No “real” Blog Today!

First game of the world championship has started today.

Carlsen opened with 2.Bg5 Trompowski. I’m at

Lots of completely moronic commentary by those sitting in front of a chess engine with many saying it is going to be a draw. The few names I recognize are 100X more realistic. Don’t know why they don’t have “moderators.” They say everybody has an opinion, but that doesn’t give them the right to air it!! Sad, insecure lives. Andy Warhol was wrong!

People asking for live video, Judit Polgar, bitching about Norwegian TV, Ilumzhinov, etc. Totally unqualified commentary, same as when it was Anand-Carlsen. People say paying $15 for live commentary by respected chess journalists is too much, etc., and etc.

If there was some way I could write a book on chess that would capture the attention of these types I would be rich overnight. But they are beyond help. And cheap. Probably looking at a computer in their Mother’s basement while sucking their thumbs.

It’s hard for me to deal with but it explains over and over why so many class D and below players have no chance of ever getting good without a computer! (Nor getting good with a computer!)
Maybe see you tomorrow or on Sunday after all the Monday morning quarterbacks have had their “say.”


Jack can’t watch those making fools of themselves. Jack is 2.5 years old and even he knows better!


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