SIMON, in one of his works said that in his opinion, tactics beats everything else in chess. While at the stratospheric level the BIG GMs might disagree they would immediately agree that tactics are hidden in almost all calculations, especially strategical ones. True. So you have to play to block out tactics, if you don’t then it is like the theme from DRAGNET. The boom gets lowered.

A couple weeks ago Simon sent me some details of what he wanted to cover in his attack and tactics lectures. Here they are for review. Subject to possible changes:

1) Typical sacrifices to crush the Sicilian (shows some games with typical sacs ending in mate). Often these attacks are reminiscent of attacks in some other openings too.

2) The Sicilian fights back! (now it’s Blacks time!) Equal time and equal effects.

3) The lazy way to become an attacking Grandmaster. (Going to show simple patterns of attack. An opening that leads into a middlegame attack). Simple patterns, who can’t use that?

4) Jumping into your opponents mind. (Showing examples of how important it is to think about your opponent’s ideas). Getting into a customer’s mind is important, so it is when it comes to chess.

5) The most shocking attacks of all time! This is a Williams original!

6) How to calculate better. Who, on this planet, could not use this?

Over the years I have met and known those who played good defensive chess, chess where it was hard to beat them. When they came up against a John Lutes or some other amazing tactician, you would spell their quick demise as KRUNCH. No, it wasn’t an obvious blunder (or mistake) it was the Grim Reaper coming for them. This has to make players nervous when they played Tal, or Simon Williams. You will get to see this on August 19th and the 20th.


I was just told that 30 rooms have been reserved at the Ramada Inn in Bettendorf, Iowa. That’s cool and Leigh said they were responsible for around 60 nights! That could really help us afford the exhibition hall which was pegged at $750.00. That’s why not too many people will try something like a SIMON WILLIAMS CHESS EVENT. There are so many things to think of and fortunately God has my back because a lot of things are in the 4 page brochure I am mailing out this week, including a stamped envelope for returning the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement, even if you had already sent one to me). Put the rest of the mailing in YOUR wallet!

Included are phone numbers, reminders, shuttle information from the airport (please let Lynn Hunt know as soon as you know).


This is going to be an extravagant and wonderful event. Info on the SWAP MEET has also been included, i.e., more details. Someone asked how am I going to handle “straight swaps” such as book for book. I don’t know EXACTLY, but I suggest everyone have a sticky note inside (or on) their item of what they believe the value of the item is. Then we both have something of value. One of you pays me the 10% and the other pays me 10%, you exchange items and the deal is done. The two sticky notes have to be close to the same amount or I judge the sale item on the higher value, 10% for each. So let’s be friends, no scamming. Let’s be legitimate.


That’s what we are all after. The current ticket price is $200 and still $20 for the simul rate while seats last!

Any other questions info@chessbutler.com

Your buddy Bob and his 3 year old sidekick Jack.

PS: If you play Simon in the simul and you get beaten, instead of being “waxed” we will say you’ve been “Simonized.” GROAN. Choose a brand new, book prize from QUALITY CHESS. CLASS, all the way.


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