It’s MONDAY• Did you Miss the Boat?

Apparently the Academy Awards were last night! I found this out when I looked at the news this morning. The same thing happened with me and the recent Super Bowl.

So what’s important?

Right now “The Chess Renaissance Festival” is what is important for this Blog and Chess Business. I’m in the business of TANTALIZING you! To get you to come to our Chess event.

I’ve had some HELP!

Namely, Steve Lamansky and Ron Nurmi help. They both have contributed another person to come to this event. Those people’s lives, at least as far as chess is concerned, will be forever changed, for the good.

Both Ron and Steve have attended our Festivals and Chess Clinics in the past. Something tells me they liked what happened. You will too. This is not a Webinar, a video, or a rah-rah event. It’s not a magazine or a book (“Not that there is anything wrong with that”–Seinfeld).


Not live like in a Class where you slunk at your desk and hoped that you wouldn’t be called on. Nothing like that. I call it FI–Fun Immersion.

Because your teacher is enthusiastic, you will want to Jump In. Simon Williams, the English Grandmaster loves an audience, especially a very alive one. And his way of instruction makes it Painless. You got a question?? He’s the Answer Man.

Unlike Monday Morning, after it’s all over, the preceding weekend is when the BLAST takes place. Friday Night Get Together. We’ll meet right next door to the Ramada at the pizza place and bar, Old Chicago.


Saturday Lectures from 10 am to 6 pm with some interruptions, about 6 hours of first class rampage and doing good. At the current rates for Advanced Tutoring (positively one of the best ways to learn chess or anything else) that’s about $600-700 in education and that doesn’t count the ambiance of being with like minded spirits who love what you love. I’ve never been to one of these events we have held where there wasn’t a lot of laughter AND camaraderie!–and one of the reasons for that was the relaxed atmosphere.

Then there is the SS, the Sunday Simul. Most sign up for that too. You get your own seat and a piece of turf where you get to face Grandmaster Williams and do your best to outwit him. Simon’s problem? He faces a whole bunch of people, up to 65 if we pull this off correctly (that’s why we need you). So he will have his hands and mind full. The most we have had in the past were 45. We’ll explain the rules at the beginning so you won’t feel lost at sea (like the shriveled boat in the picture above).

Thus, when you sign up you will have an evening and 2 days of “creative relaxation.”


Naturally we will have retirees at this event as well as working stiffs or the independently wealthy (not too many of those, unfortunately, haha). One reason The Chess Butler announced the dates far in advance was  so that you could line up your ducks with fewer issues. Do you have an amenable boss? Do you run your own concern?  Do you plan well? (Important when it comes to successful chess playing). You have 5.5 months. We have 15 signed up so far. Will there be a last minute rush? I’m telling you, the time will slip by quickly.


Yesterday I was asked for information on where it would be held? If you look at past blogs on this site you will note that it will be in Bettendorf, Iowa–THE CITY right next to my home office in Davenport, Iowa. The Ramada Inn is off Utica Ridge Road in Bettendorf, a few blocks away from the former Lodge/Jumer’s where we had previous Festivals. The Lodge, the German Castle, is now gone. Management let the place decay.

Anyway, when you register at $100 (before March 15) you will get a Survival Packet of information for what it is all about (around tax time in April). Add another $20 should you be one of those who wants to play in the Simul, and “maybe” there will  be something Sunday evening. I have to work out the details with Simon, but it’s a reason we have these LIVE events. In 2002 we had a big feed in a Suite (not going to do that this time) upstairs where our celebs could integrate with our guests and IM Malcolm Pein declared it to be the best chess event he had been to. Years later he was the guru who began the London Chess Festival at the End of the Year. From all accounts a fabulous entree into the hyper chess world. I still wonder, to this day, where he got the idea!?

You can contact Bob Long at 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803. Or call 563-271-6657. Or, one more, email the Butler at

We would love to have you. Call the Ramada at (563) 355-7575. Best to call in the daytime. Mention the Chess Event in August 18-20 for a favorable rate. You can go online to check out the amenities. Nice place.


Besides the vendor, The Chess Butler, there will also be a SWAP MEET! The details will be in your packet of info upon registering. Time to make new and lifelong friends. We have always been fortunate in the past at having great celebs come to these events. We are well aware that this is the Midwest and not NY, Chicago, or LA. Spread your wings to the Center of the country where the crime rate is low, where our international airport is in Moline Across the river (we will have a shuttle), the politics are in low profile, and where, on average, there are 1,300 events in the summer. We do know how to live. Come join us, TODAY! Smart collectors, chess aficionados, and everything else is right here!


A free chess publication? It’s called the Chess Gazette and the next issue will be March 1. What we need is your regular name and your email address and you will get a LINK as to where to download it. Coming, this Wednesday. Also, it will contain more info on the Festival. See you there. BIG sale too on some of the most desirable books around, The MacFarland Masterpieces.


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