Boy do I have some excitement for you when it comes to chess books, new and older!

I am then going to do the weird, a mini-vacation.

Whaaat? Bob Long is going to take a few days off?

Say it ain’t so Joe.

Well, it is so

Of course I dread coming back to 1,000 emails (like that is going to happen).

I am combining issue #218 of the Chess Gazette with that of a mini-catalog.

Since a long time ago people have liked our catalogs. Especially the FAT ones.

I talked with James Amato yesterday. James is from NY. I hadn’t heard from him in years. Back then he was a good customer (over 300 books he purchased from us). He said yesterday he LOVED our catalogs!! I can believe that. We sent out thousands of them. Had a RECEIVED rate of about 25% which is pretty high (by that I mean we eventually heard from 25% of those we sent out).

He has noted there are few chess dealers these days and he was wondering if we were still around.

We Are!

He also is a retired mail carrier (as was my late uncle Bob) and a RECORD collector and boy is he into records. We reminisced about the older chess players: Denker, Adams, Kashdan, Fine, and many, many others. Unfortunately there has not been one overarching book on those guys. I would write one except, who runs the store while I would be working on it? It would be fun. Denker’s book The Bobby Fischer I knew is probably the closest thing to it. Maybe Soltis will do one.

At any rate, the catalog is almost done, and though it will have few pictures (sorry, not enough time) I will put it together into a PDF format just like Chess Gazette subscribers are used to getting. I don’t (won’t) have the time to send them out one at a time before I leave for the mini-vacation. So, I will notify many of you by an auto-email that if you contact me, when I get back, I will send issue #218 to you and with a special message on how you can BENEFIT from my temporary absence! In other words, all those who automatically get my Chess Gazette will actually have to do SOMETHING to get issue #218. It’s an ACTIVITY plan. Otherwise if I lose contact with you, I have to work twice as hard to get you back! I am too old for that.

Just put into your subject line of your email, “I REALLY WANT ISSUE 218”–I hope that doesn’t put an undue strain on your typing!

There will be many new books mentioned in that issue. Also, there will be some personal Notes about what a single bachelor does in the kitchen when he isn’t working on chess, so he can survive. It’s quite tasty.

I’ve been told that chess book reviewer John Hartmann (Chess Life) will be reviewing Paul Keres’ book on the 1948 World Championship match which we’ve been selling. I also ran out of it! (Thank you.) But, my supplier has sent me 8 more and they should be here when I come back from St. Louis (my goal is to see Peggy, not the St. Louis Chess Club!! but… one never knows) I have been selling that fat 500+ pages plus book for $35.95. I will continue to sell it at that price PLUS $7.95 for shipping and handling (which is a killer cost from Sweden). Best deal in the world.

I admit, some people won’t want to get a book that big for 50 deeply but wonderfully annotated games. Too bad for them. It really explains chess and personalizes it! Ten years from now they will be carping about, “if I just…” Yeah. Nothing new to me. There should be a special island for “whiners.”

Again, to get CHESS GAZETTE 218 (since it has been free anyway) PLUS the included catalog, you have to send me an email (info@chessbutler.com) and tell me in the subject line that you want it. I will send it to you upon my return. I send out about 70 per issue now, and some of them I never otherwise hear from. Good grief, you must be busier than I am.


Several more have signed up for the Chess Renaissance Festival. Probably because the discounted rate of $100 is set to expire on March 15, to save $50. Simon and I will be getting together soon to talk about the Agenda on Saturday (August 19). A number of things are laid out on page one of issue #218 of the CHESS GAZETTE, make sure you don’t miss it. I send these notices out and I have some registered people who must not read them!! That’s OK, I already have their money!! (just kidding, sorta)

You can start asking me to send you #218 today! I’ll collect them and take care of you when I get back. In that issue are a number of NEW books mentioned. It’s like a Joe Friday issue: “Just the facts Ma’am.”

Bob and my little Jack!





  1. I really want issue 218!

    PS Bob, wife and I were in Key West on vacation recently. Found used/rare book store. Went there 3 times during our week vacation. Purchased a book by Tristan Jones on his 60′ and 70’s sailing explorations. Also…Bought 3 Thinker’s Press books! Soltis book on openings, Minev on French new and forgotten ideas # 2, and Purdy’s book on how he won world correspondence championship! Also found an endgame book (not by you). Wonderful trip! Took 2 chess books w/ me on trip..came back w/ 6! Gary

  2. Of course this is one great way to enjoy a vacation and you did it Gary. Another way for people would be for them to make an appointment to stop by my bookshelves in Davenport, IA. It’s all good. The French by Minev on vol. 1 is not really easy to find anymore.

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