Yesterday I got a resupply of American Chess Magazine #2! I have a list of those who wanted it but for whom I have yet to ship and charge for it. So I am cross referencing.

In other words have you gotten your ACM #2 yet? If not, please contact Bob, use my email address: info@chessbutler.com

What you see above is the cover of the second issue. The retail is $29.95. To ship it to you costs another $7 because it is illegal to send it as Media Mail, so it will have to go to you as Priority Mail. That is $6.65 + .35 for the mailer. And you will get it fast because that is the same as First Class.



There was a Holiday last weekend called Memorial Day and for a change, I was slammed with orders and still have a few more to send out! Quite a few responded including some I hadn’t heard from in ages. It proves I haven’t given up and neither have those who responded. Thanks for remembering ME on Memorial Day even though I only spent 10 years in the Army, as a Civilian Mathematician for DOD.

Have been working on the next issue of The Chess Gazette, #224 for the middle of June. You can get your issue FREE in the form of a PDF (Portable Document Format) just by asking for it. You must have your name and an email address. Seriously, it’s got a lot of cool chess stuff in each issue. When it comes to your email box all you need to do is double click on it and read. Some people do this on their Smart Phone. I don’t have a Smart Phone but I know others read it on their Smart Phone. Me? I read it on my computer.


after the middle of August I will be charging for it again. The MAIN reason? To produce it takes huge amounts of time. If I take that time and use it to create a website we’ll all be better off. Right? When I look at the House of Staunton Catalog (I got one the other day) I get depressed. All fluff and NO valuable information. Nice photography but who paid for it? Pretty sure you did if you are a member of the US Chess Federation. The description of their books are flat. Title, author and price. Flimsy city. If you want to truly find out what is IN these books (one review per month in the national magazine is not enough) you need The Chess Gazette. It has the data, the stars, the reasons, and the answers. So, sign up NOW. Then when we start charging for what used to be free you can decide if it is worth it to you. As for me, my writing is backed by 40 years of the “little details.”



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