On June 5 I wrote about making a book (or something) of interesting things which have happened in your chess life. I received several and that is great. But what about the rest of you? Years ago I tried cash prizes to help in QUIZ contests. Flaccid, you know what that means? What a few told me was they were to lazy to do any research. If the prizes had been huge then the excuse would be, “Someone else would win them.” That’s why I like the enthusiasm of kids.

It was knowledge based. In other words it required having some kind of memory and a little ambition. We are weak in America when it comes to ambition. Immigrants have more ambition than most of us. They have to survive. Some of them bring diseases with them and criminal backgrounds. I am not talking about them.

I know people read this Blog. For me it is a forum to get some quick stuff out there that might tickle your brain.


HERE’S AN EXAMPLE. Somebody invents something and some how, some way they become successful and make enough money to start a business, take a vacation, buy a Bentley. You know what I mean. Then the woodwork cowboys come out and tell their friends or family, “I could’ve done that.” But you and I know that’s bogus, they didn’t.

What really rankles is when someone with 5% ambition rips off someone else with a similar idea. Sometimes they are ruthless to protect their “new” idea. Seems to happen every day.

I described some of the feeling of what it is like to beat a Master level player, now a Senior Master. Then enduring the unending postmortems to prove they shouldn’t have lost! My friend Andy Rea wrote in to tell about some of his own experiences. Quite memorable and I hope we can use what he wrote. But I didn’t include the story of what happened after I beat that master. I played a high rated (I think) chess expert I had lost to the year before. This time I played him like a violin so I was definitely on cloud NINE.

I had a difficult time explaining my feelings to my passenger Marv. I had played Marv once some years earlier and he beat me like I was a rented mule. But Marv and I did’t share any good stories during the weekend. Marv was too busy with some hooker in some other motel room while his wife was at home by herself probably thinking her husband was playing chess. Or maybe not, maybe she knew about this from before and here I was so excited I wanted to let my wife know I was faithful as well as in the process of beating up on good chess players. So even though it was an achievement the bloom went off the rose pretty quickly.

There are lots of interesting stories, events, and photographs out there and I think it would be nice to share some of them. Are you willing?

I learned a long time ago that if I am not willing to make a spectacle of myself, few others will. Was it bravery, bravado, or what? It was my reaction to how GM Daniel Naroditsky felt about his win in the World Youth Championship.

Some people go straight down (6 ft) when their life is over, looking like nothing significant ever happened and yet was most likely is that there were significant things, maybe even great things, they just never told anybody. Yet when it comes to Washington D.C. the reporters feel so starved for news that they will report the lamest of things.

Go ahead, send your story, etc. and let’s see what happens. The chess publications in the late 1800s had some of the most interesting stories. But, to be honest, I must be missing these same kinds of stories if they are in Chess Life.

Give me some feedback gents (and ladies).

Not a nothing Saturday, I almost have the second half of the Simon Williams book done, I just took a break I needed.

Bob Long



  1. I suppose I should write you some thing about my CHESS WITH JUDE ACERS and other chess adventures such as trying to have a chess tournament held in every county seat in the state of Washington.


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