Celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Amy took picture pictures to post on our BLOG on Thursday. There maybe some additional stuff and perhaps some stuff missing that was planned (a customer came in and bought them). Hopefully later today an email will be sent to 600, or so, potential customers. I do hope you will tune in.

As I wrote yesterday some great stuff that has been sitting here for ages, taking up space and my reduced prices should get some of you excited. I will be making a special email mailing to tell everybody about it so it’s the usual advice, “Don’t be a Johnnie Come Lately!”

SOME Contents…1-2-3

Napoleon Travel Set at $50 for the original of $69

(incidentally, we will TRY to have photographs of everything). In the meantime the two photos will be crowded with stuff. If there are left overs, we might be able to provide, separately!? We’ll see what our time constraints are.

King’s Gambit book (stories) from $25 to $10. A great read. No chess games (I can sell you John Shaw’s book for that). An engaging story by Paul Hoffmann.

Fischer and Lasker posters from $25 down to $12.50. Comes in tubes (extra).

The Woodstock inlaid chessboard. My personal board, absolutely gorgeous. Dropped from $850 to $550, of course one day ONLY… Perfect for the Grand Turk set which is normally $995 but during these four days, just $750. Have two on hand.

Blue velvet drawstring bags for chess pieces (not for big sets). From $10 but now $5.

The terrific GOLF SET pieces from Studio Anne Carlton (SAC). Brand New from $250 now $125, just one. For your Dad, Step Dad, Friend… even the Shadow doesn’t know! Original box.

USED (previously owned) books will have a separate listing from the $3 bin. This will be emailed to you. Please allow one week to fulfill your request for this list.

The Stone Cold Travel Set from $125 travel do-jobby for $69, just one. Funky, ornamental, design. Not Staunton.

The black leather Indian chess casket (pieces box) normally $125, good for 4 inch King, includes green lining and key. Brand new. Yours for $99. Only have 6.

The Lasker Bust. Just ONE from the Original selection of 38. Gorgeous. Features 9 inch bust, facsimile autograph, and chess pieces on the side. Was $500. Two days only for $375 each. After that, no more. Perfect for your desk or Trophy case. There are hardly ANY busts of world champions.

Cloths: Do you want a buffing, cleaning, white glove plus perfect museum wax (and little drawstring bags for the 34 pieces, a flat $49.95? Only have 3. The Ultimate Strongbox.

Beautiful brass Morphy medal about the size of a silver dollar. Normally $50…just a few left and at $35 each. If you want the Gold Plated version, normally $125. There won’t be any more of these at $100 each.

Great picture of Bobby Fischer, closeup, but with a slight scratch not hurting Fischer’s face. $10. Taken at the Party for him in DENVER 1971. Black and white.

Finally (although there may be more), a shadow box of chess medals, pins, cloissoned in nice presentation box. Just one. $160 was the price. For one lucky person, $129.95. You can even change the cloth backgrounds. Nice wood and hinging.

No returns because I don’t want to turn down someone, telling them something is sold, only to find that I could have sold it to someone else. Don’t be a Fred Fickle.

Postage, handling, and insurance is EXTRA. Please allow 1-2 weeks to received your item due to this daffy time of the year. If you want something from this list I can reply with how much sending it to you will cost you. Still, first come first serve.

There may be other offers sent with your purchase. If you have scarce chess things you want to sell to me, I take half and give you half. Contact me through email (info@chessbutler.com)

••• By the way I have Four Steinitz International Chess Volumes for sale. If you are interested, let me know your offer ASAP. See picture above of 3 in original bindings (hardcover). A fourth one (vols. 1-2-3-4) has been rebound. All together there are 4 books FROM THIS COLLECTOR, scarce. I once owned a set similar to these and the reading materials, mastery and genius were amazing. Steinitz’ insults ARE PRICE LESS leaving you to figure out who he was writing about. The artwork on the covers, as you can see, was extraordinary. N0thing like the pedestrian stuff we see on most chess books today.

Incidentally, you can buy these items BEFORE Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The photos aren’t ready yet, but if you are too afraid someone will beat you to something (most I have only one) you can order them now. Money in hand (advice given to me by a very good friend).

P.S.: INTERESTED in something which is not chess? It’s in a large, wood gold frame 36 x 39 in. in size and Marilyn Monroe is ensconced in the photo with a large red silk background. An anniversary production from Playboy Enterprises based on the 1953 calendar. In amazingly fine condition. Will be photographed for Black Friday or Cyber Monday but not displayed. Hence a photographed copy will be available for you to make a serious decision. The perfect body of an amazing woman. Shipping, of course, is extra. Contact me (Bob Long) for price. Call 563-271-6657. Small editions had been made for commercial auto repair garages and for small framing. This is original large size, nothing else like it. Found it years ago in a framing shop not far from the Playboy building in Chicago, that toddling town! Large enough to be the centerpiece in any museum or collectibles room!

Bob & Brianna (my wonderful granddaughter).

You’ve got my email address up above.

This is going to be a blast: November 25 and November 28, 2016.

DETAILS: We take PayPal, Visa, MC, Discover and Money Orders. In person? CA$H.

Have a Great One! If this works out well, we will do it again.


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