which game is perfect for us?” he intones. He knows that I feel like he has money and I am probably wondering what the fight is all about. I look at him as if to say, “Really?” He quickly replies back, “Get both of them?” I said, “And you are also a mind reader? !” He laughed, whipped out his wallet and got both.

So… don’t fight over, “should I get the $20 item or the $25 item” when you can get both. The chances are likely that when you get home the one you start with first will be the one that captures your fancy THAT day!

Now that you have read this, I will hope, faithfully, that you will do what you’ve gotta do to keep your strength up for today! AND…take action.

P.S. I requested stories, quirks, photos or unusual chess stuff a little while back and several people replied. I was thinking, “If people are tired of reading about me THEY could send me some articles or stories. Deep down inside I suspect most people don’t want to do anything they aren’t forced to do. Then again some are disappointed they didn’t become rich, didn’t have more talent, etc. All it takes is a little LEANING FORWARD. The actor Charles Bronson started as a coal miner but he also had the talent for drawing. He ended up as a gunner on a strato-fortress fortress. He met some actors on a beach and thought to himself, “I can do that!” He eventually won a Golden Globe as the most popular actor in the world. He came from poverty just like Elvis Presley. He just wasn’t satisfied with his life. How about it? Send me a story. If it is good I will publish it just like I am going to publish Steve’s in CHESS GAZETTE special edition to show you how it is done. It will be in the book too. If you would like a subscription to THE CHESS GAZETTE, for free, just write me.


Bob & Jack (he’s now officially 3 and stronger than ULTRON)


47 annotated games. 2 pages of excising of comments from the white section and the black section. Many diagrams. How Thinker’s Press came about. And what Simon had to say about the book (at least the first half).

The cover (back and front) will be done this weekend assuming the barcode won’t be a pain in the ass like it has been (I have old software and don’t want to buy an upgrade if there is one). The number of pages is around 80.

Son Rob did the cover art on short notic–then his computer crapped out (and, it was a bad motherboard on his Mac laptop!). He and I are both dedicated doncha know?

In the meantime I will be ordering some Simon William’s DVDs and books. Anything in particular you may want?

It’s been hectic. Simon has been in day in and day out hecticness too. I was amused when that guy who accused me of being a Christian and a bad speller wrote–he was concerned I might make some money off this event!! I wondered what he had done in the service of chess. My occasional spelling mistakes were caused by a brain injury I suffered from a stroke. When I was in high school I scored 99.7 or 99.9 percentile on the spelling test, I wonder how he did. As to being a Christian, I do not apologize for that and anyone who knows me knows there are lots of things I won’t apologize for including being politically incorrect! Wienies!

Simon is doing lectures this week, and next week to keep paying his bills. I do that too. I have good customers, just need more. So if you sign up for the Festival that’s coming, I certainly will be pleased. It takes a lot of tickets to be sold to pay for this thing and I have even had help! In fact Luke Thompson (Tony’s son) is signing up to come along with his brother Kian. A total family affair because Dad Tony is coming too. Can you do this?

I have an advance preview (subject to possible change) of what Simon will be covering too:

1) Typical sacrifices to crush the Sicilian (shows some games with typical sacs ending in mate). Often these attacks are reminiscent of attacks in some other openings too.

2) The Sicilian fights back! (now it’s Blacks time!) Equal time and equal effects.

3) The lazy way to become an attacking Grandmaster. (Going to show simple patterns of attack. An opening that leads into a middlegame attack). Simple patterns, who can’t use that?

4) Jumping into your opponents mind. (Showing examples of how important it is to think about your opponent’s ideas). Getting into a customer’s mind is important, so it is when it comes to chess.

5) The most shocking attacks of all time! This is a Williams original!

6) How to calculate better. Who, on this planet, could not use this?

I know these will all be invaluable. Simon and I discuss all these things while running our regular business life. James Pratt even sent a heads up about coming Simon Williams activities in England. Right now we are wrestling with getting a Work Visa for his US performances. The amount of red tape needed just to keep the bureaucrats happy. Maybe they should apply for a Work Visa too. There are fees for that too, so the SMUG guy who wrote and criticized efforts and costs for putting on an event like this is, once again, terribly misguided. I don’t want an apology from him either. To never hear from this twerp again would be good enough.

We are close to 40 registered and I expect some more because we (originated by my friend Lazaro Munoz) are planning something to get registrants to “come” who can’t come!! This, of course takes a bit of time in sorting out the details, and time is $$$. So if you want to come, but can’t come, LET US KNOW. Lot of benefits, but the cost will be more than $150 (the fee amount for those who are coming).


NOW, BACK TO WORK. Let me know if you are interested in this alternate plan because we will have to produce a DVD of the Saturday session. That means video recording and editing plus the cost of making and burning the disks. You can have a life time of memories. We don’t know the cost of this extra yet, but it will be what the attendees see on August 19. We’ll have fun won’t we?

Bob & Jack (who turns 3 this Friday!)

I know there will be some worry warts who will want to know how much this alternate PLAN will be or they won’t put their toe in the pool. I don’t yet know because I don’t know how much the costs will be to get help doing the video work. All I know is that Simon will have the DVDs on his website as well as the book and none of that have been determined yet either. But if you want to get the whole package from Thinkers’ Press here in the USA, it would help us too.

Originally I had planned to announce at the Festival a Chess Festival 6 and even had one or two celebrities in mind, having already talked to one of them. And as good as these folks would be, comparing themselves to Simon Williams would be a stretch. So instead of doing that, I just wanted people to come to THIS one. This is so much preparation that to do another one, hmmm, I would have to give a lot of thought to that, find another sponsor (like this year), a date of acceptability, and someone to help me. That’s more work, just right there! I am not 30 anymore nor even 40.

People have proven to love our Chess Festivals but it is still a job to get people to come because, “How can we better than the last time?” Well, 2004 was our last Chess Festival.

2010 our last Chess Clinic (where I sang part of a song to sell books!) We hired a comedic chess talent this time. What do we need for the next one? Evel Knievel to ride a steam powered cycle while playing chess and jumping over the Snake River canyon? (After coming back to life!) Believe it or not, I once contemplated getting Al Pacino to come, or Viswanathan Anand. Like friggin Hertz car rental, we do try harder.

Comments are welcome.


On June 5 I wrote about making a book (or something) of interesting things which have happened in your chess life. I received several and that is great. But what about the rest of you? Years ago I tried cash prizes to help in QUIZ contests. Flaccid, you know what that means? What a few told me was they were to lazy to do any research. If the prizes had been huge then the excuse would be, “Someone else would win them.” That’s why I like the enthusiasm of kids.

It was knowledge based. In other words it required having some kind of memory and a little ambition. We are weak in America when it comes to ambition. Immigrants have more ambition than most of us. They have to survive. Some of them bring diseases with them and criminal backgrounds. I am not talking about them.

I know people read this Blog. For me it is a forum to get some quick stuff out there that might tickle your brain.


HERE’S AN EXAMPLE. Somebody invents something and some how, some way they become successful and make enough money to start a business, take a vacation, buy a Bentley. You know what I mean. Then the woodwork cowboys come out and tell their friends or family, “I could’ve done that.” But you and I know that’s bogus, they didn’t.

What really rankles is when someone with 5% ambition rips off someone else with a similar idea. Sometimes they are ruthless to protect their “new” idea. Seems to happen every day.

I described some of the feeling of what it is like to beat a Master level player, now a Senior Master. Then enduring the unending postmortems to prove they shouldn’t have lost! My friend Andy Rea wrote in to tell about some of his own experiences. Quite memorable and I hope we can use what he wrote. But I didn’t include the story of what happened after I beat that master. I played a high rated (I think) chess expert I had lost to the year before. This time I played him like a violin so I was definitely on cloud NINE.

I had a difficult time explaining my feelings to my passenger Marv. I had played Marv once some years earlier and he beat me like I was a rented mule. But Marv and I did’t share any good stories during the weekend. Marv was too busy with some hooker in some other motel room while his wife was at home by herself probably thinking her husband was playing chess. Or maybe not, maybe she knew about this from before and here I was so excited I wanted to let my wife know I was faithful as well as in the process of beating up on good chess players. So even though it was an achievement the bloom went off the rose pretty quickly.

There are lots of interesting stories, events, and photographs out there and I think it would be nice to share some of them. Are you willing?

I learned a long time ago that if I am not willing to make a spectacle of myself, few others will. Was it bravery, bravado, or what? It was my reaction to how GM Daniel Naroditsky felt about his win in the World Youth Championship.

Some people go straight down (6 ft) when their life is over, looking like nothing significant ever happened and yet was most likely is that there were significant things, maybe even great things, they just never told anybody. Yet when it comes to Washington D.C. the reporters feel so starved for news that they will report the lamest of things.

Go ahead, send your story, etc. and let’s see what happens. The chess publications in the late 1800s had some of the most interesting stories. But, to be honest, I must be missing these same kinds of stories if they are in Chess Life.

Give me some feedback gents (and ladies).

Not a nothing Saturday, I almost have the second half of the Simon Williams book done, I just took a break I needed.

Bob Long


Lots of work on the GM Simon Williams book, The Simon Williams Shock and Awe Playbook. A colliection of 47 annotated games from 1995-2017. Not complete by any means, just a great tasting in his games, mostly under 30 moves.

It takes awhile to do something like this. Selecting, formatting (after annotating them using ChessBase and my own thoughts. Since I haven’t done any books like this in 3-4 years, I had to reeducate myself in how to use InDesign with it. Some plusses with that.

And all the while sandwiching in Dr. appts., grocery shopping, and that only standby, eating and sleeping. To contact me:

Now I am off to get the blades sharpened for the lawnmower.

As I have mentioned over the years, no time for TV (so, I don’t have one). I can’t even imagine how much further I would be behind. Everything’s interesting again.

I’ll be back later and hope to have the section of games where Simon is White finished (only wins). The book should be less than 100 pages (I am guessing, reasonably). Copies will be given away FREE to those who register for the Simon Williams Chess Festival in August (18-20) to lure your fanny to this splendid event. It’s just $150 to register and an additional $20 if you want to play Simon in the simultaneous.

I will be ordering 40 boards and sets since few have told me they are playing. This comes from indecision and last minute issues. If you want to keep the set and board that’s another $20.

I plan to still sell Simon Williams t-shirts as featured in the Chess Gazette. Prices in there also. Did you get your free issue?

That’s all for now friends. Hope you will come. If I have forgotten anything, let me know.

The book, if you aren’t coming to the Festival, is $39.95, postpaid.

Thanks Troops.



I enjoyed writing the reminiscences blog yesterday (or maybe it was the day before). I did hear from a few people. What does amaze me however is that some write to me (through emails) and say something like “I am interested.”

About what? I am involved in all kinds of projects at the moment, and have been for over 40-50 years. So always enlighten me, DO NOT assume I understand your email. I probably don’t. Do other people tell you they don’t know what you are talking about? Ask your wife if you are lucky enough to have a good one.

Why do so many who write be so brief that even God would have a hard time figuring out what they are saying. No joke, I sometimes get emails with one sentence, maybe 3-4 words! Why did you even bother at all? If I don’t know what is in your head what makes ME think that anyone else knows what is in your head?

Everyday I get a message from a guy in England named Drayton Bird. Often it is a video (which is event better but is not in B&W (black and white). Tremendous info. An older guy (older than myself!) and he is knowledgeable as well as entertaining. I always read him.


For his baseball career I have been a Pete Rose fan (baseball), especially when he played for the Cincinnati Reds. A master of facts and statistics. Phenomenal memory. And a great story-teller. Today he told a story about when he was single and couldn’t make it to the airport to pick up his girlfriend. So he had a friend pick her up. Naturally the friend said, “What does she look like?”


“She’ll be the best looking woman on the plane!” So his friend walks up to Farrah Fawcett as she was the fifth person coming off the plane! Apparently Pete and Ryan O’Neal (her husband) had some good laughs about that.

In other words, make your message meaningful if you want to be in the book (souvenir, whatever). Read the previous blog post and if you are referring to that when you contact me (even if you are famous as one person was yesterday) it gives me a better handle on what the subject is about! Don’t be a Pete Rose.

P.S. All the games for the Simon Williams’ book have been annotated. So the next few days will be about cleanup, formatting, and submission to the printer AFTER I see what Simon thinks about it.

Have a great day. That would be Monday, June 5, 2017.

Contact me at: