By a large number, many who read C.J.S. Purdy’s writings have figured him to be the greatest chess instructor who ever strode the chessboard. I am one of them.

Over the years I have typeset many Purdy books, somewhere around 12-13-14 at last count. I am the John Nunn of Thinkers’ Press but without the GM title.

Soon I will be putting out regular postings of things Purdy wrote or did in order to publicize his latest book on my kitchen table, The Secrets of Chess.

What made Purdy’s writing style so unique? Clarity was one. Really understanding the problem or the questioner was another, and making it all affordable was a third. Actually I could add one more: Purdy was a thinker from the very beginning before chess literature became so prolific.

About 1991 I noticed a lengthy article in Chess Life by Jeremy Silman, the IM. In at least three places he mentioned Purdy as preceding his own skills and teaching, by oh, let’s say, 50 years at least! How was that possible when Purdy had no computers or seconds, just his chess business, his readers, and his own analytical faculties.

He was a Thinker extraordinaire and somehow he could relate to the average Joe (or Jill because he also taught young ladies). Perhaps a great gift from the Almighty. More than that (is that possible?) he taught from his writings such as Chess World (and others) as well as from his own experience in winning the world’s first international chess correspondence championship over the best correspondence players in the world. Hence, Thinkers’ Press, inc. HAS published the writings of a world champion!

I want to get started, in fact, before our Chess Renaissance event! This book is rare. Not only published after Purdy’s death, but we are taking it right from a manuscript that Robert Jamieson has been sitting on in Australia, for years!  I suspect he just thought it was notes from previous writings, but most of it wasn’t.

I’ve already paid a bunch of money to have Danielle transcribe it to one of my computers, BUT, all the pages weren’t numbered! That’s what is slowing me down!! So, in order to activate my butt to get on this, I want to presell this book (I have done this before such as Korchnoi’s Persona Non Grata). Having money in hand always spurs me on. Besides, if you pay in advance, you will be the first to get your copy, long before those in kangaroo-land. And you will get it for less. The book will go for $34.95. If you get it in advance you will only pay $24.95 and the postage will be included if the order is from the USA!

You can contact me at info@chessbutler.com if you buy 5 or more copies in advance, you will earn a 40% discount. Sell to members of your Chess Club, school, etc.

Bob & Jack sends their best wishes.

New Data Coming on Our Chess Renaissance Event!


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