Do You Need My Help?

You might, if you could articulate what you need.

Is it arrogant of me to think I can help you when you can’t help yourself? I hope not.

Years ago I had a small business called “Bacon Savers.” It showed a Porky Pig type character in a tuxedo and top hat. I was a problem solver at that time.

A nun approached me with a document on a disc in Word Perfect format, a software word processing program big in the legal profession and apparently in making college catalogs for average size schools.

She was in a sweat and I had no idea how she found me. Could I solve a “times a wasting” type problem and a jam she was in? She must’ve said the right kind of prayers because I took her document and turned it into a typeset catalog she could take to her printer. I don’t know if she thought I was a miracle worker, but it did happen.

One never knows when the next insurmountable problem will show up. But my Chess Renaissance may be it! It’s almost 8 months away and I have to convince people to come to it. Have you ever tried to convince a relative that something was good for them but your powers of persuasion were not up to the task? I have. Then something bad happened and they wished they had listened to me. But I know by now that relatives are the last ones to believe anything from another relative! (Spouses don’t count because they are not usually blood relatives!)

The Problem As I See it is STRESS!

The nun was stressed, I was only a little stressed and that was by TIME. Take a look at the guy in the DAY OFF picture above. Does he look happy? He does. He’s is more than happy, he is thrilled. Have you ever felt that way? Not often enough huh?

Last night I was watching some Simon Williams You Tube videos and I was laughing my rear end off. He’s a funny guy. He makes jokes out of his losing but he wants to get right back into the saddle and start winning. He did, he talked himself into it. I think he is jacked about coming to the USA, at least he told me so. He takes entertaining quite seriously in a funny sort of way.

Take a moment to drop a check for $120 into the mail to 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803. You will be signed up for 2 days (Aug. 19-20) of education, laughs, and chances to win FREE prizes donated by the Chess Butler to attendees at Simon’s discretion. I look forward to signing you up. The extra $20 is to play in the Simul. I will talk about that tomorrow! Simuls are wild and invigorating.

In a day or two I will post some more Simon videos.

Contact me (BOB) at:

Want to bring your wife or significant other? No charge. Just let me know.


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