Keres book on the 1948 World Championship is really good!

This was the message I got yesterday from IM Andrew Martin! My books (8) arrived last night. I have a few prepay orders to handle first.

Not only is the book “good” as Andrew says it is BEAUTIFULLY GOOD!

Blue cover wrapper except for the front which is gray and black. The back dust jacket is in color and shows a bronze Keres sitting at a chess table in Narva, Estonia!

My supplier was only able to get eight of this 542 page book into the shipping container I received! So if there is a big response (and there should be) I would have to reorder.

When you lift it you will see why I say that hardbound is the only way to fly. This book exemplifies craftsmanship from top to bottom and is actually one of those you can get pleasure from in playing over the games. And, unlike the original, it’s now in English. There is no eBook nor a paperback… for that I am thankful

It’s been praised by such stalwarts as Kasparov and Gelfand.

Keres also has a review of opening theory! We got this book from Gothenburg, Sweden. I have something else for those who are interested, from Gothenburg; based on the 1955 tournament book, from my own library.

Grandmaster Keres placed second in four Candidates tournaments: 1953, 1956, 1959, and 1962. He also tied for first at AVRO 1938.

This incredible book has been selling for $38-39. We have it for $35.95 + $5.00 for S&H while they last (which probably won’t be much longer).

Soon there will be two Chess Gazettes, a FREE one I can send to everyone for a while and a Premium publication (8-16 pages). This won’t be ready for a few months. Details will be forthcoming.

In the meantime we can take your credit card information (Visa, MC, Discover), check, MO, or PayPal (to: Our mailing address is: 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803. USA.

In terms of craftsmanship, desirability, and value, the chess books which we have sold in the past ten years, in hardcover, are few: The King by J.H. Donner. The History of Correspondence Chess in Canada by Zehr & MacDonald. And Kasparov’s Predecessors books.

Of course the McFarland books are first class but Robbie refuses to put dust jackets on them. Some do not like dust jackets. They throw them away and reduce the value of their holdings. Just take them off if it bothers you. Then if you decide to sell, put them back on. On the other hand, some are so hard on books that the dust jackets wouldn’t save the cover unless they were made of Kevlar®!

I wouldn’t wait on this book or spend more than 1 minute thinking about this piece of uncompromising excellence.

If there are those who want the Zehr & MacDonald book, a big hardcover with dust jacket, let me know, I think I can get a few more. $55 + shipping. Published by Thinkers’ Press (that’s us!) If you live in Canada there is a different shipping price than for those in the USA. If you are in Europe, I will talk to my Postal people. Those books are ALL good.


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