This summer we will have our Chess Renaissance event. I’ve pretty much decided to have t-shirts, but something different. Still allow you to order them in advance, and pay for them in advance, but you will pick them up at the event (unless you’ve included $10 for S&H in the USA).

On the cover will be Purdy’s face but he will be wearing a magician’s silk (?) top hat and there will be various magical arcana surrounding it to celebrate the publishing of C.J.S. Purdy’s SECRETS OF THE CHESSBOARD, which I am currently working on. Then, somewhere on that shirt will be CHESS RENAISSANCE 2017.

Killing two stones with one bird.

They will be available in Large (L), Extra Large (XL), XXL, and XXXL. I need to talk to my digital printer about prices. What has happened in the past is that they are a beautiful, thick cotton. My friend Peggy wears hers as a nightshirt, of course, hers was free and it was one of the Bobby Fischer t-shirts.

I am guessing around $25. Shirt, two trips to the printer, the design and profit–that will do it.

Registrant Steve Lamansky has already ordered one. Go ahead tax my spreadsheet. I will put you on it. Purdy will never have been so popular. I am constantly amazed at his thinking prowess as I proofread the material.

P.S. I am starting to find things in nooks and crannies from chess and my chess life. This morning I uncovered a lengthy letter from GM Larry Evans, in 1981, where we were talking about publishing things. Some of which never happened such as his Chess Catechism book. I paid him $500 for a special chapter called MIDNIGHT OIL (this was a separate event, not included in the letter). When he sent me the material, it was all re-annotated!!! In other words, new findings, new copy. And somewhere I lost it. Maybe in a filing cabinet of which I have many.

I have already offered the letter to a good customer for a small amount. If he declines, you can write to me and tell me what it is worth to you. Should I ever have to move, I want to make things easier.

That’s it for today. It’s FRIDAY. Just so you know, IM David Cummings book on the ENGLISH just came in yesterday. Styled somewhat after the Move by Move series. It looks very good. Just a couple pages shy of 400, I’ll be selling it for $23.95. It’s an in-depth repertoire book. He’s updated the symmetrical so I won’t be ordering his earlier book on the symmetrical. It’s from White’s viewpoint. So he answers 1… e5 (one of the most popular) and other attempts by Black to make life more difficult for those who would rather play 1. c4. Mr. Cummings appears to have crammed in some last minute stuff too.

Unlike the move by move books, he doesn’t ask questions and follow that up with answers. The bibliography is huge.

Bob and Jack thank you. Write to us at: info@chessbutler.com

One other piece of excellent news: Jack, his sister and their parents have moved. They are about 5-6 blocks from me now. Maybe I can teach him the English Opening!

P.S. January is gone. Now we are into February and two weeks after that, it will be March 15. The deadline for saving $50 and coming to the CHESS RENAISSANCE. If you are wondering why I haven’t charged your credit card yet, you won’t have to wonder much longer. Should be able to do so about 2 p.m. tomorrow. A little technical thingie.


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