TOMORROW is March 15th SAVE $50


Save bucks if you sign up for the Aug. 18-20 Chess Renaissance Festival by tomorrow (MARCH 15). $120 will register you for the event AND the Simul. Only a $100? That gets you the night before Get Together, and the Saturday lectures. After March 15th everything goes up $50.00 (see SPECIAL exception down below).

Simon Williams

I’ve been in touch with GM Simon Williams and I offered him an idea to encourage more to come and hang around for Sunday evening (after the simul and supper) and he liked it! Of course we will have to clear it with the Ramada people too.

The hall where everything will be held is $700 (my cost). I have to get quite a few “sleeping rooms” sold to bring the price down enough that you are comfortable and we can make some coin.

One of the reasons I chose Simon is pretty simple actually. He makes everyone feel glad they came. I asked him what his preferred subject matter was and while he knows many openings and defenses very well, he said, ATTACK!


Our whole body gets into the swing of things and our blood pulses at the thought of putting a winning attack together. He’s got 5 lectures or so on how to do that and he has written several books on that subject.

How do you “know” when a justifiable ATTACK is in the works? He’ll show you. Can you even sensibly conduct an attack? After playing for years and reading about “attacking chess” could you still use more help? Of course if you don’t need any of this why aren’t you a Grandmaster?

Can you pull it off? Of course that is important too! EXECUTION. That is a big deal, the carpe diem point of seizing the day. All of us can attack (or wait for the blunder by our opponent, the chicken’s way out) when our opponent is Pee Wee Herman, but what if he is a stronger player? When  we beat the big bad boy that’s where the pleasure comes from.

Last Minute Questions???

Even though I am in St. Louis at the moment I can answer questions today and tomorrow. AND… because I am out of town and will be back in a couple days, I can move the deadline to March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. 

My Shamrock for You!

The latest Chess Gazette, #218B went out a few days ago. We enjoyed some sales (thanks). They will be filled when I get back. In the meantime there were pages of the mini-catalog that announced when certain books would be available and I am expecting some book packages when I get back. My buddy (coming to the Festival too!) Mike Vuolo has told me about a new book on Emory Tate. He even was kind enough to tell me where to get copies as he wants one too. So we will be checking into that. What a great guy.

And my Chess Authors Magazine sounds like it has a chance of happening as I got my first article the other day as well as a follow-up article. There are lots of nice people out there. The price is $49.95 for 4 issues, that is, quarterly. This one comes from Sweden! Something different! New in Chess is trying to do every possible article on every chess subject they can so that they are the only purveyor of chess literature on the planet. They won’t succeed! I am hoping to have more than one author in each issue too.

The Sunday Evening Soiree!

Simon and I want to give you a reason to stay for more than just Saturday. I do realize a few might have to take a bit of vacation time to pull all this off and so it will be made more fun than ever. You will have something to REMEMBER otherwise most vacation times end up being dull and unmemorable. As I said, I am in St. Louis and taking it easy, a totally novel idea for me. I brought a few DVDs. Peggy and I will do a little shopping, eating at good food places, meeting some nice people and just enjoy each other’s company without doing all kinds of stupid things that ruin a good relationship. Plus, we might even take in the St. Louis Zoo.

I want to be in good shape when I get back so that I can pack the menu with what the Festival will be all about as well as to go back to work on the Purdy book, Secrets of the Chessboard.

If you have some orders and you want to have your place saved in the queue, just drop a line at: — we may even stop in at the St. Louis Chess Club for some thoughts about 2018. As it is I have some ideas of things to put on the Menu of activities for this August. Won’t spill all the beans just yet.

Jack and his sister have moved into a bigger house with their Mom and Dad, but he is still my Blog buddy.

Write… would you?

Bob & Jack

Don’t forget our mini-catalog. Great items, best prices, and good deals on shipping too with more stuff arriving daily.

PPS: A long ago customer, James Amato has returned to the fold. We chatted on the phone and he remembers CHESSCO. He doesn’t have internet hookups, so we did make a special catalog up for him and he responded with $60+ in orders and for books in Descriptive Notation. He showed faith in us, we came through. If you want a copy of that catalog, send $5 and we’ll mail one to you.

Later gang.


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