I’ve been checking the Ramada Inn’s  guests and nights. Good news. 22 nights or more have been established! We are hoping for  more aren’t we? Reduces the price of the hall.

Additional ideas have been percolating!! And some good ones. You will want to come, I mean it.

I hope to talk with GM Williams later this week to confirm additional plans, space, and topics.

The Simon Williams logo has been completed and will be put on t-shirts and most likely ball caps. The price of t-shirts is still $25 and we may add the size M (medium) to the mix.

Several have told me they want t-shirts. I need confirmations since I have about 3 listed as wanting t-shirts and I am sure it was much more. The shirts will be two-color (at least). And most likely come in sizes : M, L, XL, and XXL. Excellent cotton and wearable for years. If you pay in advance you will be sure of getting one.

If you would like a ball cap let me know. We need exact counts as there will be no surplus.

One last thing, we may do drinking mugs. I did this years ago when I was in the typesetting business and we had 72  of them! I don’t know the prices yet because the supplier I was to meet last week never showed. Hence, I will be seeking another supplier.

Tomorrow I will deliver a 2-page brochure to the local chess club. It will be reproduced in the next CHESS GAZETTE. If you want to subscribe to the Chess Gazette (for FREE) send me your name and email address before the next issue goes out.


Lately we have been selling books in Descriptive Notation. It’s also my understanding that American Chess Magazine #2 should be issued at the end of this month with a picture of Wesley So on the cover. This information was first told to me by Rusty Miller. Price will be $30 and I am hoping we can ship them postage paid for $25 in the USA. I will stock 10 of them so let me know right away. We sold 15 of the first issue. A few subscribed directly which didn’t help me at all. If I get them, you will at least know they exist!


This Chicago born master died recently. Apparently a friend did a book of him with the help of Yasser Seirawan and one other. 35 annotated games. But the price was a HEFTY $40, and so far I have no info on where to get my inventory for reselling. Tate, apparently was self-taught, the opening theory he “knew” was his own. He beat many GMs. Some customers are waiting for me to get supplies, others have already jumped the gun. Meaning more lost sales for us. One thing I learned years ago when Attorney Don Aldrich was still alive, loyalty is a fleeting thing. Getting something first was the goal even if one had to pay for air shipping from England or worse yet, didn’t even have the time to open the book when it came. I wish I had 100 such customers!


We recently ran out of the 1948 World Championship by Paul Keres. Saturday we got 8 more of them! In the next issue of the Chess Gazette I will show you the nice back cover of the book! The price is still $35.95 but I had to raise the shipping price to $7.95. It’s a relaxing book with 500 + pages. Very attractive.


I hated to raise the price but we are far from full. The biggest reason it costs to have Grandmasters is not so much their fee (that’s right, they don’t do this for free) but the cost of Air Travel from Europe and England is still counted as part of Europe. So, if you register now, it will set you back $150 plus $20 for the simul (a bargain compared to Karpov’s uninteresting performances at $100). Karpov is inhumanly slow! Simon Williams will dazzle you with banter and humor while twisting the tails on your wig.

At any rate some of the pressure is now off, before the final price increase to $200 for the stragglers.

More info in the month’s end CG.

Check in and check your opponent! The new list of players is now over 20 and I have a few more to add. If we get 40 I will have a drawing for a fabuloso GRAND TURK to be given away at the Festival. A $995 value. If you already have one, you will then have two!

Contact us at:

Bob & Jack



  1. Put me down for a ball cap and a t-shirt IF you can get a larger size I’m now unfortunately larger than xxl. I don’t expect that you can get only one larger size but a ball cap is great. I guess my head hasn’t grow as much as the rest of me…. Ira >

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