As you have seen, probably, the Chess Butler (Bob Long) has bombarded everyone senseless in attempts to give people a chance to make it to the Simon Williams presentation at the Fifth Chess Festival.

Now There May Be One More Reason to Come!

I was just asked if I would like to have coverage in an upcoming issue of American Chess Magazine of the Simon Williams’ event. OF COURSE, even though it will be too late to do us any immediate good except through this Blog and my own mailings. They asked for the background story (which is, I wanted someone big and entertaining), photos of the simul, which Kevin Schafer will provide, and some game scores of the simul (some folks like games).

Of course I can’t guarantee anything except it will cost you $220 to register for the event and the simul, there is always that chance you might show up in a near future issue of ACM. As my late friend Carol would say, “It could happen!”

Her other famous saying (with me) was, “You never know!”

And one other comment she made when she was describing the boxes we were selling for our Grand Turk chess set, “Sheer elegance.” I miss her. No slight intended to my friend Peggy who came up with a valuable source for the Saturday afternoon pastries (Aug. 19th) in the middle of one of Simon’s lectures. Of course the sponsor for such, Ken MacDonald is being thanked too–got to love those Canadians!

One Last T.h.i.n.g!

I just opened up the package of issue #3 of American Chess Magazine and it’s a Big Winner! Foisor (Sabina) has a great story on her win of the US Women’s Championship. I really liked Joel Benjamin’s commentary on how “cheating” still persists in important US chess events. I’m on his side about penalties (the big Red A, for example). Ivanchuk is back with more Shakespear, Inarkiev concludes the Carlsen-Karjaken match. Steve Doyle and his reaching out to Fine and Reshevsky was a special moment. Until then, Fine had felt ignored. All in all, maybe the best of the three! I am sending out some copies today, Don’t put it off: $36.60 for priority mail in the US except to California which is a little more: $41.45 and sent via priority mail. I’m short on time, but there are a lot of other worthy stories in issue #3 but the one I want to highlight is John Hilbert’s take on two American Chess Magazines which were in contention with each other for names, popularity, history, and readership. Fabulous! Don’t put it off or the last minute registrations for the Simon Williams’ event. You’ll have a couple days of chess heaven, for each! Welcome everyone! (It’s only money and we know you can’t take it with you!)

Bob Long

Editor in Chef (I am going out for a gyro, chief story in the next Chess Gazette!)



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