I met my good friend and customer Gary White (Missouri) a long time ago. Gary was slated to come to the Simon Williams Chess Festival (or chess concert) a couple weeks ago. As most of you know, it’s been postponed, but when we had a 35% discount sale on books we were bringing to the Festival Gary couldn’t help himself. (STILL GOOD THRU SEPT. 5)

I want to show you what he is getting, perhaps to inspire you (me and everyone else). At one time Gary was around 2100 Elo. And like most of us, over the past 10 years (maybe more), many of us have dropped 200-300 Elo. I did, a senior master friend of mine did too. In fact, if you didn’t work hard at it, many people lost that much. The cowards gave up and withered away.

But Gary got inspired, He had bought Simon Williams’ 2 DVD set on the English Opening, played in the recent Iowa Open and engaged in some “clobbering time” (as the THING would say [Fantastic Four]). He wrote:

“I’ve been studying S. Williams 2 DVD set on English. Awesome. Used his ideas @ Iowa Open to draw w/ both 2200 (NM Valeriy Kosokin who tied for 3rd after Gareyev & Yermolinsky), & a 2100 player, and beat a 1650 player. My rating about 1880 now. Great to meet you again there.  Thanks for my T-Shirt!”
I’ve been saying it for a long time but it’s hard to gain traction with MY chess guys. DVDs are truly great for a quick warmup before an event. And, in a short amount of time you can get some salient points under your belt. And IF, it is Simon Williams’ stuff you know there is going to be some deranged BITS on the discs that maybe your opponents won’t know!
Not only was Gary willing to do the work, but he ordered some more things over the weekend, I am going to detail them not to give his opponent’s an advantage, chances are none of his opponents will read this Blog, but to give YOU some ideas go how this works!

“I’d like to order: 1) Boris Gelfand’s new book, 2) “Black is back” by Adjoran, 3) “How to reassess your chess 4th edition” by Silman, 4) “Fire on Board” combined books by Shirov, 5) “Dynamic Chess Strategy’ by Suba. 6) Y. Seirawan by Karolyi. Also please send my  S. Williams games collection booklet.
Thanks, Gary”
The Boris Gelfand book was advertised on my Blog and I am selling the hardbound for $31.96 + $3.50 for shipping & Handling. However, he wanted more. BTW, Gelfand title is Dynamic Decision Making in Chess. 
The book Black is Back is a lifelong pursuit of Adorjan’s, that Black is not inferior to White. I didn’t always believe that and did somewhat follow the “company line” until maybe 5-6 years ago. Now all kinds of books are being published favoring the person with the black pieces. It’s a fat book too. Have 1 left. Retail is $24.95 but for 2 more days I have it at $26.22.
This morning Gary added another title: How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World, The Story and the Games by GM Simen Agdestein. Another inexpensive book at $19.95 but I have to order more. The stories alone are worth the price of the book, about why Magnus dislikes being interviewed (the journalists don’t know anything about chess!) Does Magnus learn from his defeats? He surely does as this book shows.
Lately we have sold a lot of Chess Evolution books. Gary ordered one of those about Yasser Seirawan. The Chess Butler ran out of vol. 1 of the book on Alexander Beliavsky. We ordered more immediately as well as #2 (apparently we were way ahead of the curve on this one! Theoretically they should be here in 7-10 days (maybe sooner).
A book I have secretly recommended after seeing it again several weeks ago is Jeremy Silman’s 4th edition of How to Reassess Your Chess. Many don’t know that Thinker’s Press, in its heyday published the first 2 editions of this work and I will admit, I like the 4th edition best, but I will have to order more of them!
Mihai Suba (pr: Shooba) had a hit record in 1991 with Dynamic Chess Strategy. 20 years later he extended his writing and updated this book and made the humor more obvious. It’s also $19.95 but I will have to order more of this one too. As my headline says Billy Joel was not right; the “Good” are like the Eveready bunny–they just keep going and going.
The last one he was getting is a real barn-burner. Alexei Shirov in his Fire on Board books! Two volumes rolled into one. Someone once told me that Shirov doesn’t really love chess the way some sub 2000 players might, but when you look at his games you can only conclude (if that was true about Shirov’s not loving chess!) he wanted to get the games over quickly so he could leave immediately. He’s been married at least 4 times so maybe he had some place to be! He might ultimately be as “gifted” as his countryman Mikhail Tal, but Shirov is still kicking.
Have a good Labor Day OFF if you get that!

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