I was just informed today that on this Monday (Dec.9th) I will be receiving 13 cases of CJS Purdy’s Search for Chess Perfection! 

Today I am supposed to receive packing boxes for the Purdy book. I am in St. Louis tonight making packaging labels for the books to I can ship them out next week.

Hence the $10 discount for buying the book will be up about Dec. 11th. If you want this amazing book and you also want to save money as well as receive the book in a super package, make sure you have paid for it in advance OR at the very least given me your credit card numbers to process. After that the price will rise to $59.95 for this timely book.

As I wrote some time back, I have been planning and announcing this book for months. It is now being delivered as promised.

I did publish a bigger book once, 1933: The Devil Comes toHenry County in 1989. It was done in a red cloth hardback, no chess, and it had a 2 color dust jacket. Easily one of the most exciting cops and robbers novels ever published.

Chesswise the Purdy book is our biggest book, in paperback, with a matte finish of the 4 color cover.

I am excited that I can deliver what I promised.

Let’s see what is offered for the future. IM Jeremy Silman was shocked at how close Purdy came to his (Silman’s) own conclusions about PLANNING. Purdy was a bona fide student of chess. We intend to make this a hit. I (Bob Long) am not the author, I just did the design work and put it together with IM Robert Jamieson’s help. Someone asked for my autograph. I will do that for anyone who asks me but you have to ask.

In the meantime, if you want a set of 2 bookmarks for this or any chess book, please send an extra $10.00. Once these are gone, they are gone. After Dec. 11 the price on these bookmarks will rise to $15. All are autographed by compiler IM Robert Jamieson.

Send payments to: Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803.

If you are paying via PayPal, send $49.95 for that payment to:

The book is sleek, full of tips on how to improve your game. It is clearly written and explained as only how Purdy could do. This will be the LAST edition.

This is nearly 2 pounds, 7 x 10 inches, and 500 pages. A chess player’s delight.

Thank you for your purchase, it has corrections, additions, and 80 pages of new material.

Bob (Long)

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