Ever have a “Bones” of an Idea?

Let me explain.

Did you ever have an IDEA for an invention that was so good you believed it would make you a Millionaire?

I bet some of you have. I knew a couple dudes who believed they did but they didn’t have BONES! They were full of ideas but missing out on one thing, execution.

BONES for the “unenlightened” is where you could feel something so true, so outstandingly amazing, it would go to your (their) core, down to your very bones. Despite objections from your friends, it would work, succeed, just have to happen.

More than experiment, it would succeed IF….


What was the IF? Sometimes it was money or marketing. With me it is usually TIME. Time is non-retrievable. Once you use it, you can’t use that SAME time again. Andrew Wiles, the math guy, spent 7-8 years, working in his spare time, on solving Fermat’s Last Theorem. He thought he had it, only to discover there was a flaw. Unlike most of us, he spent another year on fixing the flaw, which, he did!!! The world was now his oyster. I’m sure he got invitations from every corner of the globe. Even if you are shy this is heady stuff isn’t it?

Today I had an idea for an invention which would save people from a lot of consternation, time wasted, possibly a drug malfunction and pain-in-the-neck puzzlement. I knew it, and I knew there would be a solution, eventually, but I have no time to fool with it! How exasperating!

Also, you run the risk of everyone else who doesn’t agree with you calling you a fool, moron, bozo, etc. Not that that really bothers me. This idea is pharmacological, nothing to do with chess, and many do “procedure” this every day. Non-chess.


Years ago I had an idea for a multi-functional and easy to set chess clock. Something you couldn’t not explain to a non-chess player (they would look at it as a bad idea). But they would keep it a secret (because they couldn’t see any way they could make money off of it).

I don’t remember how this idea brought me in touch with a Pakistani engineer but it did. I think he called me about something non-chess related. And I knew it would be economic suicide if I mentioned it to him, so I didn’t. He knew who Anand was but he didn’t care at all about chess. Hence, if he didn’t care about chess, it meant there was NO $$$ in it (wrong). We talked for a bit. I gave him some hints and he finally stumbled on to it! He said to me, “That’s incredible.” At that point I felt like I had screwed the pooch (to quote Clint Eastwood). Years went by and I never saw this idea show up!??? Was it a bad idea? No. I am sure he had other things to do and it was at the bottom of his priority list. I never did anything with it. No time, too busy surviving in the current chess business mess.

An outfit in California came up with the KAISHA electronic clock and the machinations of the USCF (US Chess Federation) kept them from getting into the chess clock business (ruined them). Huge investment by someone, down the commode. USCF wouldn’t accept it as a regulation electronic clock. Later they opted for that POS clock from the electronics place in Florida. Corruption everywhere. Right now a big corruption deal going on in S.Korea with Samsung.


SO… what’s the blog today referring to? How do I get people to come to the Chess Renaissance this August 18-20? If I told you, you might wait until the last minute before registering causing “me” untold grief. If I say nothing, you may not think about it at all. Thus, I have to come up with a way of making it a “fair” idea for everyone. Did I? I did, but I can’t tell you today about it. Are you a curious type of person? I suggest signing up now, just $120 to include playing in the the Simul against Simon Williams. No, you won’t guess what it is, even if I gave you a year. It’s one of those “epiphany ideas” that come along once in a very great while and I have to stay “mum.” Sign up today, just $120 to include the Simul.


Bob & Jack


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