Our huge sale of the Quality Chess books isn’t over until January 1, 2017. Wesley S0 is having a pretty good Christmas already isn’t he? Well, you can too.

In a day or two I am sending out a new USED book list and there is stuff on it from the stratosphere and down to earth. Old tournament books, regular books, bundles, and all the stuff that makes your trigger finger itch. AND, you don’t have to do anything! It will go our automatically to all of you who get our CHESS GAZETTE. If you haven’t been getting that you are missing the boat and we are about to weigh anchor.

Let me know you are a reader, a buyer, and a friend of chess. Then if I have your email address you get put down for CG, automatically.


Have you looked at the London Classic Results? Wesley So won 3 games, and so did Hikaru Nakamura but Wesley didn’t lose any games either. I’ve been looking at the old timers lately, like Alekhine. If he only won 3 games he would have had a poor result. In those days, certain leaders tried to avoid draws. Those guys loved those picket fences.

Actually I am not knocking those 10 guys (except Giri) as much as I am the Selection Committee, the ones who set up rules or PICK the same people over and over. I have nothing against ANAND, but he is a strong player and there should be some FODDER in the tournaments. Players who are listed as Grandmasters but who really aren’t. Some of these countries are top heavy with GMs. These guys should be eating a little pawn lead otherwise we are going to see the same players over and over. Even a guy like Nigel Short can win some games now and then. Too many draws because the super strong are playing the super strong. The magazine articles feature the same guys. Who is held in awe. It used to be Carlsen.

I will say that the magazines are spreading their net wider, but let’s do even more. Is the Bundesliga gone? Are the weeks and weekends over-packed with events? The world championship came and went, what was up with that? And all those rest days…

Bob & Jack



  1. Dear Bob

    The 10 weren’t really picked, they were Grand Prixers except Adams, a wild card.

    Hope the American Chess Magazine holds and you get a window there.

    Happy Christmas!

    James Pratt

    oh and join British Chess News please on Facebook if you haven’t already. I’ll plug you in due course, of course. Cheers!


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