This morning. He gave me a list of topics he is willing to do at the Chess Renaissance this August 18-20.

Maybe 4-6 items. But the last one was the most intriguing to me. “Something else.”

That’s Where You Come in!

What suggestions might you have, He wrote:

1) London System – An aggressive opening for the lazy.

2) The Black Lion – Attack with Black from move 1!

3) The Best Chess Moves ever played!

4) The Best Attacking Games of all time.

5) How to improve your attacking chess.

6) Manoeuvre to win

The grandmaster has already written books on topics 3 and 4  (and maybe 5)or was it DVDs?

I am looking for YOUR input for your $100.

A Contest

What is YOUR question or what would you like to see handled? It could even be something like “How can I improve my TECHNIQUE so that I don’t have to change my openings?”

Or, “What would I have to do to win the GAME of my life (that is, for my life?)”

Maybe, “I’ve been sentenced to die in one week unless I can beat the Oracle? What do I have to do to increase my chances of success? or Weaken the Oracle’s chances for success?”

These are just sample possibilities I thought about while considering the story “The Lady or the Tiger?” by Frank R. Stockton. You might want to re-read it.

You don’t have to enter this contest to come to the event. Maybe you will be entertained (hopefully) by Simon and his pick of the winning question you or someone else has submitted. I would really love to have you consider a question even though I know it is WORK to some degree and who wants to pay $100 to have to work? Well, CHESS IS WORK if you want to be successful so starting now wouldn’t hurt. Or, you could pay me an extra $100 to think of a question to ask Simon for you. That makes me work and hopefully entertain yous anyway.

A question will be put to GM Williams. Will it be yours? Feel your chest or your brain swell with pride as he puts your question in front of all of us. Maybe even be recorded by one of the local TV or media stations? It could be a riot. TRY IT.

Over time there will be more thoughts about what the CHESS RENAISSANCE will be. To sign up and save $50 contact Bob Long (info@chessbutler.com)  and send your $100 now to join the queue (1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803). Seating will be arranged in order of registration received but they will all be good seats as Simon will be working from a stage (at least part of the time).





  1. No. 5 or I’m getting older and naturally declining but still want to compete at my level. What openings do you suggest?

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    • Simon might suggest the Black Lion, which was on his list and is now available on YouTube. And it is kind of interesting. I might pick up a couple of the books on the Black Lion to have on hand and he will no doubt also autograph them…Bob

  2. Chess is a game of strategy. In 2009 Williams (2512) played a “Hippo” defense against Emms (2487). So, my question for Simon is, “When playing someone with abilities comparable to your own what is the strategic goal in choosing the Hippo?”

  3. I’d like # 5. I recall Alekhine was known for his ability to achieve attacking positions. I think R Spielman said of him. I can see the combinations from his positions, I have problems getting those positions. Gary

  4. Of course a famous comment for those who know their chess history! Spielmann was a sacrificial genius, which makes it hard to categorize Alekhine doesn’t it? I’ll send this to Simon for his thoughts!…Bob

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