ChessBase just announced that their new DVD from GM Simon Williams, London System 2.Bf4 has broken all previous openings sales records . Must be in Europe or advance orders because my supplier will have my copies from Germany into the US, next week!

To make  sure, I have already PAID for the whole order.

I ordered more than what I used to do because I didn’t want to run out and thought I should have some for this Summer’s CHESS FESTIVAL (Aug. 18-20). I’ll probably still run out. Simon and I talked about it this last Tuesday (where did the time go?)

$35 was the suggested price I thought this might sell for in issue #220 of the Chess Gazette I just released. Well, I have even better news! We will be selling it for $29.95 + $3 for S&H in a nice DVD box, made just for mailings.

There’s More!

Of course there is, this is the Chess Butler talking to you. This DVD is 7 hours or more. It has new stuff. Simon is now recognized as THE expert on the LONDON. He interpolates Bf4 on the second move rather than on move 3 or later. This creates FASTER Skidmarks!

The eventual shape is that of a DIAMOND and for that reason I call this the Diamond Back as it resembles the aggressive and poisonous snake found out West in the US and in northern Mexico. It spells trouble.

But I garnered more than that for you! If you can make it to our Chess Festival this time you will be privy to what I call the CUTTING ROOM FLOOR. Stuff that wasn’t included on the DVD (after all it is filled at 7 hours) but is still good. I hope to include these on the Simon Williams booklet we will produce for the Event for those who are signed up! These booklets will be numbered by us (for which I have an automatic numbering system) and most likely signed by Simon (to authenticate). Thus, to get an original booklet, you have to be here or else someone is ripping us off and those who paid to come.

To the rip-off artists this may sound ludicrous but then they aren’t paying for the sponsoring of this event, which runs into the thousands. I know, we started with buying Simon’s air tickets just this morning through the generosity of a single sponsor.

Just got the word that our LONDON SYSTEM 2.Bf4 shipped to us today! Means we will have them by Tuesday or Wed, of next week.  $32.95. Mike Vuolo is coming and he offered to buy two pizzas for the Friday night get-together. If that is not enough I am picking up the tab for the next two. I remember in 2004 a few people ate ALL the pizzas!! Can you spell P-I-G-S ? So we are moving that to Friday this time.

Mike is also promoting us (the Purdy books) on Facebook. If any of you belong to chess groups on Facebook perhaps you might spread the word too. This is to be a MIGHTY FUN deal and it would be fun to not have to rely on the USCF because it is well known they won’t promote anyone else’s gig but it’s OK to send money to the US Chess Foundation and of course it is OK for us to get the USCF new members too!

In the meantime, if you want to get a FREE subscription to the Chess Gazette, you know where to write:

Right now we send out FREE subscriptions to over 80 people every two weeks. Two month ago it was about 30-40. We’re growing.


Bob & Jack


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