Yesterday I was sent an email, and the final sentence is what you see in the above headline.

The man didn’t like the possibility I would become a millionaire (maybe a billionaire) from hosting GM Simon Williams for 3 days in Bettendorf, Iowa at the Ramada Inn this August (18-20).

First off he wanted to know the percentage Simon was being paid after I sold the $150 tickets! Gall is not the right word for it. I told my sponsor about this and he said, “Type of guy who wouldn’t go see a movie because there was too much profit at the movie popcorn stand!” A howler if ever.

This guy would be TOTALLY unpleasant to be around. He then laid down the law and said he wasn’t coming. I broke down, got on my knees, and started sobbing. Imagine, people having a good time without him.

When an event of this proportion is put on the expenses and TIME is enormous. I can’t do two things at once. This dude doesn’t value TIME as being worth anything. Well I do. The sponsor said, “By the time the event comes around you will have invested a year’s time (off and on) in prepping this event.”

We had the thought that this guy might’ve been a student. My guess is that he was studying economics and would then try to go on and get a job working for the gummint!

At any rate if you want to find out what all the particulars are, drop me  aline at: info@chessbutler.com and in 2 days you will know.


In about a month, give or take a week or two, The Chess Butler will be carrying a new line of books. To my knowledge only one other outfit will have some of these books. But there may be some particular advantages in dealing with the Chess Butler. We will see. If you want to see a list of the titles, drop a line to me at: info@chessbutler.com –be sure to mention your name.


The other day I mentioned we received (we means JACK and ME) a half dozen copies of Simon Williams’ London System 2.Bf4. Four have already been spoken for! Doing the math that means two are left, even at the corrected retail of $36.00. Our price is $32.95 + plus $3 for S&H. We will get more but if you want it now, I am shipping. Turns out this is now the record holder for opening DVDs issued by ChessBase. See what being a good guy can accomplish? Now if I could only correct my miss-spelling bad habits.


Bob & Jack




  1. Hi Bob

    I have advertised the August Festival with Simon on my Twitter Account. I hope something comes of it.

    Regards, Andrew

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Billionaire Bob,

    Wow. What a character. I suppose he might have been worrying that Simon was also going to get short-shrifted as your riches piled up to match those of Croesus – but I doubt it.

    Reminds me of the time I pulled a couple EAP counseling sessions for work stress, and discovered they were with a “motivational psychologist” who suggested that I find my fortune where my passion was. Since there never was going to be even a slice of “fortune” in my career, I mentioned “chess” – and he was off and running on how I should change careers, “go into chess” and earn a ton of money…

    Ah, yep.

    Best wishes,

    Rick Kennedy

    p.s. To give credit where credit was due, the “doc” took a flier and suggested that my exhaustion might be due to sleep apnea, and, what do you know, I spent a “fortune” on a sleep study, and was thusly diagnosed. Blind pig, acorn, etc.


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