I am amazed because I have a one page website for Thinkers’ Press, and it is kind of crappy! I remember getting a book, learning some coding, taking a class (worthless) and my son Rob helping me with some animation (he was 50 yesterday, can you believe it?)

I have a phone number on there which I believe is still good. 563-271-6657. Though it doesn’t amaze me when people call me and don’t leave a message. I may be here but might be in the bathroom, the kitchen, grabbing my mail, and so on. Usually I leave my phone on my desk. I don’t want to answer the phone while I am making a sandwich.

I recently asked Charlie Myers how he knew of me. He wrote: ” I was familiar with you thru Thinkers Press and actually came across your name on another internet site discussing used books.”

Part of my bag is used books too, not just new ones. I am picking up a collection Charlie has in Dec. if I have wheels by then. Stuff that will fill holes in your library, nothing really scarce. Perfect gifts for less! Or maybe you lost or loaned a book to someone and you never got it back… but you would like to have it again. I am your guy.

Yesterday I bought a book on Amazon for one cent. It wasn’t chess but I wanted to read about the bankruptcy of Stein & Day, a fantastic publishing company 20 years ago. Ruined by the greed of lawyers. Why would anyone go to the trouble of listing a book for a penny? Because they aren’t businessmen is the answer. Their loss of time means nothing to them. People like that are every kind of failure.

Thinkers’ Press lives!

Sometimes I think about writing a book about buying books. I have bought many collections and have many stories and everyone of them is different. Dealing with greedy people was the most fun because they don’t realize how incompetent they really are. It’s almost always a waste of time if one gives into their whims. They are often unmarried and have a sense of reality which can’t be explained.

However, I do write about these some in my book, The Chess Assassin’s Business Manual. I still have 8 copies left. It was $34.95. But I will sell copies for $20 (+ $5 for shipping in USA). Lots of good stories in there, most concerning chess and business, but there was so much I didn’t fit in back then.

When I had a store based shop people were always coming in and curious about whether I would publish their book. One guy had a book on baseball and wanted 10,000 copies in hardcover made. His wife was almost as enthusiastic as he was. I asked him to “Show Me the Money!” Usually doesn’t work, they are convinced they have a best seller and that will take care of what I am owed. You know that thing called the turnip wagon? They just fell off of a similar wagon, the Dream Wagon. Looking for someone to subsidize THEIR dream. What about my dream? On the other hand, I have published some amazing non-chess books. Usually when I am negotiating with an author I have one of my staff put me into a strait jacket before I start talking with them!

Lots of stories, lots of stories.

Contact: Bob through or 563-271-6657.

I don’t get too many phone calls, at least not like I thought I would. Remember the show HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL ? Cool show. RICHARD BOONE. I have a similar theme. HAVE DOLLARS WILL TRAVEL??? Keep us in mind. We are reaching the FUN part of life, right?



One thought on “HOW DO PEOPLE FIND ME?

  1. If anyone reads this, I heartily recommend the “Chess Assassin’s Business Manual.” I have re-read it three times and still find interesting bits and pieces contained within. It’s a total steal at $20!

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