THE BIG DEAL this August is the Chess Festival.

I want to get inside your head and give you a hint to let your imagination glide to possibilities.

  1. Many have never played a grandmaster. When they (the GM) come up with a sockdolager move (like Al Horowitz used to write) it is something to behold. “How did I miss that move and how come he didn’t?” It’s like the voice of doom. All of a sudden you might see the rest of the combination. The price this August for that little trip down memory lane is just $20. We provide the board and set for the simul but we need to know how many to plan for. Plus we can sell the board and set to be autographed at the end. Make sure to count the pieces!
  2. I had never played in a simul against anybody. One year my friend  Newton Berry invited me to GermanFest in Milwaukee. They had a big tent and 30 boards set up. For some reason I thought “the odds are against them!” That’s what training in mathematics will do for you, give you a sense beyond yourself. I can’t find the scoresheets now but I did win the pewter German beer stein. I could hardly contain myself. My opponents were all masters or high rated experts. And even though they had that big circuit to make they were crushing people right and left and the chairs were full the whole weekend. When you finished your game the results would be posted outside the tent. You were so jazzed you wanted to give it another go. I think the fee was a buck or two.
  3. Did I beat anyone who was good? One in particular: Master Peter Webster. Pete loved the Blackmar Diemer. It was a wild affair but it taught me to play with calculated abandon! Pete was gracious even though he tried to be wily right to the end. Simon Williams is steeped in wiliness. I’ve watched videos on YouTube where he was on the brink of disaster and he turned it around. He will teach you the art of being careful. He spies possibilities you never thought of. Then, BOOOM!
  4. You will meet other chess friends too. Camaraderie is in the air. It’s not uncommon to be offered a suggestion by someone. I don’t recommend that potential trap. I saw a master once (at one of my Festivals) offer a “move” to a contestant only to be blown off the board by the grandmaster. Can you say CHAGRIN?
  5. Usually, when tournament conditions aren’t present, B.S. is in the air. But it’s not bad, no gas mask needed.
  6. The SWAP MEET should be a centerpiece for anyone who wants to unload something. A set, books, what ever as long as it’s chess. A small fee of 10% from the seller and 10% from the buyer will secure it for you. I’ll admit, I am dealing in some fundraising here. Is that OK? To put on something like this is more time consuming than you can know. In all the events I have ever run, not once did I ever get a chance to play the celebrity! Maybe I was afraid of being obliterated! Or maybe I was too busy taking care of things.
  7. There are people who are coming who have played against GMs and IMs, possibly for years. These are not gas bags but folks who get a kick out of chess. It will cost you $150 to register so I can pay all the hotel expenses and all the running around that has to be done between now and then. Set purchases, and more of etc., etc. I am sure we will have lots of laughs because everyone who has watched the YouTube videos of Simon Williams knows what a card he can be. I am sure he will be glad to sign your books and DVDs of his works. As a fatter of mact, I am ordering his new London Bf4 System DVD today. Why not be put on a waiting list?

Contact us: info@chessbutler.com –will know the price soon.

Am sure there is more to say but I have to get the shower in.

Later ladies and gentlemen.


Bob Long, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, Iowa 52803 563-271-6657



  1. Hi Bob. Is GM Williams’ DVD on the London a “ChessBase” DVD? If it is I’ll have to bow out because I use a Mac. Sorry. Steve

  2. It is a ChessBase DVD Steve. When Simon makes his own, they will run on most anything including Macs. He told me that he got tired of losing money to people who would steal his stuff and not pay for it. ChessBase, I’m sure they get ripped off too but they have the money to do something about it and choose not to. The way I solved the problem and you might consider it–I own a Mac Laptop and a PC. Great for research.

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