Yesterday I sent 23 Questions and/or ideas to GM Simon Williams for possible discussion at the SIX lectures on August 19th at the Fifth Chess Festival.

The Grandmaster got back to me right away about collating them into a number of presentations for those who come to the Chess Festival for which he is the CHESS STAR. And boy will it GLOW. And you will want to be there.

Yesterday we signed up #31, Jason from Minnesota. Still room for more.

After looking at some of Simon’s miniatures (mostly) I selected 40-45 over a period of 6-7 days. A bunch with the dark pieces, and the rest, with the light. You’ve got to see these abrupt games!

Oh sure there are PATTERN games and no reason you can’t learn from those. There are g-pawn pushes to beat the band (as well as Harry, the h-pawn). Then there are those TRAIN wrecks where all of a sudden something happens and you are afraid to BLINK for fear of missing it.

Then there are some… well not FUNNY things but HILARIOUS things. The last game for example.

I will be doing clean up in the next couple weeks, further annotations, and comments and then you can pick up your FORTY dollar copy for FREE in Bettendorf.

What is that green MACHINE at the top of my screen?

That’s SSW, or, Simon’s Secret Weapon. When properly hooked up, and “aimed” under the table at his opponent it emits a high pitched sound others can’t hear. Sort of like those dog whistles. So far FIDE either doesn’t know about it or doesn’t really care; they are too busy trying to get chess into the Olympics (bad idea) and passing anti-doping measures (won’t happen, they are the biggest dopes in the channel!)

In addition the machine emits a mild form of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and may cause Simon’s opponents to actually believe they know what they are doing and smiling too much!

When you see some of these games you will think that Simon’s opponents have gone off their rocker (but, they are real games). And he has allowed me a license for reselling it. Now I know it won’t be an easy sell because, it costs money. Chess people are usually against spending any. But as a friend once reminded me, IT COULD HAPPEN! Price is $597 and it will ship in 4-6 weeks after the Festival event is over. PayPal only, so you know it is guaranteed!

The instructions are in addition to the FREE Simon Williams Playbook which will be given to every paid registrant of the August 18-20 Chess Festival to be held in Bettendorf, Iowa. Build your own from the DIY plans included. The slight problem is that you need power and an APP and that’s why Simon sits at the table on the stage in front of his rabid fans. However, maybe you can use the battery power from your iPhone (Samsung phones won’t work with this schematic. But, we have already heard from a reliable source in S. Korea that Samsung is already working on “COPYING” it!)


Hard to describe but the opponents acts as if they are in a coma but their eyes are open. Some of their moves may appear erratic such as NOT castling when they should. Or, moving their Queen early in the opening, and often. Once I saw a contestant try to castle K-side and then Q-side.

Check out the LAST game in the book for a perfect example of WONKY chess play against Simon. Finally, in order to put him away Simon had to give it a little extra juice using a 9 Volt battery found at any Walgreens.


Send $150 to register. Add $20 if you want to play in Simon’s Simul on Sunday. To get a room call (563) 355-7575. Jerry or one of his assistants will help you. Ask for the Chess Festival rate. If you are interested in a special commemorative t-shirt send for our brochure right away. L, XL, XXL, 3-5XL. Payment must be in advance.
Where to send the money? The Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803. If you drop an email to: the other particulars will be sent right away in the form of a PDF. A Chess Vacation with Grandmaster Simon Williams (all the way from Merry Olde England) is the way to have a chess vacation. His banter, play and demonstrations are as humorous as his machine! Join the crowd. Half the seats are already taken. DO NOT WAIT.


the Chess Butler







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