The Chess Butler sold out of Issue #2 of THE AMERICAN CHESS MAGAZINE! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well…yesterday I discovered that the Post Office won’t let it be mailed via Media Mail. Take the MM price and add $5-6 to it, and it will go First Class. I don’t care if it goes “slow boat to China,” that’s too much.

New gal behind the counter, but, she appears to be correct. Even her being pretty doesn’t help. I will see if I can send it a different class, like 3rd. It appears that if it has advertising in it, that’s where the problem lies (for us)

I’ve already gotten some through the gated postal community, so I have to tap dance while I find out how to get these to buyers. If worse comes to worse, I will eat ANY profit. No wonder the PO is in debt. They screwed up by not getting in on the ground floor of email, and now they perpetuate their folly and now I compound it!

That’s Not All!

When I was in St. Louis a couple weeks ago I went out with a couple of friends to celebrate someone’s birthday. There was not a formal menu, so I ordered Red Snapper. something I hadn’t eaten until way back when I had some sense.

When I got the bill it was $40 + 2 root beers. It was over $50. GULP. I never asked the price because I was thinking of the old days when I cooked for my wife, it had slivered almonds and cocoanut on the Snapper. I cooked it at home. Well, that taught me a lesson until probably the NEXT time.


I WILL BE ORDERING more of ACM #2. The price will go to its original of $29.95 + $5 for S&H in the USA. It’s worth it. Not only will it have the Chess Butler’s full color ad in it, but the other 151 pages are pretty fantastic too. Others are saying it is better than #1, and it probably is. I sold out of 15 copies of #1 too including my copy. Many good articles in it. Comes out 4 times per year. Excellent, for the most part, in the photography department. Rapport beats Carlsen and so that was played up. There was an annotated rundown of Carlsen vs. Karjakin. The section on World Chess Championship history was good but no mention of Morphy even though other old-timers were included. Ya know, when a guy comes along such as Morphy, and he beats everyone available, I got news for ya, he’s the champion… it’s that simple. When Editor Larry Parr (Chess Life) stayed at my house one night he was arguing that Karpov was an illegitimate world chess champion (Fischer had bowed out). Larry really disliked commies (me too) but that was fantasy. He clammed up when I said in my dining room to him, “Larry, who else would you recommend?” He had NO answer.

I recommend AMERICAN CHESS MAGAZINE #2, but for you new guys who want one, the price is $34.95, postage paid. Sorry.

Bob and Tiger Jack




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