Reasons to come to our Chess Festival in August 18-20!

My son Rob and I have been to various conventions over the years. Rob liked horror movies (and was even in a couple), I liked typesetting and magic conventions.

Today I got a letter from a book friend in Texas, Geoff Goers. He wrote:

“Did I read that there is going to be a Simul? I would love to have my ass kicked by Simon! I’m also going to try to talk Jean into it. She feels insecure as she is not too much of a chess player although her interest is really high. I am doing this for fun and to meet you so I am not going to stress out.”

Geoff’s health has been iffy lately but after our talk on the phone he was already feeling better! He was scheduled to come to our 2015 Chess Festival but you know how I “sabotaged” that!

The point is, Geoff is helping me with another project which I can’t yet reveal. Geoff is also a professional musician as well as a rare antiquarian bookseller (no, not chess).

Myself I am a big Doc Savage fan and want to make one of their conventions in Arizona. A couple years ago they had Ron Ely who starred in the Doc Savage movie. It was a hoot and I am going to show you a clip from that event to show you what a Festival/Convention can be liked if people can just get themselves riled up! You know, make an effort! Besides myself we have another sponsor, so that makes the price to come a lot more affordable. Details in the brochure. Write to


In 2015 they had 100 people arrive from all over. We have 25 so far! Chess is better known than Doc Savage but to get 100 people out to our Chess Renaissance Festival will take getting people like you to show up. Will you? Geoff tells me that he and Jean will come from Texas. He likes what we do and says it is superior to the experience he was trying to have at the Dallas/Fort Worth Chess Club.

If you (i.e., YOU!) drop me a line I will send you a brochure with the details. Give me your name and email address and write to: and we will show you how to have a Rocking Good Time even here in Davenport, Iowa. And you should reserve your rooms early at the Ramada Inn in Bettendorf, Iowa: Event is 18-20 of August. The Doc convention was 3 days, ours will be 2.5.

Come on! Live a little too. We will also have a well known vendor there, the Chess Butler! Where service follows our 45+ year tradition!

Bob & Jack


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