One Question I am Asked a Lot!

Are you retired? Or another version, “You are retired aren’t you?


I joke instead, “I’m just tired.”

It’s necessary for me to work because there is no pension, no IRA, no savings. I live on faith and Social Security, which “ain’t” that much. No paycheck since 2008.

Would I have it any other way? Yes, if I could.

But I do depend on others to take me to the bank, post office, and grocery store. Everywhere else, I walk. One time I took a cab, a couple weeks ago at 6 a.m. from a sleep study. Am I sad? No. Am I happy? More than a little.

I Have Customers

But the only way to have customers and keep having them is work. Sending out orders, promote, write lots of emails, pick up the phone, and get referrals (it sometimes happens). Like yesterday. Jim Nickell had told his friend Harold Kjallberg about the 16 page catalog (part 1) I sent out a couple days ago, and Harold asked for one! I sent him one, right away.

Usually I respond immediately, as I’ve told friends, “Tomorrow may be too late!”

So if you have a referral, someone you think would like what I do, tell them about the Butler if you would be so kind.
Recently I have made friends with April and showed her a way to recover from her 1200 rating and begin clobbering her opponents. She told me the advice has worked and it only cost her $40 (I recommended two books to her!) A small price to this photographer to start winning more games.

You know, people die, they move, they are fickle, change interests, or, finally, have no self-discipline (not all of them, but you know what I mean.) Sometimes a little nudge, a small push, can change their lives. For me, I depend on them.



P.S. If you ask I can send you this new PDF catalog. All I need is your name and email address.


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