It looks good. They’ve been ordered. You know they are counting on us to pick up the shirts as I have already received the bill! The shirts will be ready next week.


I discovered something cool this evening. I found, in an old Chess Life newspaper, a plaque commemorating Paul Morphy made for the Log Cabin Chess Club. I’ll have more info in issue #10 of the MORPHY TIMES & GAMES magazine. The next issue will be out after the CHESS FESTIVAL is over.




2 thoughts on “THE PROOF

  1. Wow, if the proportions in the picture are correct, you must have ordered these shirts from the “big & tall” shop!?!?!?

    • The women like them as “Night shirts.” They are the same size as the Bobby Fischer shirts Steve. But I wear mine outside my jeans. They tuck in nicely. You’ll look like George Reeves in it (Clark Kent).

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