You know what I mean, that weird feeling that you are losing, or that you made a mistake. You never see Grandmasters say stuff like that in their writings. Somehow they are going to fix YOUR problems but they themselves don’t have any!!

Right. They are so perfect they aren’t world chess champion and their prospects of becoming one don’t look so good either.

At this time I am venturing into a new catalog. One that has to be the right resource for almost anyone interested in chess. If you’ve been getting my recent catalogs, even if you haven’t bought anything, you will get this new one if you contact me. If you aren’t on my list all you have to do is go to info@chessbutler.com and I will put you on the list. Of course if it turns out you are just a news junkie (I know a few of them) then why should I care about helping you? I mean, really.

But this time only two companies are being featured because they are the creme de la creme. Naturally this scares some people because it sounds like it’s about buying something from the Chess Butler. Eventually. Well, it is.

When I was growing up becoming good at chess took a lot longer than it should have. Maybe you still aren’t there. This new catalog points the way. I’m not sure of  those TOP TEN lists of chess books I see mentioned on Amazon.com–if they list Fischer’s MY 60 MEMORABLE GAMES it is usually because everyone else has it on their list. I like the Hogwarts type guys. The ones who list the books THEY LIKE and forget everyone else.

n this catalog I write, like I often do, about the good facets of a book which will probably help you. How many are stuck at a rating of 1500? More than will admit. Wouldn’t you like to bump that a couple hundred points? Of course.


Here’s some tips about growing your chess club. In 1974 or something like that, I tied with a couple guys for first place in Des Moines, IA for the Des Moines Open. We all scored 4.5 points. I beat a master and an expert to put myself up there. But when I got home I was floating on air and so I called in this story to the local newspaper. The results were in the paper the next day or the one after that. Was I embarrassed to admit it? Just a tiny bit. But the desired effects were two:

  1. Local boy did good.
  2. People started asking the newspaper or librarian if there was a chess club in our area (there was). Our membership kept growing after that because I made sure the paper put that info IN the newspaper, every week!. That was news. We got many new members. I took a chance. I’ve taken many chances over the years and as a club we grew some pretty good players. It made the game even more FUN to play. My wife was referred to as “the wife of that chess player” (she didn’t like that, she had a name).

Anyway, the catalog will be available soon and if you aren’t on our list, drop me (Bob Long) a line and I will make sure you get one, FREE. Lots of stories, pointers and tips. Better than having your own cheerleading team. Right now I am reviewing Python Strategy by Tigran Petrosian, a world champion from 1963 to 1969. In his own words is more interesting than the business others wrote about him and his defensive genius; I want to go beyond that.

Petrosian was way, way above me…but you can read about what he did in his own words. Need a copy? Drop me a line and I will tell you what it will cost (not retail). You will see chess in a whole new atmosphere. Maybe you or someone you know will be the next Petrosian. As someone wrote, “He was a Titan of chess history.” $23.95 + $4.95 for shipping to: 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803. USA only. I have 4 copies on hand, perhaps you would like to elevate your chess. Take Action.

Bob & Jack


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