You know the bit, “Washington Slept here!”

He didn’t! But Mr. Contract with the Ramada Inns, Willie Nelson, has slept in the Davenport Ramada, I know, saw his bus outside.

So this Ramada is in Bettendorf and technically, I don’t think Willie slept in Bettendorf when he was doing his shows at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds and they were both packed to the rafters. I know, I went to both. He was my wife’s favorite singer! And she said “Always on my mind.” It’s even on her tombstone.

The Ramada is our place to hold the 2017 Chess Renaissance, August 18-20. The actual action starts on Saturday, August 19, about 10 a.m. in the morning. For those who want to do a night-before get together, right next to the Ramada, is an Old Chicago restaurant.

You can go right to OC (or paste it in): oldchicago.com/locations/bettendorf/menu/

The food looks scrumptious and contains many menu items I have never tried, which would be perfect for an evening get together. It’s a real restaurant and should be able to hold us all. For those who have cars and want to take some chess players, there are many other restaurants up on Utica Ridge Road.

By the way!

Originally we were going to make space for 45, but I took the bigger room, which holds MORE. If we get 25 rooms held in our block and people staying in them, we’ll get a discount on the bigger executive room. And for every 5 rooms after that, a bigger discount on the large room. I’m taking a chance as this will set us back $600-700 for the presentation and vendor area! As I recently told you the King size is $89.95 + taxes and the rooms with two Queen size beds are $79.95 + Taxes and in crude microwave and fridge.

Since John Deere and Alcoa Aluminum have gigantic facilities in the Quad-Cities, we are going to advertise to them. And my friend Denise Eilers is also going to help us. Your chances of meeting some new chess nuts have grown exponentially. BART LANCASTER (California) thinks this is one of the best reasons to come!
The Ramada is at: 3020 Utica Ridge Rd., Bettendorf, IA 52722. I recommend securing a room right away because there is supposed to be an Antique Auto Show that very weekend. The rooms do fill up quickly because these collectors and tourists are more rabid than most chess people are. You can call Maria or Jerry at 563-355-7575 or fax them at 563-355-1305. Tell them it is for the August CHESS RENAISSANCE. Jerry is also a chess player! He’ll want to see what we are up to.

After March 15th the entry fee is $150.00. If you register now, you can get in for the bargain rate of $100.00. Watch this Blog space as we will feature special GM Simon Williams YouTube videos! Such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du80sON6J4k&t=955s You’ll love that one!

SPECIAL SALE: I have 3 ChessBase DVDs at a bargain basement sale price. Nigel Davis authored 3 of them. What you have to like about Nigel is that he goes his own way. His idea of THEORY is what HE himself plays. The bloke has won a basket flu of games with his own think. These 3 DVDs represent $100 or more worth of instruction and 14 hours of torture for your opponents. I only have ONE set. They are:

  1. 1…e6: A Solid Repertoire against 1.d4 and 1.e4.
  2. 2. The Vienna with 3.f4, and
  3. King’s Indian Attack.

1 and 3 were opened for review. #2 is mint. Get all 3 of these for far less than I paid for them, at a paltry $29.95 + $6 for first class shipping! $35.95 all together. How long is this special on? One day, through tomorrow night. One set, one price, perfect Davies Killer stuff.

Get me at: info@chessbutler.com




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