My friend April named the pooch because you guys couldn’t be bothered. That’s why women get so much done, they simply take the initiative. Over the years I have had many women working for me and they were the best at carrying out tasks. One guy who was a manager at my book business came from a book business!  Total slacker. A bum.

April named the dog. I am not sure I would want to name someone else’s dog, but she took right to it. I wish I had the space for a dog like this but I have too much stuff for a dog to get into.

I have a little more work to do on Wednesday on the Christmas catalog of chess books discount. I decided the McFarland one can come later.

Personally, I have written all the descriptions, hopefully something will make your ears (or eyes) perk up. It surely did mine. On average Quality Chess is the most expensive among the big publishers. Certainly the classiest. But they beat out everyone on getting a Class A job done.

When they say a book has a great repertoire they don’t mean it has everything even though it looks likes like they do. They mean they have the good stuff which is useful and meaningful to you. I know because I looked through every one of them and then some. Fine writers, great material and great layouts. You also feel that the authors gave it that little extra.

If you order Thursday or Wednesday, you should get it on time. I hope to get the place wrapped up for the Chess Renaissance by this Friday. I do hope you will come, probably my last big deal. And we might have a special guest too to give GM Simon Williams a break on Saturday or Friday. And who knows what else will be going on. Get it while we have it at $100, certainly the best deal around. I was told that Simon had a cat walking around on his chess board while he was playing Blitz. The guy is crazier than I am. We’ll have his DVDs, books and things for Simon to sign. I thick we have 8 signed up so far. Not exactly a maddening crowd but I am hoping that the rest of you will come through. Nobody likes to be first but you should hear the howls when there is no room (“Bob, I thought you were kidding.” I have no time for kidding that’s what the guest does!)

For the time being it’s only $100, then it goes up. Will you come?


Bob & Jack



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