If by now you are getting tired of reading about the chess festival in August with GM Simon Williams I have something different for you. Completely different, you CAN participate.

Everybody, at one time or another reminiscences. I certainly have, hence the picture above. It shows the legs of a woman, on a bench, in a park, with one of those 3D chess sets at a park. It reminded me of a time in Iowa City, where I was in school, and we went to a park for a picnic. Mercedes and I put a chess set on a board on the grass. She thought over every move (I’ll have to try that some time). I was impatient. I lost. It was the only time we ever played chess but she was totally supportive.

The night before graduation from college my friend Ray asked her if she would play him a game. Ray and I played in the college dorm for 2 years. I never lost to Ray (get ready for this). That Friday night after supper Mercy creamed Ray (after he had just beaten me for the first time, ever. He was depressed. He became a prison guard at the Iowa State Penitentiary.

What a memory.


“Tell” me about, or better yet, send me reminiscences of, or nostalgia of something chessy and meaningful to your life. If you have a story, include that! I know that will require effort on your part but it will be fun too. Don’t feel neglected before you take the dirt nap. Really.

I want to put something memorable together for those who have been a part of my life either now or over the years. At this moment I have no idea what form it will take. That’s a good thing. I may put this “art” together myself (probably in book form) or have someone else do it. There just has to be a chess theme.

Are you willing? Are you energetic enough to think about this? Are you willing to let your ego out of the bag? What got me thinking about this was chess pieces, or a set, or an article in the newspaper, or a photo of Fischer, whatever. Have you got the cojones to do this (here’s your chance)? I don’t yet know the form but if it should be a book, some of the pictures or copy may be on the inside or on the cover (whatever). I will run stories throughout the item.

It just has to be memorable to you! Pretty easy requirement, yes?

I know a few who I can expect to do this. Well, I would like something from those I wouldn’t ordinarily expect to do this (and there must be hundreds of you (or more)). Color, black and white. I have no idea how this will turn out but if you are involved in chess you must have SOME imagination. Might be nice to hear from someone I haven’t heard from in ages.

I won’t beg you to help out. This is volunteer work at its best.

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that your submission will be used. No copyrighted material please.


This could be great fun. It’s not the type of thing Chess Life would think of. There is no time limit for submission. My warning is pretty simple. It will stand its chance of being used when I am ready to do it. My motto: do it early! Don’t send 3D objects. I want to be surprised by what you come up with and what is worth reminiscing to you. All in good chess fun.

One final thing, I think, it could be a story. Chess Review published some great stories in the old days. Perhaps write your own. Fred Wren was one of their more interesting writers.

Let your imagination flip out. Susan says I am guilty of run on sentences. While I already knew that, try to avoid that so I know where you start and where you end. She said I am perseverant (look it up). I think of it as a marketing tool.

Send in an envelope marked “chess stuff.” Don’t be a lazy shit and email me something. Email became the end of civility in most cases and the first mark of laziness personified (I am supremely guilty of this). Get an envelope, buy a stamp, and may part of this project be your project.

Case closed for now.

Bob & my 2 year old (almost 3) great grandson Jack (he’s a tough little guy, don’t make me send him after you). Knowing Jack he will run to your house!



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