The Holiday catalog: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s. Will be our biggest catalog since 2009. The really big one was in the 90s, about 2600 items, maybe more. We no longer carry zillions of sets nor DVDs. Too much work for so little interest. So the emphasis will be on books (new and used) and recommendations as to what to get. It’s sad when a friend recently told me (although I already suspected this for years) that many 5 start and 4 star reviews on are paid shills, friends, and possibly “dead people.”

Let’s face reality. A really good book or two (or three) is often better than a library, but not near as much fun as a library because a “big library” will also have the good books (not the ones mentioned on which are mostly “copycat” selections by buyers who sometimes want to be better, but who are usually stuck with the suggestions of books talked about on the Internet! Especially from Europe, but hugged like a tree in Oregon.

If you get the CHESS GAZETTE, you will also get the Catalog. I may also send the catalog out to some buyers who I know might like one but can’t be bothered with this Blog. My G/F Peggy read two blogs the other day and she said, “Where do you find the time?”

Good Question. This my survivalist business. No sales, no eat, no paying off doctors forever, nor hospitals note all the services cities saddle us with.

If you want something jazzy for Christmas I suggest a $99 subscription to Morphy’s Times & Games. Each issue is full of good stuff, most of which you probably don’t know even if you played through the games in Sergeant’s Morphy on Chess. It’s fun to put together. I know there is a little elitism in it simply because of the small number of subscribers (about 15). I put a lot of work into each issue ($12.95 each retail) and I am unwilling to give it away. Wouldn’t you know it, that sounds just like me? But quite a few people tell me they’ve enjoyed it. I am sure there is a mental minority who don’t think MT&G will help them become a better player because the stuff is OLD. Probably nothing would help them, right?

Friend Peggy used to sell NutriSystems stuff, lots of dollars worth and she and the company did quite well. But then the management wanted to change her and the way she did sales. She quit! I doubt they expected that. Her customers loved her. Why does management do stuff like that? For the same reason people voted for Hilarious and lost–they can’t see how anyone can do anything but THEIR way. I put up the dollars, the time, the effort and then I listen to Conway Twitty’s It’s Only Make Believe! If you don’t like the service you get from the USCF, nor their prices, why not get our new catalog and give The Chess Butler a whirl? It’s FREE, not a bad price.

Until next time, Bob & Jack are signing off.


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