Today is the day I will be issuing part 1 of the Christmas Catalog and the current issue of the Chess Gazette which you can get for free if you send me your full name and email address. This last part sounds ridiculous but there are people who read this publication from their library. I do not know what they do with all the money they save by not having a computer.

I ran out of space after the first Nov. 15th issue was 14 pages and I expanded it to 16. It is chock full of goodies for the interested, the collector, the chess buff, and those who want to stay in touch. Lots of little mini-articles interspersed too for friends like Rick Rector and former subscribers. And updated stuff on the 2017 Jamboree Chess.

I wanted to list 6 Quality Chess books which I call the WHITE BOOKS (white covers) just as the Wildhagen books were called the RED BOOKS years ago (Anyone have some to sell in good condition? send me a list and price).

The White books are uniformly quite interesting. When I get back from my shower, I will list them. So after reading this you might want to check back.

Seriously, I think this Christmas catalog is the best I have put together in a long time. Literally something for each and every one of you. From stocking stuffers to HUGE games collections of the King’s Gambit (not as software). Just about every thing is priced and discounted, as well as described. No catalogs of just title and price like are produced by CHESS and the USCF. Yeah, my way takes time, but I’ve always thought our readers were worth it.

Time to get wet!



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