As the astute can tell, I still have things to learn about Photoshop! But I am hoping that those who view this on Monday (or Sunday) see what is going on.

A. I have one item pictured twice and here is what that is all about. It is for the American Chess Magazine. I’ve already seen the insides of this 150+ page quarterly (means 4X per year). The cost is $29.95 but the Chess Butler will sell you the first issue (and all subsequent issues, 3 more) . Chess magazines don’t often have a high survival rate so if you get them from us (The Chess Butler) you will pay the same as a one year subscription, but at $25 for each one, mailed to you from USA. At our discretion I may include a FREE copy of our own SQUARES magazine, #1, the premier issue.

It’s a large format, 152 pages.It’s about making American Chess Great Again! Like in the 1930s. In this issue the US won the Gold Medal. Jeffery Xiong won the world Junior title. Other things were, setting a Trap for Nakamura, Carlsen-Karjakin in NYC, Shankland with a Olympiad Diary, Millionaire Chess, Ivanchuk writes about tough games, Opening Novelty on move 2 by Jobava, Chess Compositions..all beautifully typeset (powered by Chess Informant). $25 for each of the first 4 issues, postage paid.

LB. The Lasker Bust. Originally it was $100. All but two busts were sold. I kept one for myself. The last one had a price tag of $500 but the Cyber Monday Deal drops that to $375. 9 inches tall, facsimile autograph. Green felt base. Designed by ace sculptress Patty Anderson. 38 in the original run. Beautiful resin work.

LP. The Lasker poster. Featured on the first 4 issues of Lasker & His Contemporaries. Two color printing with artwork  done on scraper board by the esteemed commercial artist Bob O’Hare now a premier woodworker of spiral staircases, and arched doors and delicious stone cutting. The original cost me $300 (still around somewhere) but the print version (comes in a tube) is $25 except for Cyber Monday in which you can get it for $12.50 + $8.00 for S&H. Looks like a phantasmagorical piece of woodcarving!

G. The Golf Chess Set from SAC (Studio Ann Carlton. Painted resin, great figurines. The Gatsbys are wearing their golfing finest. This just a few of the piece (the head golfer is between 3 and 4 inches tall). There are caddies and I have no idea what the lady is doing, but women love this sport. Started out about $250 when I had it in my chess games shoppe, never used, discounted for Cyber Monday to a lofty low $125.00. S&H is $15.00.

RP. Russian Pins for there multitude of Soviet events (I have many more, not listed here, in bundles but you’ll have to remind me by asking. Comes with a mounting shadow box in a nice wood with brass hinging and bunting. $160 was the “spring for it” price. The detail work on the matching corner pins are in gold and cloissoned plus different colors. I have a better close up of this that I can provide to you in an email if you just say the magic word, Russian Pins! We can ship it to you know for $129.00 and than includes postage and handling.

SC. Stone Cold Chess Set. An example of someone’s idea of a chess set, definitely not Staunton. Naturally not all the pieces are on the board, others are inside the drawers which shut. I have a lot of small, different travel sets. This one had a price of $120 but you can get it from us for $69.00. Add $9.95 for S&H in the USA.

Is There Anything Else?

Why otherwise would I ask this question? A T-shirt of Bobby Fischer and his green eyes and various sayings. I don’t have a picture of this one at the moment but when I get one let me know you want to see it and the beauty wearing it! $20.00 and the S&H is $8.95. In color and Large Size only. I don’t know how they will pose her but I am sure it will be good. She will just be wearing the shirt as a nightshirt. Maybe you have a svelte woman in your life who could wear this.


Read the previous day’s Blog to find out about any other terms such as how to pay (CC, PayPal, MO etc.) My PayPal address is –anything else? You can call me (Bob) 563-271-6657.


While I am thinking about it don’t forget to order the American Chess Magazine. If the first issue is anything to go by, I am getting one for myself too. $25 postpaid in the USA. I’m not getting rich off this one, but my good friend Peter Tamburro is the managing editor–we all need a hobby.

We are all trying for a Chess Renaissance here, be a part of it. In the coming Christmas Catalog #2 I discuss chess auctions and why they work better than having a special day such as Black Friday. If you already have catalog #1, chances are we will already be issuing you #2. Drop us a line to get on the list, We now have 35 of them, get your piece of the Rock dude.



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