Just arrived by the postman this afternoon. I am literally swamped with chess stuff to do so I will tell you what Simon writes on the back of the ChessBase DVD.


“Why bother learning hundreds of complex variations and keeping up with the latest theory when you can play a simple yet deadly opening–the London System with 2. Bf4. In this DVD I take you through all the main ideas and setups that you need in order to gain a very exciting yet well founded opening game with the white pieces. The most important thing in my teaching is to keep things simple yet aggressive. This DVD concentrates on plans that will help you gain victory quickly.

“A perfect opening for the player with little time on his hands. Carlsen has started to play this opening regularly, now I share his secrets with you.”

7 hours of video runtime. It’s in English.

Interactive video feedback training.

Exclusive database with 50 model games.

Includes the CB12 reader in case you don’t own Chessbase.

NOTE THIS: His first chess book, the Classical Dutch, got voted in New in Chess (magazine) as one of the top 10 chess books of all time! We have in stock his the killer Dutch. Published in 2015. We have it for $23.95 + $3.95 for S&H. Sales tax only if you buy it in Iowa from me, or are an Iowa resident.

I would advise having the usual up-to-date PC, Windows Media Player 9 and an internet connection for program activation and the other stuff which is always printed on the back of the DVD box. It’s a $33 program which we sell for $29.95 + $3 for S&H. Six were delivered today.

If you like Simon’s ornery and smiling face you’ll be ready to play, rock and roll, drink a little beer and have some pizza like we will be doing at his upcoming Chess Festival right here in Bettendorf, IA.

Drop ole Bob a line at: for more information about the Simon Kim Williams Chess Festival August 18-20, 2017 in the U.S. of A. In Iowa! Where important chess events have been held since 1998, that’s almost 20 years!

If you have an email address I will send you a free copy of our Chess Gazette, which will have more info about Simon, chess books, and all kinds of other cool stuff coming up.


Bob & Jack

PS: We take credit cards such as Visa, MC, Discover and PayPal and checks (if they are not made of rubber.) You can call us with info at: 563-271-6657. We do everything to make it a pleasant experience, why not?


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