At last it can be revealed.  He started out as Cassius Clay. Then he converted and became Muhammad Ali (Islam). He signed a book to Bill (Peggy’s late husband) on Aug. 8th, 1983. Nearly 34 years ago. If your name is Bill, it’s perfect for you!

Done in St. Louis (at the Marriott) . Signed inside the hardcover. Titled “Prayer and Al-Islam”

If you purchase this you will get a certificate of authenticity from Michelle Barron (The Book House) in Maplewood, MO (suburb of St. Louis, a really nice and loaded bookstore. They have been Professional Book Dealers since the 80s.

Ali passed away this last June. Was six foot three and had a reach like no one’s business.

The price of the book and autograph is $599 + S&H plus insurance which I estimate to be about $20 domestically and $30 internationally.

It’s a collectible. I got it from my close and dear friend Peggy. It was her late husband’s. She was there when it was signed, but, if that is not enough for you, it’s been authenticated and that has been included. By the way, do you have something collectors might desire? Contact me (563-271-6657)

Check In TODAY!

Most of those who read my BLOG probably grew up knowing who Ali was and probably even saw him fight on the tube or were perhaps lucky enough to see him in person. Not just a poet but a fighter who could match his fast hands with his fast mouth. Peggy said he was a very nice fellow.

It’s been my experience that bona fide collectibles will set you back a few dollars and I’ve always regretted selling my Fischer autograph of My 60 Memorable Games, straight from the stage of the Denver School where Bobby thumped Larsen in 1971 (yes, I do go way back!) I’ve had other Fischer autographs but one inside the cover of his book was special.

I thought this would be a GRAND gift for Christmas (and a little bit of irony too).

Credit Card or PayPal is fine and if necessary, I can ship quickly. Any of you who have known me since 1985 know I’ve offered the real things (Tal, Botvinnik, Spassky, and many others), but this is NOT chess. Even had one of our Watergate buddy Richard M. You know who? It’s already gone.

Stay tuned…OK?

Bob & Jack


P.S. I have nothing against foreigners trying to get this, as some have in the past, but just want to awake you that this may be desired by more than Americans. That’s the way it is these days.

PPS. I have that extraordinary Marilyn Monroe picture in 36 x 39 inches, framed in painted gold, under glass, and gorgeous red matting. Wired and ready for hanging. Ann (my photographer) took a picture when I posted the Black Friday chess stuff, but I don’t believe I released the picture. NO AUTOGRAPH for you (Soup Nazi!) Perfect for a big wall, on an easel, and big enough someone won’t easily waltz off with it while visiting you! I picked this up, years ago, near the Playboy Building in Chicago. It’s not getting any cheaper. I know a place locally that does a great job in packing and insuring something like this. Famous Hefner picture back in the day… an anniversary photo reprint (25th anniversary or something like that) which later ended up on much smaller “garage” calendars. $1,999 plus the costs of shipping. If you are not just a gawker but really interested in this stunnnnning portrait, I’ll send you a copy in an email.

When I was younger and not as smart as I am today ;-), I saw some painted originals at Fulton’s Fish Market in NYC (where the recent Carlsen v Karjakin match was held) done by Bob Kane, the creator of Batman (the original). The prop. wanted $650 for it. I wish I could tell you I got it, but I didn’t have access to the $$$ except through a credit card. I wanted to get it for my son Rob who was a big-time Batman collector. I didn’t. Wished I did. Once in awhile life offers second chances but wow, I hate to think what that would set me back now. There was something like 5 of 6 colored (they call them “inked”) panels/cells. I have other stories, about Elmer Fudd in Milwaukee for example. Maybe I will tell some day.



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