Every day I receive emails from a couple sources. Invariably I read them within 24 hours!

They are not about chess but marketing things that people like myself sell to people like you. If you don’t want this 5 minute “inconvenience,” you can opt out. My purpose is to send you things to read which you will hopefully enjoy and perhaps even make use of in chess, whether collecting or on some other subset of chess.

Purdy could have done this and it would have been fantastic, but, there was no e-mail in his heyday. So, I may use some of his ideas, tips, and such as well as my own. They won’t be long because I am the one writing them and I too only have so much time. I will be taking my laptop with me, too, and still distributing emails frequently, even when I am on the road and I will still be able to answer your emails.

Naturally, the idea is to get you to be a customer through our email relationship and I want to make it worth your while. I read Ben’s daily emails for several years and did buy a few of his eBook epistles from Amazon and read them on Carol’s Kindle at the time. Recently I bit the bullet and purchased an expensive marketing system of Ben’s(if you think $1000+ is expensive) because I wanted to do better than just “limp” along and sell $20-30 books, one or two at a time. Really, that is so time consuming and so low profit margin.

Something Special Today

I heard from a writer, buyer, and collector that I had known for dozens of years and he is at that age where he is selling his collection. Lots of good stuff (see below). Virtually everything is in A-1 condition. I don’t have a list, you will have to tell me what you want. This mostly weeds out the time wasters. Here’s what he wrote me today:

“Sorry but I do not have anything signed by Fischer or Tal.

“I have a consecutive run of the British Chess Magazine from 1881 to 1984, all bound, plus a few bound and unbound issues after 1984.  I have American Chess Bulletin from 1900 to 1910 bound, Deutsche Schachzeitung from 1900 to 1910 bound, Weiner Schachzeitung from 1900 to 1910 bound, and Howard Staunton’s Chess Columns from approximately 1860 to 1880 bound in four volumes.   All of these magazines are in good to excellent condition.

“I have over 700 biographies and autobiographies of famous players.  Some are bound and some are paperback.  All are in good to excellent condition. [Readers: Tell me who you are looking for.]

“I also have a number of other bound magazines from 1910 to 1950, which are in good to excellent condition.  For example, Chess, The Chess Correspondent, Chess World, Fernschach, Chess Review, American Chess Bulletin, and Schach Echo.  All are in good to excellent condition.  I am certain I have some other bound magazines, as well.

“I also have books on chess studies and problems, endgames, middlegames, and general opening works, some bound and some paperback.  They are all in good to excellent condition.

“I also have a complete run of Chess Life from 1946 to 1960 on microfilm. [Readers: This must have been a newsprint edition of some kind.]

“Do you have any interest in tournaments?

I don’t have anything by Ehlvest.”

Notice he didn’t waste his time mentioning specific opening books.

Lately others have been telling me they have things to sell. Andy Ansel, for example, tells me he has a number of bound volumes of the Westminster Papers. Any interest?

Here’s my email address:

Bob Long


My friend Peggy has  some very good ideas about this frequent emailing business.

  1. Give away stuff to buyers! That is, when I have a SALE on some, those who buy are eligible for something FREE. In fact, we might list several things, and you can choose. They won’t be brand spanking new (Spoiler Alert) because then no one would buy the new stuff, doncha know.
  2. She knows a lot about women’s jewelry and if you guys are looking for something for the wifey or significant other, we might be able to help you there.
  3. She has a niece who makes and sells advertising specialties and we are thinking, “How can we tie this into chess or the Chess Renaissance event?” I have seen lots of things on the web, a few of them are nice, but, just a few. We may branch out, especially if you have crowds for corporate events, tournaments, clubs, church, schools. I myself have done this with great success back in the 80s. She’s a pro and I like dealing with pros!!! The only way to go. I get mags and catalogs all the time in the mail, but what Peggy tells me, “this is the good stuff” and heaven knows, that’s what we all prefer.
  4. When the spirit moves you, and we never know when that might be, you have a friend in the Chess Butler. We may eventually change the name to simply, The Butler. Try us right now if you want.


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