Spent 24 minutes with GM Simon Williams on Skype this morning! He’s a fun guy and he was amused that we could see each other, but only he had audio! I couldn’t find any button to engage us in audio, but hopefully will get that worked out next week. He’s done commenting for a little bit lately on the chess scene (Tata Steel for example).

So… I typed and he responded just as he sounds on his YouTube channel.

I asked him about getting product to sell at the August event and we have some of that worked out. More later.

He has many subscribers to his YT channel. I have been threatening to do that myself, probably several years ago. At the moment don’t have the space and/or scripts to set it up. But everyone says it is effective. People I know and trust tell me that.

I know a few think I am anti-technology (e.g., I don’t own a smart phone), which is only partly true. There is a significant cost involved as well as time. Otherwise it comes across as “crappy.” And on YouTube there are thousands of crappy videos.


Simon is dangerous at the chessboard because he likes to ATTACK. I do too. Do you? Unless your opponent is a great defender, if the attack is any good, people wilt at the prospect at being on the receiving end. So we will have some lecture action on the subject of being JOHN WICK at the chessboard! He invites ideas and topics.

Simon will make a YT video announcing our upcoming event this August, the Chess Renaissance! August 18-20. It will have all the particulars I have talked about before but with the Simon Kim Williams bent–red hair and all.

He was very complimentary about Thinkers’ Press! He even mentioned the idea of COMMITMENT to come to an event like this and how he likes to “personalize” it for the audience! My cup o’ tea exactly. I typed to him that Thinkers’ Press was around before he was born! He has a great sense of humor if you like that sort of thing and most do.

He’s looking forward to coming to the USA and meeting you guys who are already signed up and the ones who will be signing up. You can register right now for $100 ( if you do it before March 15. It will be held at the Ramada Inn in Bettendorf, Iowa and if you tell them it is for the chess event, the room rates have a very good deal: $79.95!

We are going to customize this just for you. Simon tells me he has done every type of event, so we will have some surprises. We also have a sponsor from Michigan who will make this event very affordable for you to come! I thank him. He’s shy. This is a first for us, a sponsor who loves chess and some $$$ in his wallet and who lets me make the moves.


Just tune in or subscribe to this blog for more details on the Simon Williams lectures and chess simul. He has 12,000 YouTube subscribers, so if we can beef up our end, by getting people to subscribe that would be very cool. It’s $20 extra to play in the Sunday Simul.

One more thing, you can still prepay and preorder Purdy’s Secrets of the Chessboard. I work on it several days a week. There will be photographs most of you have not seen before. $24.95, postpaid in the US. Extra S&H if you are outside the country. Don’t know the amount yet but will be looking into it. The book’s weight and size is still unknown. Send payments (PayPal, check, MO, credit card) to:
The Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803 USA–same address for the Chess Renaissance event also.

Bob & Jack (he’ll soon be 3, has the speed of Mercury, and the strength of Hercules!) His mom says he is very clever (like his adorable sister Aurora) so he might also have the mind of Lasker. I know he loves his great grandpa Bob.


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