The Simon Williams SHOCK & AWE Playbook

Making lots of progress on the FREE books you will get when you register for the Chess Festival this Aug 18-20 in Bettendorf IA at the Ramada Inn. (563-355-7575).

Although I (Bob Long) am annotating this book, it still takes a lot of time. Already most of this week and some of last. And I am only 25% done. It will have about 40 games, all wins and patterns and thoughts I have gleaned from his games while working on this small epistle similar in scope to the Chess Gangs of New York and London (go to However there is a lot more detail, observance of Simon’s funny foibles, and it will cost you $39.95 otherwise. I pay for the printing, the artwork (that which you see above by my son Rob), the PR, and use it as a promo piece to get you to come. Because things I do these days are in limited editions, I have to raise the price to cover all the expenses.

The book is a little bit of a chess romp and that makes it fun to put together. Something anyone can try, but most won’t because it is expensive, time consuming, and uncertain when it comes to sales. However, it has worked for me.

Even grandmasters (especially) use chess engines to annotate their books and check for analytical errors and typos. While I am not a GM (no time in my past life to work that hard), I take the work seriously and have been known to actually use my head to analyze, predict, sum up and open new portals to Simon’s raucous thinking!

If you are an autograph hound I strongly suspect if you show at our Simon event, he will autograph your copy for you (just one!–if your friends don’t make it here, that’s on them).

Two more have signed up for the Chess Festival. Makes it 32 now I think.  Father & Son! Perfect. We should have more of that. I’ve been to a lot of chess tournaments as a player and vendor and I know one thing that is pretty much for certain: most foreign fathers who come to an event with their son are cheap (as in “cheap bastards”, and it sometimes rubs off on their progeny. No sales for me! Way too bad for my business. Books are good. Learn faster, avoid major screw ups. I’ve checked my sales slips, I do not make this up.

But the thing that makes me nuts is the father’s unwillingness to play in the same event as their kid. They don’t have the time (what are they doing there?), came to watch their child, etc. Their kid will probably beat their ass. Foreign fathers (and some domestic ones) can get very uptight about that. I didn’t go out of my way to lose to my son Nate, but when I finally did (he beat me first!) I was proud of him. That’s the way it should be. I got him the next time around. I think it brought us closer.

I believe in the Father & Son thing. This August Nate has volunteered to help me! Fantastic. Come and meet the son who gave up chess to join the Army, learn Korean (he said their current “leader” is nuts), got his degree in electronics and raise a family. He’s always busy but he volunteered! I never asked. He even has the patience to explain chess to his own son, Alex (soon to be 13). Try it, you’ll like it. I should be starting a specific Chess Club for sons and grandsons. Maybe you will have them join. I’ll even try to make it easy on you (LOL).

NOTE: The stroke I had which crunched my car and damaged the left side of my brain kind of retired me from analytical chess, for a while. But, there has been good news too. I keep working my brain, see more than I did a month ago, and a lot of that is due to repeated use, hour after hour on this book. It’s improved my avoidance of blind-sightedness and working my peripheral vision. And, it is partly due to CHESSBASE! Never thought I would say that! But it’s true. Some rewiring going on there. Memory is improving by taking TWO Gingko Biloba capsules per day instead of one–available at Health Food Stores.

$150 to register for the Simon Event this August, and $20 to sign up for the Simultaneous Exhibition. We hope you will stay, on site, at the Ramada Inn. They have a special rate for us, but after July 15, that all goes away. Just ask for the Chess Rate. I think it’s $79.95 per day (563-355-7575) These days that is hard to believe unless you are in a dump (I stayed in a few in my early years).

ONE MORE NOTE: We also have T-shirts and all the pricing is in the most recent issues of our CHESS GAZETTE which is FREE for a little while. And if you come to the Chess Festival we will extend the free subscription as well as give you a $20 gift certificate. If a Father & Son registers, they each get a $20 gift certificate.

Am trying to emphasize the CONCEPT of F-U-N. If you’ve lost that FUN feeling, we can help you get it back. And we’ll have some Simon Williams chess books he has written, on openings AND Attack. Don’t be SQUARE, be there.

BEFORE I FORGET: All books, chess sets, that kind of thing are 20% off if you register. Includes the GRAND TURK. Does not include the set and boards at the Simul that you will take home with you (for $20). We still need an accurate count of how many of you will be playing Simon. Life is GRAND.


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