How Do You Know You Have a Winner?

There are two NEW books I am selling and I knew they will and would do well.

  1. When I talked with Amy on the phone and she laughed about James Schuyler’s Your Opponent is Overrated title and she doesn’t play chess, I knew instinctively it would be good. Calling out your opponents. 17 chapters of inflictable pain.
  2. When I looked at the title and then through the book (I had an advance copy) King’s Indian Warfare, I knew that one would be good. It’s about evisceration.

when I sent out the FREE Chess Gazette last night (send me your name and email address to get yours) I had a good feeling. So when I looked at my morning emails I got great feedback on the issue and those two books (great feedback is defined as orders!).

That issue was started last week and I meant it to be an early Christmas catalog from the Chess Butler. If I sent it Dec. 15th sales would be abysmal because there are “fraidy cats” out there who will be concerned they won’t get their book in time for Christmas. Now you can do it right away and not have to worry about the USPS.

One reason is that people believe is infallible. They might be but their strategy should include the post office. The USPS gets deluged at this time of the year and if you hadn’t noticed, Amazon uses the Post Office. I ordered a book yesterday and it isn’t expected until between Nov. 21 and Dec. 7th! Whew. The book was 1 cent and the shipping was $3.99 and I don’t expect it until after the New Year. I am not concerned.

Gary white reminded me that I hadn’t yet charged his card for the 2017 Jamboree of Chess. Nice guy Gary is. Am doing that today so that I don’t get behind!

There are lots of nice people out there and I’ve gotten praise for the catalog’s production. Of course by now you know I didn’t create the catalog for praise (but thank you anyway), I created it for SALES. Who was it in chess who said, “Spare me the praise, show me the Money?” To help you I will tell you it was Wilhelm Steinitz.

One of my readers, Eswara, said he wants to see a picture of myself with my great grandson Jack. I’m seeing his Mom this afternoon, so I will talk to her about it and his Paul Newman-like eyes. Incidentally, when I got into Dollar General today to pick up some paper towels I saw a magazine whose cover was a picture of the late Paul Newman (Hello Newman!–Seinfeld) and his bright blue eyes. If that sounds like nothing is sacred anymore I am here at this keyboard to tell you Your Business with Us is Sacred and we do out best to take care of YOU!

Until then, a rubber derci!

Bob & Little Jack!


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