THE 40TH registration for the Simon Williams Chess Festival came in yesterday! Thanks Sam.

I had this feeling, with some thinking this may be our biggest event yet.

Not true.

That happened in 2002. Tickets were about $75-100 instead of the current $150. We also had several celebrities instead of just one (in this case, Simon Williams). In the former we had GM Jonathan Rowson. IM Malcolm Pein. IM John Donaldson. And, Professor Raymond Smullyan who recently passed away at 97! He was 82 or 83 at our Chess Festival 3.

Back then we arranged for air travel for everyone (including 2 from England), a place to stay (including Sunday evening) and their fee for speaking. On top of this it cost a pretty penny for use of the facility. It still does though Jumers’ was $3,000 and the Ramada Inn is $750.00.

Jumer’s has now been reduced to rubble. The owner was unwilling to keep the property up. I had never known any German-American to be that tight! They did very well because there were so many expensive weddings there! Not chess events. It was also famous for its food and chef.

We never had the funds to hire a planner. That’s how I “learned” to do this and am planning on writing a book about running affairs such as this. So if you have ever thought of being publicized in any good way, you might consider registering for this event and maybe we could make it past the 55 we had in 2002. We are now at 40 and I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a small increase in numbers by July 15th because on that day the price goes to $200 because for anything less, there is no time. So far I haven’t taken a cent from all of this for the work I have been doing and I still have to order 40 sets and boards for this gala affair. And of course, unlucky me, they want to be paid for these. The simul event has seating for 40 and if you can stay for it I encourage you. It’s only $20 and for another $20 you can keep the set and board that you played on.

Two days ago we set up terms to have the lectures videotaped so that Simon can have them edited (post production) in England (but shot here naturally). On the recent table we published of attendees, whether or not they wanted a t-shirt (please, if you haven’t already) send payment so we can include you and your shirt size when we place our order. We have met the minimum to have printed. Thank you. $24.95 for Large. $27.95 for XL and $31.95 for bigger. The NDA column stands for “Non Disclosure Agreement” which means you won’t blab to other organizers about how we set something like this (there are many details which I do not publish on this Blog). It also means you have agreed that we may use your face on materials we use to write about this event and even publish in a possible book. I will be sending more copies of this event NDA even though they were already included in one of our Chess Gazettes. info@chessbutler.com

I have no idea what the DVDs will cost if you want a set (whatever that consists of).

If you have to have a ride from and to the MLI Airport (Moline International) you have to call Lynn Hunt to arrange that. If you don’t have her number from the several times I have posted it, contact me : info@chessbutler.com

You can reach Lynn at 309-736-6823 with your arrival and departure times as well as your flight number and the airlines. Please, don’t wait until the last minute. I’ll see if I can find another number for her just in case. You can also email her at: lhunt@visitquadcities.com

If you need the phone number for the number of nights you will be staying at the Ramada Inn, it is 563-355-7575. They are holding rooms for us through July 15th. After that they take the “block” off the remaining rooms and you will have to fend for yourself.

That won’t be as much “fun” as you might think and for which I know from personal experience. I went to all this trouble for you. If I make any money from this event of chess and hilarity it will be from the Simon products we sell as well as new stuff. If you are interested in some sort of “sponsorship” of this event, please contact Bob (that’s me in the picture at the head of this article): info@chessbutler.com Of course your generosity will be touted and noted such as Ken MacDonald providing some food for everyone on Saturday afternoon.

P.S. Just the other day I got a big box of Simon DVDs at VERY VERY favorable pricing. I’ll put that in a soon to be coming press release.

Don’t forget, every paid registrant will get a free Simon Williams Playbook from yours truly. 48 annotated games. And you’ll also get a $20 gift certificate to be used at the event. You might want to keep a copy of this info in your wallet or some other safe place.

Theoretically this Blog will be posted to my Thinkers’ Press Facebook account. All of these social media places are brief on how to do anything. They are betting that I am willing to spend unlimited time to publicize this… I am not.


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