What Stephen King Said About Chess…

As far as I know, Steve (as he calls himself) hasn’t said anything about chess!

But I’ve been reading Stephen King On Writing. I read 51 pages the other night before turning out the light. Last night it went another 50+ pages.

This morning, before my shower, I read his comment on books and why he loves them:

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

So are all the different kinds of chess books.

I have them in both bathrooms. By my nightstand. My desk. The “living room.” My office floor. I seldom get my ideas from them but they do nourish my brain.

This weekend I will have lots of books to sell. I invite you to pick some up, even if only for the good of YOUR life. My Mom and Dad were big readers. So were my sisters and brothers. Adventures never quit. With chess it is even more than that.

My best friend Peggy is an avid reader and sometimes has trouble falling asleep.

King’s book on writing parallels what I know about writing for myself.

If one is into marketing it is really helpful to read everything you can, but to not force read. If it is not good, entertaining, or useful, there are always alternatives.

What I have found particularly missing from my life is good, chess fiction. I could read all of them in less than a day and then, where would I be?

Good chess players must have something good inside them, so why don’t they write?

My guess is they have a bunch of different reasons, almost none of them any good. King did some of his beginning writings (I have never read even one Stephen King book, my sister Rita has read a lot of them) at odd times and places.

Too many do not want to be inconvenienced. Buying a ticket requires having to do something. Packing requires doing something. How much money should I bring requires thinking! Good god, how lazy can we be?

I do a lot of things I would rather not do! That’s where I am different from some. I will be printing extra non-disclosure agreements for the Chess Festival because I know human nature too well.

We do, minimally, what we have to do, in order to pay for other stuff. Chess books, like most other things, are not necessary to live but they can be a GOOD habit which makes life more bearable.

An example.

The other day I wrote a note to Simon Williams congratulating him on reaching 20,000 subscribers on YouTube! I didn’t have to but it was a good thing to do! That’s worthwhile. He wrote back and thanked me. While he was at it, he dreamed about someday soon reaching 100,000 people. Would one of them be you? (I now am one.)

But, in addition, he wanted to know if it was OK to change some of the topics he would be talking about this Saturday. They were great and engaging and I gave him the go ahead! These are new and better than ever but when he and I first started this journey, many months ago, we came up with:

“Was thinking about changing two of the titles for lectures. So:

3) The lazy way to become an attacking Grandmaster. (Going to show simple patterns of attack. An opening that leads into a middlegame attack). Simple patterns, who can’t use that?

to – Hacking with the London System! (I know you mentioned that a lot of people would like this topic)


4) Jumping into your opponents mind. (Showing examples of how important it is to think about your opponent’s ideas). Getting into a customer’s mind is important, so it is when it comes to chess.

When computers get it wrong! (This could be a lot of fun, get the crowd involved with some funny positions.)

Ok, still got a fair bit to prepare for when I leave. Will get these titles done, unless you mention otherwise.”



Maybe, just maybe, you will change your mind at the last minute and come.

a. Don’t worry about the money. Did you worry about the money when you spent money on some damn foolish thing?

b. Don’t worry about your family. They should be there when you get back unless you want to bring them (someone at the Ramada last week told me we had 60 nights taken. Total B.S. Turns out it was 30-35. I need 60 to break even. I know, yes, you most likely don’t care about that.

c. Don’t worry about how to get here. Worrying is bad for your health. I had to learn to stop that too.

d. In the end, just have a GREAT time. It is being videoed so you can relive it at a later time.

Do something!!!!! Anyone can say NO. That’s easy.

Get in for $125.00. Skip Friday and Sunday. See and hear the lectures on Saturday. There, see? I just opened up 2 more days for you, you get one day of FUN CHESS, HILARIOUS CHESS with Simon, at a big discount. Only need one night’s stay at the Ramada.

Just went from IMPOSSIBLE to, HOLY COW WOW!







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