For some the gift giving time at Christmas time is seriously stressful. Shouldn’t be.

I have one more thing to do and I will do it tomorrow.

For those who like chess things or to give chess things let me tell you what happens here.

I get people of all stripes who order stuff right up to Christmas and they know I will ship, but the gifted won’t get the item in time to open on Christmas (eve or the day).

Why worry about that? As long as you get what you want. I filled and sent out 3 orders today and 4-5 letters and could have done more but I had other things to wrap up.

I was working on a new price list several days ago and haven’t had time to finish it. Probably will send out Friday if I have time and this will be a TIMED or SUSPENSE sale. That is, you will have to order by a certain date to get the extra BONUS discounts OR you won’t get them.

It will be worth your while as I reduce these shelves to get the new stuff for 2018. If I get the merchandise in 2018 then it is inventory (and dollars) for 2018 and not 2017.


If I don’t have time, it will go out on Christmas Day! JUST TRYING TO GET DEPLETED inventory out to lighten my load as I am having back surgery on Jan. 10th unless a miracle should take place (it could happen) and if it does, I’ll tell you.


In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Also I JUST FINISHED a new Ad for a chess publication and I will send copies to you about the Chess Festival in February and I will send a copy to you if you give me your name and email address. This should be fun. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we are looking forward to a mild winter this February and the FA has a track record of being right 80% of the time, while this year, 2017, our meteorologists have been wrong on snow, sleet, ice, etc. 100% of the time!!! Thank God.



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