309-736-6823 SHUTTLE!

Those of you who need a ride from the Moline International Airport (MLI) to the Ramada Inn on Friday (August 18), or August 19 (Saturday), or back to the airport from the Ramada on Sunday (August 20) can now catch a free van ride for our Chess Renaissance this summer!

My friend and vice president of Sales for the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau, Lynn Hunt, told me this morning that you should call her (or whoever answers this number) at 309-736-6823 at least 24 hours in advance of your departure from MLI.

A Couple Suggestions:

  1. Cut out the above phone number and place it in your wallet. Not tomorrow or next week, but NOW.
  2. Realize that others will be using this van too and that MLI is a busy airport (yes, it is also an international airport). We have more conventions and events in the QCA area than you can shake a stick at. We have several big international corporations here including John Deere.
  3. I believe in tipping the driver, always. Some of these guys will remember you! How much? Up to you, but at least $5-10 (or more for those inclined). The airport is pretty close to I-74 which runs by the Ramada Inn.
  4. They need your schedule of when you will arrive and flight number.
  5. Please email this info to Lynn at: Lhunt@visitquadcities.com with your arrival and departure info (plus your name is always helpful).
  6. If you need the airport code it is MLI.

The van holds 5 plus driver. If you use toll free numbers: it is 800-747-7800 ext.823.

Be ready. And lastly, Be Ready.
They worked hard to set this up because only a few places had a shuttle and last year, one of them was torn down! (The Lodge.)

Us Quad-Citians try harder. All this data will be published in our MENU BROCHURE for the CHESS RENAISSANCE.


  1. My supplier for the new book by Moskalenko (Training with Moska) wanted me to know the back orders are piling up (from other vendors) but she has my back and I should get my copies. I think I am selling it for $23.95 plus $4.95 for S&H unless you are ordering 2 or more books from CHESS GAZETTE 215, then shipping in the USA is free.
  2. On its way from Sweden are 10 copies of World Championship Match 1948. Don’t know for sure when they will get here. I may have to pay $13 just to have it shipped to me so I wanted to let you know you are getting one heckuva book! a) Written by GM Paul Keres who was one of the players; b) hardcover!; c) 500 pages!; d) typeset. While the list price is $40 US, I will have them for $37.95 plus whatever the S&H is. e) It is in English. Lastly, f) I’ve been told the analysis is simply first rate!!! And that computer engines are only confirming what Keres had already written.
  3. NM Allan Savage wrote to say he got all the pages (15) from the latest CHESS GAZETTE (215AE), the February issue. Your email from me to you should have the LINK you can click on to get yours. Now you can get it directly without going through me. Easy as pie. Savage downloaded it from his phone.
  4. I am no longer home-bound and have been driving since last Thursday, thanks to Ed Reedy. It’s been scary learning everything all over again. I’ve been out of action for 1.5 years!

Your purchases from the Chess Butler has kept us in business. Thank you. Those who gave you FREE stuff are no longer in business. It’s a business model that has NEVER worked for long unless the owner was working for free, like me, and stupid (like me). I have one employee, me.

Am working on the Purdy book called C.J.S. Purdy’s SECRETS OF THE CHESSBOARD. To pre-order it, send me $24.95 I don’t know what the international shipping rate is yet to Canada and elsewhere because I don’t yet know how much it will weigh. I do know that if it isn’t prepaid, the price will rise to $34.95. That seemed significant enough to get the needle to move as I have gotten quite a few in the U.S. prepays.

Purdy isn’t making it easy because in the copy I have, not all the diagrams were included! Some of it I am piecing together; the advantage of having a chess library which no longer is as complete as it once was!

Yesterday my great grandson Jack was with me when I was having new window glass being put into my car. He was, as usual, a riot. He’ll be 3 soon, still has those blue Paul Newman eyes and is sharp as a tack. So, we sign off,

Bob & Jack




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