GM SIMON WILLIAMS is a wild one is he not? He’s “on” most of the time and it’s a good thing he is 37 or 38 because he’s busy. I was going to say I used to be insanely busy like that but I stopped for a few seconds and reflected and realized, “I pretty much still am!”

But nowadays I believe in the power of a NAP, that thing where one goes horizontal for an amount determined by you. For me it is anywhere from 20 min. to an hour. When I get up, the ideas come to life and I feel great all over again. It works.

To enliven you I picked out a Simon Williams YouTube video–he has several hundred of them. On this one he is determined to beat whoever he plays but he gets annoyed when he keeps getting a “coaching call” from Magnus Carlsen! Hilarious.

Tune in for some fun.

That’s it for now. If you want to sign up for the event (chess festival) this year drop a line to: because we are hosting the “Maniac from England,” Simon Williams, August 18-20.

Bob & Jack


2 thoughts on “DO YOU BELIEVE IN A SIMON “NAP”

  1. All I have to say is that Simon’s videos on YouTube are awesome! And if, after watching this one, if you are still on the fence of whether to attend or not, what the heck else do you have planned for that weekend!?!?!?

  2. Well put Steve. We just signed a contract today to video the lectures which will happen on Saturday. Don’t know when a multi-set DVDs will be completed. The Chess Butler and Simon are doing their part we are hoping you’ll come to the chess party.

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