Important NOTE!

Twice per month the Chess Butler releases an edition: the beginning of the month, called “A” and the middle of the month called “B”. I’m too late for 224B (I was finishing up the Simon Williams Playbook). Now the beginning of July is coming and so I have lumped these two together and instead of A and B, we will have SE.

Since the issues are FREE there is no harm nor foul. There will be several Special Features for the Special Edition.

1. A layout of those who have signed up (PAID) for the Chess Festival. You can make sure I have you (if you paid) as attending. If there is a problem, write to:

2. If you signed up for the Sunday Simul and the evening Q&A. You can’t believe all the last minute expenses. That’s why I am writing a book about event planning.

3. Remind you of the SWAP MEET. Bring some things for sale if you want to.

4. Get your hand raised for a T-shirt and send your payment in advance and the size you need. Simon gets his for FREE naturally and told me what size he prefers. This is absolute because once the order goes to the digital silk screener, that’s FINAL. Procrastinators are advised to act now (see special edition). George Lundy ordered (3) shirts, for example, and has already sent payment (thank you George!) At one event someone took a shirt that was meant for me! Had they told me in advance they wanted one? Answer: What do you think?

5. Get the NDA to me (non-disclosure agreement). We will be doing video filming at this event and we need this to cover your ass (CYA). That’s why it is helpful to know people when they sign up. Years ago two people came to a festival, and I knew neither of them, MY whacko antenna went up because they didn’t seem to be having a good time (this was 2002). We weren’t filming then, but I had an uneasy feeling. They never said whether they liked what was happening, never came up to me, and so on. Never heard from them again, there are “strange ducks” out there.

6. I am trying to avoid last minute H.S. Everything is two months away and “unplanned” stuff still raises its ugly head! And I am already busy! I promote all these things in advance because I won’t have time to do it at the last minute.

7. There will be a section of the SE “Chess Gazette” just for RT (retail therapy!) I got this idea from my friend Susan. Right after issue #223 I got a box of books from Chess Evolution. One title I am already out of; and I ordered more of them than the others. I will be getting more. Details will be in #224 SE. And, there was more. More restocks and books from NIC such as Bologan’s book on the King’s Indian. (I’ll tell you why this is important in CG#224 SE.) Plus the NIC Magazine which is getting better and better. Plus info on the postage crisis from the US PO. What a pain in the patoot. Then came a bunch of books from Chess Stars, including a new one.

Have you ever needed to “let off steam” to refresh yourself? Be ready for the next crisis? Well, if you haven’t (some call it a vacation) you haven’t “lived” or in this case, you haven’t “died.” Sometimes you have to upset the applecart. I went with a lady friend to see “Wonder Woman.” I wanted to see this Israeli babe, and my friend, she was on vacation and she knew that despite her occasional protestations, I tended to pick good movies. Me? I was stressed from all this. It was a “Wonderful” film and full of female “estrogen” for a change instead of the overamped male “testosterone.” Great film, well done, and, she liked it (not me, it). We sat in a coffee shop and discussed stuff for several hours. Insane. Got it out of my system. Great production and of course that is what we are hoping to do with Chess Festival V. The fastest way to get the last minute people to register is to threaten to jack the price up but I won’t do that again. However, I had related that in 2011 an event I attended said they would raise the ticket price $1000 to latecomers! Guess what, they had 50 more sales! The place was crowded. $50,000 extra to people who didn’t care. I raised the price $50 to those who missed the March 15 deadline and one guy whined about that all the way from Schenectady!  I had to stand my ground. It was none of you.

So when will this Special ED be available? Not sure, possibly before June 24. I might even have an IDEA generator. This could be funny. I am still taking orders for FREE subscriptions to The Chess Gazette before I institute a subscription system. After the Festival when everyone has already had a good time and might think that what we do here for you is worth the money.

Oh, one last thing–a big one. MONEY. Kind of ballsy don’t you think? Well, not really. We intend to have some goodies for sale and possibly at a 10-20% discount (a couple of items I can’t promise about but we will see what happens). I hope to have books and DVDs by Simon Williams. But the time of the year when suppliers may be off to other tournaments or on vacation is coming up so I can’t afford to fool around. Bring do-re-me. It seems like we are never on vacation but Susan is hoping we can make it to some old time rock and roll concerts coming up. We’ll see. Having some extra money with you is helpful in one important way so I will tell you a story: I’m running my games shop (The Thinkers’ Emporium) and this couple come in who look like they are still on vacation. Flowered shirts, gold chain around his neck, wife dressed like a shopping queen. They each have a boxed game in hand and he comes to my register. “Which game is perfect for us?” he intones. He knows that I feel like he has money and I am probably wondering what the fight is all about. I look at him as if to say, “Really?” He quickly replies back, “Get both of them?” I said, “And you are also a mind reader? !” He laughed, whipped out his wallet and got both.

So… don’t fight over, “should I get the $20 item or the $25 item” when you can get both. The chances are likely that when you get home the one you start with first will be the one that captures your fancy THAT day!

Now that you have read this, I will hope, faithfully, that you will do what you’ve gotta do to keep your strength up for today! AND…take action.

P.S. I requested stories, quirks, photos or unusual chess stuff a little while back and several people replied. I was thinking, “If people are tired of reading about me THEY could send me some articles or stories. Deep down inside I suspect most people don’t want to do anything they aren’t forced to do. Then again some are disappointed they didn’t become rich, didn’t have more talent, etc. All it takes is a little LEANING FORWARD. The actor Charles Bronson started as a coal miner but he also had the talent for drawing. He ended up as a gunner on a strato-fortress fortress. He met some actors on a beach and thought to himself, “I can do that!” He eventually won a Golden Globe as the most popular actor in the world. He came from poverty just like Elvis Presley. He just wasn’t satisfied with his life. How about it? Send me a story. If it is good I will publish it just like I am going to publish Steve’s in CHESS GAZETTE special edition to show you how it is done. It will be in the book too. If you would like a subscription to THE CHESS GAZETTE, for free, just write me.


Bob & Jack (he’s now officially 3 and stronger than ULTRON)


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